Best Beard Brushes & Kits Review in 2021


Many people love to keep a beard some of them keep a short beard and some of them love to keep a long beard.

For that purpose men need a beard brush to keep their beard flourish and give it a style that keeps the beard look smart and give you a great facial cut.

Beard brush comes in many different types and is different for every beard style. Some of the factors that we look into when we are finding a bear brush are handle type, bristle fiber, the backbone of the bristles, bristle cut and the price that is the most important thing.

Whether your beard is short, long, thin or nay other the brushes will keep your beard style nourish and will give a style that you always want.

Best Beard Brushes & Kits of 2020

Best Beard Brushes & Kits

We have arranged you a list that will determine the best beard brushes and kit that are in the market right now. So please scroll down and have a look at our list for some information of beard brushes or even you want to buy you can simply buy one.
Here we have shared the top 10 Best Beard Brushes & Kits of 2020.

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1- Beard Brush by ZilberHaar – Stiff Bristles – Boar Bristle and Pearwood

Beard Brush by ZilberHaar - Stiff Bristles - Boar Bristle and Pearwood

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Beard Brush from ZilberHaar is a genuine boar hairbrush. As the manufacturers have tested it completely and offered you similar alternatives to this product.

The hairbrush is about 5/8″ inches length, the fibers that the brush have will have an effective outcome on any man that has a beard and the beard is about 1 month old. Hence the brush is best for those men that have a beard that they have grown till a year.

Moreover, the handle is small in size compared to many other beard brushes that are available in the market many.

It is an improvisation that expert beards men love to know that this brush can easily be carried out anywhere they want to take it. You can usually put in the Dopp kit on any messenger it easily fits.

On top of that, the craftsmen have crafted this with fine pearwood and you will definitely have the full control over styling as the beard grows day by day. ZilberHaar is a well-known company and unlike many other brushes that are manufactured in China, this brush is manufactured in Germany.

If you are thinking of the quality of this product no worry because this product comes with a 1-year guarantee. If something unusual happens that makes you unlike this product or the bristles are falling very quickly the company will give you an exchange or a refund for this product.


  • Best for all hairs
  • Bristle Type: Boar hair
  • With an extended handle
  • Best product and at an affordable price
  • Can work on any beard whether its long or short.

2- Badass Beard Care 100% Boars Hair Hardwood Frame Black Series Beard Brush For Men with Handle

Badass Beard Care 100% Boars Hair Hardwood Frame Black Series Beard Brush For Men with Handle

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Badass beard care hairbrush is one of the best hairbrushes due to its high-quality bristles. This brush is a natural boar bristle brush that can take care of any type of beard and make it styling and firm as you like it.

The brush consist of an impressive hardwood handle that has a length of 6.75″ inches moreover it will give you ultimate control over your styling of the beard. 

Furthermore, when it comes to rounded or oval-shaped brushes that we have reviewed earlier in this article unlike those this brush is more of a long type of brush that you will not prefer to travel it with means the bus is extremely long.

Badass beard care beard brush has a great feature that it has off cut boar bristle that can easily brush your hair.  Hence the long uniform head will have no issue to reach the base of your skin and nourish it with oil.


  • The beefy handle allows you to have strong control while brushing
  • Natural bristles 
  • Completely affordable price
  • Best for all hairs
  • Bristle Type: Boar hair
  • With an extended handle

3- Beard Balm Application Brush | Can You Handlebar Beard Oil Brush

Beard Balm Application Brush | Can You Handlebar Beard Oil Brush

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Can You Handlebar beard oil brush is a standard quality horsehair brush that will quickly set your beard when you are in a hurry or your beard is messed up. Furthermore, this beard brush has the bristle of horsehair that will definitely work for thin and short hair, in fact, this is the best beard brush for a thin and short beard.

On top of that when we checked the market we get to know that this brush is one of the highest-rated brushes in the market right now.

In addition, this brand is on the lips of every user that loves to use beard brushes moreover, it makes your beard shiny and fuzzy and gives a tenderizing look. 

Can you Handlebar oil brush has an add-in that will surprise that it comes in a tiny tin that will be easy and secure to put it any place or traveling with it.

Many people like to have their beard brushes to be in the medicine box that is in the bathroom but the naturally humid environment can cause the beard brush hair to splay and can be bad for it so avoid putting this in the bathroom.

