Best DJ Laptop Stands in 2021


As a DJ, the last thing you want to be worried about is where to put your laptop when a bubbly crowd is waiting eagerly for you to heat up the air and uplift their spirits. A DJ laptop stand makes your life easier by lifting the computer to a comfortable working height.

DJ laptop stands are of different types. The oldest type is the box-like stand that also functions as a storage space for other essential equipment. To use this kind of stand, you have to ensure there’s enough space for it to fit since they are space-intensive.

Another type is the crane-like stand. These DJ laptop stands are foldable and easily portable. Also, the stand doesn’t take too much space compared to box-like stands.

The third most common type of DJ laptop stands is the free-standing, height-adjustable, tripod base stand. This one is most preferred for stand-alone placement of the DJ’s workspace, often at a distance from the main equipment desk.

Factors to consider when choosing the best DJ laptop stand

  • Size and weight carrying capability:: Laptop stands are designed with different dimensions to fit different laptop sizes. The stand you choose should have a tray that accommodates your laptop’s size comfortably. Similarly, each laptop stand has a definite weight capacity. The right stand for you needs to be strong enough to hold your laptop in place. You don’t want to compromise the safety of your expensive laptop by mounting it on a weak stand.
  • Durability: How well is the laptop stand constructed? As you might already know, stands don’t receive much care when packing and unpacking stuff. You need a stand that can stand up to reasonably rough handling.
  • Adjustability: The main objective of investing in a DJ laptop stand is to bring the laptop to the most comfortable working position. A stand with an adjustable design offers numerous options to make this happen. There are models that allow you to raise or lower the laptop towards or away from your eyeline and depending on the height of the DJ’s desk. Also, you can tilt the laptop to different angles until it’s positioned in your most desired way.
  • Multi-tier setup: Some stands offer extra space for convenient placement of other accessories like an additional computer (for dual-laptop DJing), keyboards, MIDI controllers, etc. An extra shelf below the platform is the most common form of this additional space.

Let’s have a look at 10 best DJ laptop stands available today.

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1. Pyle Pro DJ Adjustable Laptop Stand (PLPTS3)

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Pyle Pro kicks off this list of best DJ laptop stands with a sturdy, tripod-base, height-adjustable DJ equipment stand. The PLPTS3 has won awards for being super easy to assemble, and for its strong, steel structure. Thanks to the stand’s wide working platform and extending base, it can suit many on-stage and in-studio uses.

Key Features

  • Tall shaft for comfortable DJing while standing
  • The angle adjustable device tray can hold a laptop, projector, mixer, and other sound equipment
  • Durable hard-wearing metal construction
  • Convenient height adjustments from 28 inches to 50 inches
  • Lightweight, foldable structure for easy transportation

Reasons to buy Pyle Pro PLPTS3

This universal device stand offers you a versatile and convenient platform for placing your laptop or other crucial performance equipment. It’s easy to set up and can be used anywhere – at home, on stage or in the studio. Pyle has constructed the stand with long-lasting materials – steel stand and engineered ABS shelf. This #1 best seller won’t let a DJ down.

2. PYLE PRO PLPTS25 Adjustable Laptop Stand XLR

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Pyle Pro does not shy from emphasizing its leadership in the market. It offers another model of adjustable DJ laptop stand designed for monitor-eye level situations. Its rugged structure and ergonomic design make it perfect for versatile uses. Besides, it has an exceptional weight support capacity of 44 lbs.

Top highlights of Pyle Pro PLPTS25

  • Hard-bearing aluminum construction
  • Disassembles easily for portability
  • Anti-slip legs help to avoid slides and falls
  • Solid adjustable height alignment for comfort and convenience
  • Universal use

Why buy this laptop stand?

First, Pyle Pro has built this stand with excellent support features. The frame is strong enough to hold up to 44 lbs. Besides, the tray has corner stoppers for safe and reliable device placement.

3. VIVO Single Laptop Notebook Desk Mount Stand

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This fully adjustable table mount laptop stand comes with a strong C-clamp and tilting arm. It is a perfect choice for clean and organized work stations. The tray measures 14” by 12” and has a maximum weight carrying capacity of 22 lbs. Thus, it can fit the majority of DJ laptops.

Top highlights

  • Ventilated tray
  • Adjustable arm provides 360° rotation, 15° tilt, and 180° swivel
  • Easy height adjustment along the center pole
  • Detachable cable clips for integrated cable management
  • Robust steel design

Reasons to buy

Elevate your laptop to a comfortable position to DJ in style and enjoy articulation in your mixing and matching. The stand’s heavy-duty construction keeps your computer secure. Furthermore, it can be converted into a monitor stand for VESA-compatible screens. Ventilation on the tray prevents laptop overheating, thus enhancing its performance.

4. RockJam Portable, Adjustable Height DJ Laptop Stand

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RockJam designed this laptop stand to survive the rigors of a DJ’s daily life. The entire structure is made with steel for the ultimate strength and durability. It can hold up to 8lbs. Thus, it can support a variety of DJ laptops, controllers, and cd players.

Features of RockJam laptop stand

  • 4 simple-to-adjust height settings
  • Versatility: the stand easily supports laptops, of all varieties
  • Fully ventilated tray for reduced risk of overheating
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Security lip holds your laptop safely

Reasons to buy

Here’s a free standing model that doesn’t need to be mounted on anything. However, RockJam provides two clamps for users who’d like to mount the stand to a platform like a table. Moreover, setting up and deconstructing the structure for convenient on-the-go uses.

