Best Electric Toy Cars for Your Child in 2021


Imitation is the best form of flattery.

Your child would love to have and do everything you do. Whenever you are driving off the pathway or coming back, your child is watching. He admires the car and deep down wishes they would go with you.

How about giving them the experience in a miniature version of your favorite car?

An electric toy car is a perfect gift. First, it mimics your real car and allows your child to have more fun in the backyard. Furthermore, the experience gives them room for imagination, thereby enhancing their thinking and motor skills.

A child below ten years and at least above two years would have the time of their life in a make-believe car.

We are happy to help you give them this wonderful experience. We dug deep and wide for the best ten electric toy cars in 2021.

Best Electric Toy Cars for Your Child in 2021

Let’s get to it before heading on to the store. Shall we?

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1. Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor with Trailer

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Kids are different and exciting. While you might not own the real version of Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor with Trailer, your child might love the farm outdoorsy feeling over a super-fast racer. Your wannabe farmer will enjoy some music on this full-size detachable trailer with FM radio.

Delivering the payload is total fun in this truck.

They can rest their arms on the flip-up armrests and choose the speed of their liking, either 2- ¼ or 4- ½ miles per hour. Additionally, it comes with a reverse gear and automatic brakes. Talk about farming in style.

Key Features to Look Out for

  • The Kicker FM radio gives them a sense of freedom as they listen to their favorite tunes.
  • High traction wheels for safety on any ground set; grass, soil, or grass.  Your buddy is safe on his farming adventure.
  • Your 7-year-old will enjoy the extra-large stake-side trailer for carrying their payload.
  • Can hold 85 pounds of load
  • Finally, the adjustable seats are comfortable while the flip-up armrest draws the curtain for this intuitively-built electric tractor.

Why Buy It?

Firstly, it’s a different experience from the average speed cars and gives your child more room to create beautiful imaginary farm worlds while out playing. Besides, you might also enjoy the ride when they sleep.

2. Best Choice Products 12V Ride On Car Truck

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Your baby’s safety when out playing comes first. This car truck comes with manual and remote control. You can remote control the fun forward, backward, and reverse at the speed of your liking. Alternatively, let the child take a trip down the street.

Don’t worry about your toddler’s safety on the truck because it’s crafted from a non-toxic plastic body and has traction wheels for safety on any ground. Besides, the spring suspension adds to the fun while outside.

The inbuilt AUX outlet allows your kid to listen to his favorite jams when out and about looking like a rock star.

Outstanding Features

  • Rechargeable batteries to ensure the fun never stops
  • Suitable for ages three years and above
  • Equipped with manual and remote control features
  • Holds at least 65 pounds of weight

Your Child Will Love It

This beefier electric toy car inspired by the Jeep Wrangler will give your child an edge when gliding over rougher terrain. The 3-speed gearbox creates the thrill for him as a superior driver. Let their imagination come true while they cruise in this beauty.

3. TOBBI Licensed Mercedes Benz 12V Kids Ride On Car

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Mercedes Benz oozes style and realism on the road. Immerse your child into the classic world of cars in this authentic, eye-catching ride.

Safely control the speed at which your child enjoys the cruise with the 2.4GHz remote control. Or, if they are old enough, let them manually control the foot pedal and steering wheel while you watch in awe.

Mercedes electric cars take it a notch higher with the comfortable and safe adjustable safety belt. Moreover, they give the child more autonomy and entertainment with the MP3 player.

Sleek and Practical Features You Will Like

  • Double lockable door with low-speed reverse detection offering maximum safety
  • Made with a pull handle with additional folding wheels for portability
  • The sleek, stylistic appearance crowns your child the “king of the block”. Reputation is built early in life, don’t you agree?
  • Parent-controlled remote

4. Power Wheels Dune Racer

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Meet the dashing electric toy car that defies whatever terrain it has to conquer.

While most toy vehicles are suited for concrete grounds, this Dune Racer by Power Wheels takes your child’s thrill a tad higher as they can enjoy wet grass, dirt road, and whatever path they come across.

Additionally, the seats can hold up two kids because they’re roomy. However, you should mind the weight limit of just 130 lbs.

Likable Features

  • Its wheels are well-made with extra traction for safety no matter the terrain
  • Goes forward and reverse and speed ranges between 2.5 and 5mph
  • Built-in metal sidebars for your chap’s hand support
  • Comes with a 12-volt battery with a charger
  • It has power lock brake systems

Why Your Kid Will Enjoy It

The trip to the farmhouse or beach becomes extra fun with this outdoorsy comfortable monster power toy car. Besides, your kid enjoys the real thrill of a race car on mud if they for a serious adventure.

5. Best Choice Kids 12V 2-Seater Licensed Land Rover Ride-On

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Speed, class, and comfort were an unfamiliar combination until the Land Rover Ride-On for your child came. They get to carry a friend as well because the 2-person seating is officially licensed.

Worry not about control.

The 2.4GHz remote control allows you to safely guide them forward and reverse while managing the speed, which will usually max out at 3.7mph. Your child enjoys a 4-wheel suspension drive with treated tires. It’s such a smooth and exuberating ride, and more so because they’ll jam to their favorite song all along.

Some Magnificent Features

  • Aux Player input
  • LED headlights
  • A horn with realistic startup sound for the real experience
  • Crafted from durable PP plastic and rigid metal frame to withstand time
  • Double control

Our Verdict

It’s a worthy purchase considering you’ll not need to buy one for each of your children. It’s durable; they all enjoy it together as they grow up.

