Best DNA Testing Kits in 2021


Tracing one’s ethnic and ancestry origin is now easier than ever, thanks to technological advancement in medical science. Today, people can discover connections to the past and learn more about their roots using at-home DNA kits provided by various accredited laboratories worldwide. While some tests are geared towards developing a portrait of your heritage, some are geared towards genetic make-up, health, and wellness.

Most manufacturers concentrate on paternity testing kits, including maternity and sibling testing kits. These kits serve to verify the relationship between the alleged father and the child. They are quick and often non-invasive. The procedure involves collecting the samples and sending them to a lab. Experts conduct the tests and report findings. The entire process can take between days to several months.

Factors to consider when choosing a DNA testing kit

  • Test accuracy – Most at-home DNA tests almost 100% accurate. However, if the test sample is compromised, you might experience an error. For instance, you can get an error when you collect the samples immediately after taking a meal or when the laboratory tampers with the sample. This is why it is crucial to choose a reputable DNA testing company.
  • Results processing time – Once you have collected and submitted the sample for testing, the time taken to receive results depends on the manufacturer’s timeliness and delivery mode. If the results are urgent, consider a test with less than 7 days turn-around time. It would be best if you also get one that delivers results online or through email instead of waiting for results to be mailed.
  • Sample type – Most DNA tests use check swabs for testing samples because they are simple to collect and they are not invasive, especially when taking samples from a child.  Others may use blood samples, hair strands and other recommended forensic materials. Usually, the manufacturer will indicate the type of sample required so that you know what is required before you buy.
  • The legality of the test – Ideally, most at-home tests are not legally-binding. They are administered to provide the parties with the information they need, but often not admissible in a court of law. However, if you need one to present in a court, the testing companies can still provide the service but under a different set of conditions. Often, it involves an unbiased third party to verify that they took and sent the sample for testing.

Reviews of 10 best DNA Testing kits

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1. AncestryDNA: Genetic Ethnicity Test Kit

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AncestryDNA is easy to use, and it makes it easy for you to investigate your ethnic origins. It provides a huge family-matching database that is easy to understand.  What’s more, AncestryDNA provides a thorough report, and you get continually updated results. The large user base also gives you an opportunity of finding your lost relatives. However, it does not provide any information on health or wellness.

Product’s highlights

  • This test provides a precise ethnicity estimate to connect you with your living relatives
  • Provides historical insights and regions in the world where your story began
  • DNA matches; combines all data to build a family tree
  • Data encryption and easy-to-use controls to protect  your data

Why buy this DNA test kit

If you have always been curious to know where you came from, this is the test to go for. It is unbeaten as the best DNA testing kit for exploring your background. Besides, it provides results more clearly to help you trace your geographic roots. Another amazing feature is the ability to intertwine DNA and historical records together to tell your family history.

2. DNA Direct Paternity Test Kit

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The DNA Direct Home paternity test kit has a variety of uses. Applications include the traditional paternity test, determining if your partner was faithful, offering tests to those with deceased parents, and general paternity solutions. The test delivers high accuracy and precision in addition to a quick turn-around time.

Key features

  • The DNA kit includes up to 22 genetic markers to ensure 100% accuracy
  • It also includes painless cheek swabs to enable you to collect testing samples at the comfort of your home
  • You can get your results within 2 business days
  • High level of professionalism and confidentiality; comes in discrete packaging
  • The results can be received online

Reasons to buy this paternity test kit

DNA Direct Solutions specializes in paternity testing, and it offers quality testing kits that are hard to find anywhere else.  It also provides a siblingship test to determine if two people are siblings when the parents are not available for testing. The test is easy to use and can be performed at home. It is a practical,quick and accurate solution.

3. MyHeritage DNA Test Kit

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MyHeritage offers comprehensive and well-presented results to help you discover your new relatives and discover all your ethnic regions.  They have a large database that enables the matching of relatives from all over the globe based on DNA results. In addition, the test offers extensive genetic testing, and you can combine your DNA results with the online family tree to help you establish your unique family history.

Key highlights

  •  Simple check swab test – it comes with straightforward instructions
  • The test takes as little as 2 minutes, and you should be able to receive your results in about 3-4 weeks maximum
  • It provides a comprehensive ethnic breakdown from across 42 regions in the world including all the paths that your ancestors may have followed
  • The company uses exceptional technological standards, and all your data is encrypted for privacy purposes

Why buy

This test kit offers effective ancestry and ethnic screening. It is an affordable solution in the DNA testing world. MyHeritage does not share personal information or your DNA results with any third party. It employs the highest privacy measures to ensure that you are the sole custodian of the information.

4. Rapid DNA Paternity Test Kit

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Rapid DNA Testing offers general paternity solutions to make sensitive family issues simple and stress-free. The tests are backed by strong scientific standards, and they are no hidden charges pertaining the lab and shipping fees. In addition, the tests are done twice, so you can interpret them with the highest level of confidence.  The process is discrete, and you get your results online within 2 days after the submission of your samples.

Features and benefits of Rapid DNA Paternity Test Kit

  • Simple but accurate – the test is done two times by different lab teams
  •  Rapid testing and quick turn-around time.
  • You’ll stay informed every step on the way through notification texts
  • The results remain completely confidential and are made available through a secure online platform

Reasons to buy

Do you have doubts about your child’s paternity? This Rapid DNA Test Kit is a quick and excellent option. It is confidential, accurate, and has a fast turn-round time. The instructions are easy to follow, and they email you throughout the process so you don’t have to inquire or follow up.

5. STK’s Paternity Test Kit

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STK offers this at-home paternity DNA test to satisfy your doubts regarding a paternal biological relationship. It can be carried out on all ages, including infants and newborns. The kit utilizes a painless cheek swab for the DNA sample, testing takes up to 5 days.

