Best Drill Sharpeners in 2021


Drilling machine efficiency is a major determinant of the quality of drilling work completed. Sharp drill bits increase this efficiency, and for this reason, it’s critical to have the right drill sharpener. Just like other machine parts need regular maintenance, drill bits require regular sharpening.

How do you know that it is time to sharpen your drill bit?

If the drill bit produces inaccurate results (for example, splintering in wood), or working slower, it’s time to use a drill sharpener. Besides, through visual inspection, you can determine if the drill bit has gotten chipped over time.

When choosing a drill bit sharpener, precision, and safety drill bit sharpening is your main focus. It goes without saying that using the wrong sharpening tool can produce unevenly sharpened drill bits. More importantly, you can injure yourself seriously when not using the right tool.

Consideration to make when choosing the best drill sharpener

  • Drill bit sizes, point angles, and material the sharpener handle: This is an essential consideration, and that’s why it comes first. You need a sharpener that can accommodate the drill bits you use the most.
    Drill bits have either a 118-degree or 135-degree point angle. The drill bit sharpener you choose should work with the drill bit’s angle.
    Likewise, ensure that the sharpener can handle the bit material. Some bits are made from titanium or cobalt while others are made from high-speed steel (HSS). The harder the drill bit material, the more difficult it is to sharpen.
  • Sharpener accuracy: The shape of the tip dictates the angle to which the drill bit has to be sharpened. An accurate drill sharpener is precise in shaping bit edges, which results in accurate drilling results.
  • Flexibility: Some sharpeners are designed to sharpen not only drill bits of different sizes and shapes but also other workshop tools including scissors and knives. They may cost more compared to one-function sharpeners, but you derive more value from them in the long-run.

Best Drill Sharpeners in 2021

The following drill sharpeners have received overwhelming recommendations from users. Let’s review them quickly.

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1. Drill Doctor 750X

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This full-size, corded, electric drill bit sharpener by Drill Doctor restores bits to their optimum sharpness in a whisker. It can handle bit sizes between 3/32” and 3/4“. Further, it gives you a great deal of flexibility in terms of angle adjustability.

More on its features and benefits below:

Drill Doctor 750X highlights

  • Suitable drill bit materials: high-speed steel, cobalt, and tin-coated bits
  • Adjustable angles (115 – 140 degrees)
  • Capabilities: drill bit sharpening, splitting, and aligning
  • 72-inch power cord
  • Ideal for serious hobbyists and, DIY’ers and professionals

Reasons to buy

Dull or broken drill bits shouldn’t slow down your work. The 750X is easy to use, and it shapes blunt drill bit tips perfectly to leave accurately angled cutting edges. In addition, it can restore an edge on broken bits, thus saving you money as you can use old bits for longer.

2. Drill Doctor DD500X

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At second position is another high-ranking Drill Doctor masterpiece – the DD500X. Like the 750X, it comes with immense drill bit sharpening capability. It works fast, assuring you massive time savings so that you can get back to work as soon as possible. Thanks to Drill Doctor’s superior workmanship, this drill sharpener is incredibly durable.

Main features of Drill Doctor DD500X

  • Replaceable diamond sharpening wheel
  • Variable alignment; allows for adjustment of chisel & relief angles
  • Designed to sharpen 3/32″ to 1/2″ bits
  • Versatility: it can sharpen a wide range of bits, including split points and bits

Reasons to buy

The DD500X is an intuitive drill sharpener that eliminates the need to sharpen drill bits by hand (which is dangerous and ineffective). Whether you use HSS, cobalt, masonry, or tin-coated bits, this sharpener does its job easily and accurately.

3. Woodstock D4144 Drill Sharpener

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Weighing only 1.4lbs, this inexpensive metallic bit sharpener works great for large drill bits that quick sharpeners cannot handle. It has easy adjustments for angles for versatile bit sharpening.

Even when grinding the hardest bit materials, this sharpener maintains its sharpening accuracy. If you have been using ‘hand and eye’ bit sharpening, make your life easier now by adding this tool to your workshop tools.

Attributes of Woodstock D4144

  • Handles bits with angles from 41 to 88 degrees
  • 1/8 to 3/4 inch cutting diameter
  • Lightweight – weighs 1.4 lbs.
  • Should be used with a vertical wheel bench grinder

Top reasons to choose this bit sharpener

First, this high-quality machine comes with an unbelievable price tag. You get so much value for your money. Secondly, you can use it with right- or left-handled grinding wheels. Besides, it can be adapted to a belt grinder. Finally, its ability to sharpen hard metal bits of different sizes and point angles makes it the favorite of many users.

4. Tormek DBS-22 Drill Bit Sharpening Jig

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Tormek’s water-cooled tool sharpening system offers multi-purpose tool sharpening. To use it for drill bit sharpening, you need to attach this drill bit sharpening jig. This setup is for serious professionals; the relatively higher price says it all. Nevertheless, it’s a great machine to have around for smooth workflow.

Features and benefits

  • Sharpens point angles from 90 to 150 degrees
  • You can adjust the clearance angle to 7, 9, 11 or 14 degrees to fit different drilling requirements
  • Suitable for drill bit sizes from 1/8 inches to 7/8 inches
  • It uses a symmetrical 4-facet sharpening mechanism that prolongs the drill bit’s life

Reasons to buy this drill bit sharpening jig

Tormek has used advanced bit grinding technology that makes bit sharpening easier, faster, and less energy consuming. The Four-facet grind uses less torque and produces 70% less heat than conventional bit sharpening mechanisms. More importantly, the sharpened bits are symmetrical, which means they remain self-centering while at work. This assures you not only precise work but an extended drill life.