6. Razor Dirt Quad Electric Four-Wheeled Off-Road Vehicle

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The Razor-Dirt-Quad is the best top-notch ride-on electric toy car for school going kids. It can effortlessly hold two children, or even a kid and their parent with weight considerations in place.

It is built with a wholly energized battery lasting 48 hours. The fun will be nonstop this weekend.

Thanks to the enormous wheelbase, you can take the Razor-Dirt-Quad from the farm to the seashore or nearby forested areas. Your child will have the option to follow you along despite the challenging outdoor setup.

Joy Ride Features

  • Endures weather elements because of the shatter-resistant plastic fairings with a powder-coated tubular frame
  • Front brush bar with a rear carry handle
  • Built for any terrain with comfort in mind
  • Max speed: 8mph; great for extra adrenaline lovers
  • The fun continues for 40 minutes non-stop

Crazy Not To Buy It

You can vacation anywhere, and your kids can enjoy the electric toy car regardless of location. The beach should be extra fun, we suppose. Either way, the Razor-Dirt-Quad prepares your kid’s mind in case they become racers.

7. Costzon Ride On Truck

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Are you searching for a sensible Jeep-style ride-on electric toy car for your kid? Well, you can stop reading here. The sincerity and masterful subtleties this Costzon Ride-On Truck offers is pleasant.

It is perfect for long and secure fun experiences. The design includes a remote-controlled secure mode, three diverse speed settings, wear-safe wheels, completely working front and backlights, and a spring suspension framework.

Awesome Features

  • Gradual acceleration and dependable braking system
  • Comes with parental control and battery operated modes
  • Magnetic lock double door
  • Bright front and rear LED lights
  • Non-inflate, wear-resistant, and explosive proof PP wheels

Why Buy It

The suggested age limit is 3-7 years, and your child will enjoy this one-seater ride-on driving around the yard any season. Moreover, superior flexibility earns the Costzon Ride-On Truck the best electric toy car for comfortable street drives.

8. Uenjoy 12V Licensed Mercedes-Benz G63 Kids Ride On Car

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Are you looking for a show stopper? Yes, an electric toy car your child needs to make a bold statement with? Pause here while the Mercedes-Benz G63 Kids Ride drives by.

In addition to Aux cord and built-in music, your child enjoys Bluetooth working radio and a USB port, you know, because who needs all these options?

For Mercedes-Benz, safety is a non-negotiable trademark. No wonder the wheels on this car have a spring suspension system, seats with belts, and double lockable doors for both comfort and security when your brood is out for a cruise.

Mind-blowing Features

  • The parental remote control model for toddlers and ages three and above comes with manual operation for the real experience.
  • Adjustable doors for more fun while driving
  • Comfortable seats
  • Secure wheels with the spring suspension system

Why Buy It?

We mean it’s a Mercedes-Benz G63 Kids Ride, to begin with. Your child experiences class, comfort, and security from a tender age. They learn to appreciate the finer things.

A mindset is framed early in life. This is the way to start. Remember, imitation is the best form of flattery. Let them imitate a wonderful experience.

9. TOBBI Kids Ride on Truck

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This phenomenal electric toy car is appropriate for ages 3-5 years. Pick it as an incredible ally to keep tabs on your youngsters’ development. It helps to improve your kids’ autonomy and coordination while playing.

Your kid can work the car using the pedal and guiding wheel and when necessary, you can control the vehicle through the remote control. This increases your child’s safety driving.

Both front and back wheels have a spring suspension framework to guarantee a smooth ride. They are fitted with a movable safety belt and double door lock offering extra security for your child.

Outstanding Features

  • Realistic functions such as LED lights, MP3 player, Aux input, a TF card slot, and USB port. Your child deserves all the options
  • Two driving modes for safety
  • Crafted from premium material with non-toxic safety measures
  • Tires are wear-resistant, no leaks or tears

Why Buy it

Christmas can come early. What better way to keep the child busy and excited outside than to give them the real experience of driving a truck.

10. Best Choice Products Kids 12V Ride On Truck

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First, it’s pink. Yes, goosebumps, right? Getting over the toddler age is a game-changer for your child. The outdoors suddenly becomes the best thing after sliced bread. Why? Their mind is growing and outside offers more.

Trees, other kids playing outside, and everything else making the slightest movement, FASCINATING! Finally, the bird is out of the cage. Free them with this manual and remote-controlled Ride on Truck.

You can quickly and safely guide the forward/reverse controls and decide how fast they go. Furthermore, the toy car’s body is crafted with non-toxic plastic material. Grass and dirt shouldn’t worry you because the 14-inch traction wheels are up to the task.

Some Exciting Features

  • Rechargeable battery for never-ending fun
  • Built-in AUX outlet for jamming while riding to their favorite jams
  • Adjustable seatbelt for safety
  • Managed speed options low/medium/high max 3.7mph max

Our Verdict

There are good reasons why this toy car made it to our top ten list.  First, its realist design with bright LED lights for night fun ensures summers never end for the little ones. Secondly, safety-obsessed mums are happy to know they can control the toy car remotely. Thirdly, your child gets to keep it up to their eighth birthday. That is if they don’t demand a luxury car, such as the Uenjoy 12V Licensed Mercedes-Benz G63 Kids Ride On Car above.


The manufacturing of electric toy cars for kids has definitely taken an exciting trajectory. With the progression of in-car innovation down to kids’ ride-on cars, owning and working a fun-sized car with kids is fun-filled family time. More importantly, it’s a charming approach to teach your little ones road safety rules and regulations.

There are electric vehicles built for 9-year-olds, one-year-olds, and everyone in the middle. We hope the feasible options reviewed above have made your research easier.

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