5. On-Stage LPT5000 Laptop Computer Stand

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On-Stage boasts of producing one of the bestselling on-stage DJ laptop stands – the LPT5000. This stand has many similarities with the RockJam model we’ve just reviewed. First, it has a fully ventilated device tray of an almost equal size. Also, it supports up to 8 lbs. What’s more?

On-Stage LPT5000 highlights

  • Platform Dimensions: 9.25” (w) x 10.8” (d)
  • 4 easy height adjustments – 6.3″ to 10.9″
  • Angled platform with grip pads and front bumpers
  • Lightweight design weighing 2.2 lbs. only
  • Elegant black powder coat finish

Why choose this laptop stand

This stand’s angled platform offers great viewing and working positions. You can use it to place not only your laptop but also an EFX machine, lighting controller, CD player or controller. Another attractive aspect is its padded feet, which make sure that the stand stays in place while keeping your desk scratch-free.

6. Pyle PLPTS35 – Portable Folding Laptop Stand

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The relatively higher price of this Pyle laptop stand will first make you wonder if it’s worth it. It’s when your eyes land on its sophisticated design that you’ll understand the value of having it. This one is a mind-blower for anyone looking for a strong, versatile, and highly reliable device stand.

Unique features of Pyle PLPTS35

  • Universal tray measuring 9.6” x 8.5” – it holds most devices including iPad or tablet, laptops, turntables, DJ mixer and more
  • Ergonomic design with anti-slip foldable legs
  • Simple slide-in secondary accessory tray
  • Industrial-strength structure material
  • Handy carrying bag included

Why buy this DJ laptop stand?

When you place your laptop in the stand’s double peg holding tray, you know that it is absolutely secure. Besides, the sturdy accessory tray below offers impressively convenient placement of other supporting accessories. And when it’s time to wrap up everything for transportation, you don’t struggle with folding the stand since Pyle has provided detailed folding instructions. Furthermore, the entire structure weighs 3.3 pounds only.

7. AxcessAbles DJLTS-01 Lightweight Folding DJ Laptop Stand (Black)

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The DJLTS-01 from AXA AxcessAbles is a 14” tall, 3-tier, multipurpose stand. It captivates the eye instantly with its refined look. More importantly, its adjustable top shelf is fully ventilated and designed to fit most laptops used by DJs. Besides, AXA AxcessAbles has added an extra shelf roughly mid-height. This secondary shelf is ideal for audio interface, or any other fitting electronic device.

Top features

  • Machined aircraft-grade aluminum construction
  • Rubber padding on every surface that comes into contact with your laptop
  • Completely collapsible design
  • Safely locks for a secure setup
  • AxcessAbles carry bag – protects the finish when the stand is not in use

Reasons to buy

Many users love this DJ laptop stand’s simple and quick setup and packing. The choice of machined aircraft-grade aluminum was an intelligent effort to make the stand sturdy but lighter than most steel stands. It’s one of the best stands for gigging and touring DJs.

8. AmazonBasics Adjustable DJ Laptop and Projector Stand

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This tall DJ laptop stand offers quite a versatile workspace for both on-stage and in-studio uses. You get plenty of space to place your equipment – whether it’s the laptop, notebook, projector, mixer, and more. Such a tall stand requires a well-thought-out base. AmazonBasics understands this better than anyone else, for they’ve included a sturdy tripod base to ensure sufficient stability.

Highlights of AmazonBasics laptop stand

  • Large flat platform measuring 16.8” X 12.6”
  • 36” – 55” adjustable height
  • Easy, smooth height extensions
  • Straightforward assembly and collapse

Why buy this laptop stand?

You can rely on this DJ laptop stand when you want to set up a temporary stand-alone workspace. It can support most varieties of laptops, projectors, DJ mixers, and controllers. Besides, it’s tall enough to elevate the workspace to a height that many people would find comfortable.

9. Hercules DG400BB Laptop Stand w/Bag

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This Hercules laptop stand beats its competitors in three crucial aspects. One, it has a one-piece folding design for easy assembly and set down. Second, it’s designed with various height adjustments and tray angling options to suit different users’ preferences. Finally, it boasts a higher weight carrying capacity than most stands in this list.

Features of Hercules DG400BB

    • 22 lbs. weight capacity
    • Fully adjustable height
    • Angled laptop placement platform
    • Protruding leg design for added stability
    • Convenient storage and carrying case

Why buy the DG400BB

Are you looking for a strong, exceptionally stable, and adjustable laptop stand? This Hercules masterpiece is a highly-rated choice with an admirable weight capacity. You can use it to elevate your workspace to a convenient height for more productive DJing.

10. Starument Professional Adjustable Laptop/DJ Mixer Tripod Stand

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To wind up this list, we have yet another stand-alone DJ laptop stand. Starument has made this one for those who like to have a heavy-duty yet portable and easy to store stand for the laptop or mixer. Its space-saving design makes it an ideal choice for professional DJs.

Top highlights

  • Height adjustment (32.3” – 52”)
  • 15.3” x 12.2” smooth device tray features secure raised edges and a center flange opening that allows for easy cable connections
  • The tray can be tilted to find the perfect angle
  • Reinforced tripod base

Reasons to buy this Starument laptop stand

This laptop stand offers a secure device tray, and the height can be adjusted to different levels for your comfort. Besides, it’s easy to set up, and it folds easily into a compact size that fits well in the trunk or in tight spaces at home. It is a very practical option for traveling professional DJs

Final word

With the right DJ laptop stand, it’s easy to sail through long party nights without getting tired or subjecting your body to an unhealthy posture. With the insights this guide has provided, you can find the best model for your height and device placement needs.

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