5. DAREX V390 Drill Bit Sharpener

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The V390 is a tough machine that can withstand the most challenging work environments. It’s suitable for sharpening standard duty drill bits, mostly high-speed steel (HSS). If you want high-performance split point drills, this is the right bit sharpener for you. It makes every edge smoothly sharp and accurate to facilitate the production of high-quality drilling jobs.


  • Tough metal cased unit for durability
  • Uses a CBN wheel, which is among the best for sharpening high-speed steel
  • It can handle bit sizes from 1/8″ to 3/4″
  • Maintenance: the wheel can sharpen about 2000 drill bits before requiring replacement

Why buy this drill bit sharpener?

The V390 is a great pick for professional jobs. It’s quick and dependable every time you need to restore ‘like-new’ factory precision points. Moreover, the sharpener has a user-friendly design. Users who are new to bit sharpening find it easy to use.

6. Drill Doctor DD350X

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Drill Doctor is dedicated to making your drilling jobs perfect. The DD350X is a favorably-priced drill sharpener that can bring a lot of value to your business. Designed with Drill Doctor’s long-standing expertise, the bit sharpener makes sure that you never have dull bits that can deteriorate the quality of your work.

Features and capabilities of Drill Doctor DD350X

  • Drill bit materials it can handle include high-speed steel and cobalt
  • Bit sizes: 3/32″ to 1/2″
  • Industrial-grade diamond sharpening wheel
  • Cool, durable, professional design
  • V-block jaws hold the bit firmly to prevent jaw twisting when sharpening small bits

Reasons to buy

The DD350X is among the best drill bit sharpeners for home workshops. It simplifies the sharpening process, so you don’t ever have to work with dull bits that can damage your work materials or shorten the life of your drill.

7. Grizzly Industrial G1081 – Drill Bit Sharpener

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Hard metal drill bits require the strongest sharpeners. The G1081 is well up to the task. It’s made for grinding and sharpening bits sized 1/8″ to 3/4″. Despite being a bit challenging to set up, the drill bit sharpener is a delight once you have it ready for use. It will keep your drill bits as new, always.

Key highlights

  • Adjustable for drill point angles
  • Sturdy construction
  • Wide base ensures that the tool sits stable on a flat table
  • Accurate drill sharpening results

Why purchase this drill bit sharpener

If you have some chipped/broken drill bits, this Grizzly sharpener will bring them back to life. It remains in good shape for a long time. Further, it’s easily portable. The installation might be a bit of a headache, but you’ll immediately forget the challenges when you see how sharp and efficient your drill bits become.

8. CZS Drill Bit Sharpener

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Iron-based drill bits are not the toughest to sharpen, but they too require a dedicated sharpening machine. CZS has excelled in making this highly portable diamond drill bit sharpener. From now, you don’t have to waste your time working with blunt or broken drill bits. This CZS marvel will help you to make sure that your drill bits are always ready to swing into drilling action.


  • It’s among the most compact and easily portable drill sharpening tools available
  • Works with iron bits or softer material
  • High-quality ABS plastic makes it rustproof and durable
  • Corundum grinding wheel grinds iron well and withstands many times of use

Reasons to buy

Although relatively simplistic in design especially when compared to electric sharpeners, this sharpening tool works great, and fast. As long as you don’t try it with metals harder than iron, it can give you incredible service for a long time. Few drill bit sharpeners can beat its value at the current price.

9. 9TRADING Multi-Task Electric Sharpener

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Working with dull drill bits is counterproductive. 9TRADING is here to support serious hobbyists and professional tradespeople with a reliable drill sharpening system. Designed with multi-purpose capability, this electric sharpener assures you high-quality work – whether it’s drilling or cutting.


  • 6000RPM heavy-duty motor
  • 2-inch 220 grit sharpening stone provides precise bit grinding
  • Universal jig support – for compatibility with many accessories
  • Angle guide – helps to set the sharpener for different drill bit point angles
  • Can also sharpen all types of home tools, including choppers, scissors, knives and chisels

Why choose this universal tool sharpener?

This drill bit sharpener does its job with power and precision. It’s designed with tough materials for resistance and durability. Users like its ease of operation as well as its flexibility. You can depend on it to keep most of your home tools sharp. Furthermore, the machine is easy to move around thanks to the integrated carrying handle.

10. Neiko 10170A Electric Drill Bit Sharpener

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Neiko made this dual-head electric drill bit sharpener for small and large bits used on metal and wood. It comes with intelligent features that make drill sharpening a breeze while also enhancing the life of your bits. Let’s see what it packs.

Features and capabilities

  • Two heads with marked guide holes – can sharpen bits as small as 3.5mm and as large as 16mm
  • Works with both HSS and carbon steel
  • Adjustable grinding angle – standard twist and split-point
  • High-impact, durable plastic housing
  • Designed with thermal protection to avoid overheating
  • Rubber feet enhance the machine’s stability

Reasons to buy

The best thing about this drill bit sharpener is that it can handle a wide range of bit sizes. It’s also lightweight thanks to its plastic housing. Thermal protection is an intelligent addition, too. Noteworthy, this drill bit sharpener is for standard at-home applications. If you need a sharpener for heavy-duty application, consider stronger models like Drill Doctor 750X or 500X.

In summation

Having the right drill sharpener means higher quality work, more economical use of materials, energy savings, and ultimately better workflow. It’s crucial to list your requirements clearly before choosing a sharpener. As evident in the specs of the machines reviewed above, each comes with varying capabilities. It’s easy to choose among the many high-performing models available once you are certain about the capabilities you need in a drill sharpener.

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