If you want to put this in the pocket of your pants because of its chunky smaller size that would be a problem despite its short size it cannot be put it in the pocket because it is not shorter than you think but if you want to put in the bag while you are traveling that would be easy to carry it out.


  • Horsehair beard brush that is best for your short and thin beard
  • Tin is included to protect the brush when it not use
  • High rated quality makes it lovable by the users

4- Cremo 100% Boar Bristle Beard Brush With Wood Handle To Shape, Style And Groom Any Length Facial Hair

Cremo 100% Boar Bristle Beard Brush With Wood Handle To Shape, Style And Groom Any Length Facial Hair

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Cremo was known for his facial cream but now they are trying to reach to the top of beard brushes beauty products as well.

While other companies were busy manufacturing their own product Cremo came up with a beard brush by understanding the situation of men.

The brush is manufactured by the finest boar hair that will surely keep your beard smooth and silk and will distribute the oil to the base of the skin.

It comes with an extended handle that will take care of the detangling of the beard hair and easily brush your hair so you can make a style that you love.

Furthermore, if you have a problem with a static issue then you do not have to worry because this brush fiber comes with an anti-static solution that will keep your beard away from static problems.

In the end, we would like to tell you that this brush bristles are offcut so every hair can be brushed easily and surely you can have a great style beard of your own.


  • Smaller form perfect for men with limited cabinet space
  • Very affordable price and have all the qualities that men want in a beard brush
  • This brush is perfect for beginners.

Best Beard Brushes & Kits – Buyer’s Guide

Best Beard Brushes & Kits

If you want to find the best beard hairbrush you simply look for the four features that we have mentioned below.

Bristle Type 

We will be talking about the bristle type so a beard brush just like every other brush also has a fibre type so if you wanna buy one of the hairbrushes you simply want to look to these types.

Boar’s Hair

The most popular among men is this Boar’s hair beard. It is famous because the boar hair has complementary features that can be a vital choice in the beard product. 

One of the best and unique properties of boar’s hair is that it can easily and naturally retain oil. This natural phenomenon allows to deliver you oil all around the beard with each stroke.

An even providence of the beard care product will ensure that the skin and every beard hair will have a natural look and will feel fresh, health and smooth.

So make sure to keep an eye on this because this will prevent you from getting dandruff and itch in your beard hair.  

Horse Hair

In and after world war 1 horsehair kind of extinct from the store shelves but now it is coming back to the market and is definitely more effective than the boar hair.

In every brush, you will feel the oil spreading to your beard hair so your beard hair will get nourish. It even coming women beauty products too. 

The difference between these to brushes is that the horsehair is not so scaly as the boar hair is, therefore, horsehair is best for short and thin beards.

Synthetic Bristles

The last but not the least bristle type is the synthetic bristles. Although synthetic bristles are not as popular as the other two bristle type they can be used on eco-friendly men and animals. It is naturally made from either plants or plastic but works like a brush that will be loved by you.

But now they are making their way in the market and if you are a strict budget this beard brush is the best for you and it works great on short beards although it doesn’t distribute oil in every stroke just like other brushes it will keep your beard nourished for a long time.

Bristle Cut

Whether the bristle is of any type you should make sure that the bristle is not cut in the same length if they are then the brush is not of any use because bristle that is offset will brush your beard from top to the bottom of sure beard and will easily distribute the oil to your skin.

Furthermore, if you want to keep your beard brush last long then you should clean the brush on a daily basis so you can have a great nice brush that will last long.

Handle Material and Shape

Like the previous headings handles have also typed like plastic and wood. Handles are the most important thing in a brush although they can be considered big brushes that have handled in them but the handles give you more on the item and will help brush your beard more neatly.

The wood brush will give you a barbershop look in the cabinet and while the plastic will give you a stylish look, but both work great and you will have a powerful grip on your brush. There are 3 types of brushes that are oval, handle and round.

Handle brushes are the most common in them all but if you wanna travel and want to take a brush the oval and round brush comes in handy although a round brush is the least common in all three bushes shapes.


Beard brushes are a common product of our daily life because you should maintain to keep your beard healthy and fresh and can give it a style if you want. With that being said we hope that you have seen every product and will choose the right product that will keep your beard fresh.

We look forward to your feedback, so please do give your feedback in our comment section. 

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