Top highlights

  • 2-person testing; all lab costs are included, the return mailer is free
  • ISO 17025 compliant
  • The test matches up to 16 DNA loci, which is 3 times more than DNA fingerprints done by the FBI
  • The results are made available online, but a hard copy is also mailed to you
  • All tests are 99.999% accurate – less than a 1/100000 failure chance

Why buy this STK’s paternity test kit

All you need is to swab the samples and place them inside the pre-packed envelope. The testing team keeps you posted on the progress, and once the results are out, you access them online. You can print a copy once available while you wait for them to mail you a color copy.

6. My Forever DNA – Paternity DNA Test Kit

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My Forever DNA is an exemplary test, known to be is easy to use with a quick turn-around. The test can be undertaken even if the parties are in different regions. If the cheek swab sample is not available, the test can be performed on a range of forensic samples. This means you can submit items such as a toothbrush, saliva stains, hair strand, and more.

Other key highlights

  • The results are fast and confidential – you can receive the results within 3 business days after they have been received in the lab
  • It includes 24 DNA markers  to provide you with the highest level of accuracy
  • All exclusions are double-tested at no extra charge
  • Easy to follow instructions – the process of collecting the samples is painless

Reasons to buy 

My Forever DNA test is ideal for people who need results quickly and accurately. The results can be accessed via mail, email, or phone call within 1-3 days. The 24 markers make this process complex, but you can always contact the helpline number for a comprehensive interpretation of results.

7. FamilyTreeDNA – Family Finder DNA Test

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The FamilyTree DNA is a powerful test that provides a clear breakdown of your DNA as well as a detailed ethnic background of where your ancestors came from. It is a powerful tool for tracking your lineage through time as you confirm family connections and history. If you are in Europe, you will able to establish the autosomal DNA percentage you have for the ancient European groups, i.e., Early Farmers, Hunters and Gatherers, and Bronze Metal Invaders.

Top highlights

  • Convenient  check swab – the test does not require any saliva
  • Special FamilyTreeDNA allows you to establish your DNA relatives and trace your family connections through time
  • A clear breakdown of DNA results
  • You also get a percentage breakdown of the geographic origins of your ancestors

Why buy this DNA test

The idea of show off your lineage confidently is trilling. The best part about using this test is that the process is flawless from start to finish. With just a simple cheek swab, you can discover your roots and unlock your family connections. The directions are clear with photos, so it is hard to go wrong.

8. Paternity Depot DNA Paternity Test

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Paternity Depot employs state-of -the –art technology to deliver accurate results to those looking for their biological fathers. It also excels in other DNA tests, including maternity and sibling tests. The test is sent in discrete packaging, and the information on the website concerning how to collect your DNA sample is simple to navigate. Also, as progress is made, the testing team generates an update to keep you informed.

Unique features

  • Accuracy is guaranteed; the test is sold and done by an approved laboratory
  • The results are online, but you will also be emailed the official results
  • Affordable test
  • Easy and painless cheek swab test
  • You get an update as progress is made

Reasons to buy

This is an excellent value for the price. It is way cheaper than other brands we have reviewed so far. More importantly, the test’s accuracy is 99.99% with quick turn-around time. If the parties are in different locations, splits tests can be sent to the different locations at no extra charge. Additionally, the company offers wide relationship DNA tests with flexible options of sending the samples and receiving results.

9. Express DNA Paternity Test Kit

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This home paternity test kit understands the importance of providing accurate and confidential test results.  It involves the use of painless cheek swabs to determine if two individuals are related. Distinctively, it gives the same accuracy as a legal test but in the comfort of your home.  The test is often for one child and the alleged father, but there is also provision for a maternity test.

Important highlights

  • The company provides a short online video demonstration for  kit registration
  • The testing lab is AABB, ISO 17025, A2LA accredited
  • Your results are emailed to you within 2 business days
  • The test verifies up to  22 STR loci with  a 99.999% accuracy rate
  • The testing kit includes 2 swabs per individual to guarantee you accuracy and peace of mind

Why buy?

The testing instructions are easy to follow, and the customer service is really great.  Instead of the conventional cotton swabs, this kit uses sterilized nylon flocked swabs that ensure more DNA is readily available for testing. This helps to reduce the chances for a retest due to inadequate DNA detection in the sample. You’ll have to provide two swabs for retesting in case the first sample fails to detect sufficient DNA sample. This, however, doesn’t attract extra cost.

10. Genovate DNA Grandparent Test

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The Genovate DNA Grandparent Test is used in circumstances where the alleged parent or parents cannot take the test (they could be unavailable or deceased). Samples are taken from either the grandfather or grandmother to establish whether he/she is the child’s biological grandparent. The test is subjected to a two-step verification process to guarantee high-level accuracy.

Key highlights

  • Discreet home testing kit; painless and fast mouth swab sample collection at the comfort of your home
  • All tests are run twice
  • There is no age limit
  • The final report is available online with 2 business days
  • 100% private and confidential

Why buy this grandparent DNA test

The mouth swab required for this test can be collected quickly and discretely and sent to the lab for analysis. The process is painless and can be performed for all ages, including the elderly and newborns. For individuals in different cities or countries, the collection kit can be split and sent to particular individuals. The samples are then tested together, but the results are sent back separately. The results can be accessed via an online platform, by email or mail.

Wrap up

DNA testing is a great way to reveal fascinating information about your origin while unlocking genetic mysteries from past generations. While most kits are pretty accurate, you don’t want to take any chances when choosing a DNA kit. It is important to choose your kit from a reputable company to have the assurance of reliable results.  Also, ensure to follow the instructions carefully before taking the test to increase the likelihood of getting accurate results.

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