Best Craft Tables In 2020


Do you love art and craft and have some unique crafting ideas to take you through this quarantine season, and maybe earn money through your crafting talent?

Or are your little one(s) interested in crafts and you are wondering what accessories you can support them with to enhance their creativity? Consider craft tables.

Craft tables provide ample space to work on. They come in different sizes and designs, but all of them offer a smart platform where the crafter can develop their skills and explore their limitless potential.

Factors to consider when selecting the best craft table

  • Storage space: For a craft to come out all beautiful and intriguing, it takes a lot of work, and many tools and supplies. Thus, the working space can get messy without conveniently placed storage spaces. Get a table with the right kind of storage for your craft.
  • Ease of assembly: Overall, many craft tables are simple to assemble. It’s important to note, however, that tables with sophisticated storage spaces may take longer to put together. Also, you might need a helping hand and a few tools. After all, is set up, the added work will be worth it.
  • Space: Do you have sufficient space for the size of the table you are intending to buy? Check the dimensions of the table and compare it with the available space.

If you are short on space, don’t give up on your crafting endeavors yet. You can find space-efficient crafting tables.  Examples include folding tables and crafting desks with open shelves below. Such space-savvy crafting workstations can fit in a small bedroom corner or even in the hallway. Evidently, installation space shouldn’t be such a big problem for someone who’s determined to explore their crafting creativity.

We’ve done an analysis of the most popular craft tables and ranked them below. But who would know your crafting needs better than you? Check out if the following top-rated craft tables meet your expectations.

Best Craft Tables In 2020

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1. Lifetime Height Adjustable Craft Camping and Utility Folding Table

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This table is the most trivially designed craft table you’ll find. The manufacturer simply attached a granite platform to a four-legged structure.

No extras.

But why is it one of the best-selling craft tables on the market?

Unique Features

  • 48” X 24” molded tabletop
  • Folds easily in half for hassle-less storage and transport
  • Height adjustable: 3 height adjustment settings – 24”, 29” and 36”
  • 25mm (diameter) powder-coated steel tube legs
  • Convenient carry handle

Reasons to buy

Lifetime made this craft table with three things in mind: simplicity, portability, and space efficiency. Enjoy the numerous benefits of using it, including the ability to raise and lower the tabletop on demand; quick and easy setup; and incredible portability. Noteworthy, it is impressively lightweight (only 19 lbs), thus perfect for on-the-go uses.

2. Studio Designs Sew Ready Multipurpose Table – Sewing Desk/Craft Table/Computer Desk

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Here’s sewers #1 choice – a well-built comet sewing table with a 36” by 23.5” top platform. The table can function as a computer table, as well. The desk’s designer aimed at meeting the diverse needs of users, as evidenced by the different design variations available. Some models have no drawers and others do come with fabric and metal drawers.

Highlights of Sew Ready craft table

  • Lower storage shelf with dimensions 31.5”(W) x 11.75”(D)
  • Fabric drawers: 1 or 3 drawers
  • 3 metal drawers
  • Heavy-gauge steel frame
  • Floor levelers for stability

Why choose this craft table?

The multipurpose design of this strong table is what attracts most users to it. It fits many homes uses – from hobby table, computer desk, sewing table, multi-use craft table, sewing table, and more. With a price below $100, this multi-purpose table/desk offers great value for your money.

3. Delta Children Kids Table and Chair Set

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Having children around for more time means coming up with innovative ways of keeping them engaged. This kids’ table and chair set offer the perfect setup for children’s arts & crafts activities. The set comprises of a table and four chairs, designed in different warm and graceful colors to keep your babies’ spirits uplifted. They will also enjoy using the table during snack time and when doing their homework.


  • Strong and durable wood construction
  • Safe design that exceeds the CPSC regulations and national safety standards
  • Ideal size for children 3 years old and above
  • Available in many children-friendly colors
  • Great set up for homeschooling

Why buy this kids art & craft table?

Who wouldn’t want to have such a setup during this quarantine season? It provides just the right environment for children to engage in safe and healthy learning activities. With this table + 4 chairs set, you know that your children are doing something constructive while you are attending to those Zoom meetings and making calls from your makeshift home office.

4. UTEX 2-in-1 Kids Construction Play Table with Storage Drawers

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UTEX is here to take care of your children’s playtime and creative needs. It’s built with a convenient height to allow children aged 3 years and above to access the top while kneeling or sitting on the floor. The magic is in the top panel, which can flip from a construction play surface to a creative play platform. Check out more features and capabilities below:

Top highlights

  • Great-looking all-wood construction
  • Tabletop surface: Double-sided play board
  • Construction panel
  • Storage drawers for building blocks
  • In addition to block play, the table is perfect for arts & crafts, puzzles, dollhouses, and more

Reasons to buy

Young children will have a great time practicing their building skills using this table. Its size is convenient, and the drawers are a thoughtful addition for smooth-flowing fun. You’ll love this table for its classic outlook and versatile design.

5. Studio Designs Deluxe Craft Station

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SD Studio Designs is an immensely popular brand for its mind-blowing hobby furniture designs. The company is offering you a deluxe craft station that will make your crafting sessions delightful. This one is for all serious adult crafters – whether newbies or seasoned. Take a quick look at its features.

Key highlights

  • Adjustable tabletop measuring 36” by 24”
  • 4 side trays for keeping arts and craft accessories
  • Metallic frame with a glue gun and cup holder
  • Slide-out drawers that you can mount on either the left or right side
  • Four wheels for easy portability

Reasons to buy this craft table

This modern craft station is a great pick for artists and crafters alike. You can set the tabletop flat on the sturdy metal frame or raise it to your desired working angle. It elevates up to 40 degrees. Besides, the storage drawers and other critical accessories provide handy storage. Assuredly, this craft desk will not disappoint you.

6. STUDIO DESIGNS Eclipse Craft Center

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STUDIO DESIGNS called this craft table + stool combo a craft center, and it is an elegant one. You’ve got everything you need to actualize your crafting ideas. Durable is its other name. Every structural detail screams sturdiness and longevity.

Key features of this craft center

  • Angle adjustable work surface measuring 35.5’’W by 23.5’’D. It adjusts from flat position to 40 degrees elevation
  • 24” slide-up pencil ledge
  • Three cloth storage drawers
  • Under desktop storage shelf
  • Heavy gauge steel frame
  • Six-floor levers for reliable stability
  • A padded stool is included

Reasons to buy

To perfect your craft, you need a comfortable workspace. This craft center gives you that kind of environment. When you sit on that padded stool, the adjustable tabletop before you will mean more than a workspace for your project. It will be where you take your creativity and art & craft talent to a higher level.

7. SD STUDIO DESIGNS Vintage Rustic Oak Drafting Table

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If you are looking for a platform that can add some personality into your crafting arena, this wooden drafting table has got it all. The material is rustic oak in case you are wondering how antique we are going. It’s a strong and majestic yet simply-designed crafting platform that can support your crafting talent.

Top highlights

  • Adjustable angle working surface – from a flat position to 80 degrees elevation
  • Solid hardwood construction
  • Antique design with an elegant finish
  • Integrated pencil groove with a 24-inch pencil ledge

Why choose this antique craft table?

Strength & durability, ease of installation, and great aesthetic value are top reasons for loving it. If you are an artist, the look of this craft platform is immensely inspiring. It’s a piece of furniture that anyone would be proud to own and use.

8. Smart Novelty Kids Play and Arts and Crafts Table

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Isn’t it amazing to see kids sitting or standing around a craft table busy flexing their creativity? Smart Novelty has made a 3-in-1 kids craft table and chair set. Besides being beautifully colored, this craft center has convenient storage space. Your kids will enjoy crafting in an organized environment.

Highlights of this Smart Novelty kid’s activity table and chairs combo

  • Lightweight plastic construction
  • Two table surfaces – a smooth surface for activities like crafts, reading, and eating; and a building block table surface
  • Activity table can be transformed into a water table by removing the tabletop
  • Storage space is easily accessible and easy to clean
  • Two chairs are included to encourage cooperation

Reasons to buy this kid’s activity space

Kids will love the fun activities that are possible with this table + 2 chairs combination. It’s ideal for kids aged 3 years and above. Get it to help your children learn important life aspects such as responsibility and independence. If a loved one’s birthday is fast approaching, this activity table can be a perfect gift.

9. Studio Designs Project Center

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Studio Designs is an unrivaled competitor when it comes to making innovative craft table designs. This simply made table looks so cool. It offers you a flat work platform and a bench to sit on while doing your thing. What’s more?

Features and benefits

  • 5/8 inch thick laminate top
  • Desktop dimensions: 35.5″ W x 21.75″ D
  • 12-inch wide paper roll
  • Powder-coated steel construction
  • Read double crossbar to make the structure rigid
  • 4-floor levelers for enhanced stability
  • Hooks to hang your jacket or bag

Why buy this craft table?

If a well-build, steel-framed art/study table with a four-legged sitting bench sounds perfect to you, this one will cheer you up. Noteworthy, the laminate tabletop is super easy to clean. Use your watercolors, crayons, or pencils without a worry. Once you are done with every project, it takes a second to wipe out colors and any mess from the tabletop.

10. MEEDEN Solid Wood Drafting Table for Artwork, Graphic Design, Reading, Writing

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Closing our list of 10 best craft tables is this MEEDEN beauty – solid wooden drafting, craft, and drawing table. It’s ideal for different activities including artwork, writing, and graphic design. Moreover, it distinguishes itself with its elegance and stable leg design. Its Birch finish gives your space a vintage touch – such a warm welcome.

Key highlights

  • Flexibility: you can adjust the table’s height (from 29½” to 37½”), as well as the elevation of the tabletop (from flat to 45 degrees)
  • Stability: cross-leg support for wobble-free operation
  • Two strong side legs brace the solid pinewood tabletop so that it remains steady when you are at work.
  • 25-inch built-in pencil ledge keeps your stationery in place

Reasons to buy

This wooden workspace fits many applications. That’s why its user base consists of crafters, artists, architects, engineers, students, hobbyists, and more. Its adjustability makes it useable by people of different heights and ages. You’ll need a hand to put it together, but all the work will be worth it when you are done.

Final say

Whether you create art and craft for fun or for money, a good craft table is a must-have. It makes your crafting sessions less tiresome and more enjoyable. Kids, too, are happy when they can find a place to play and develop their building and art & craft needs.

Have fun with your crafting passion!

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