Comprehensive Review of The Best GPS Trackers for Kids in 2021


For any parent, peace of mind is your desire whenever your child gets back to school, playing out with friends or when you finally take that extended vacation. Kids can disappear in a split second with no sight of them again. With a tracking device, you can rest easy after quickly slipping it into their backpacks or pockets to ensure you know their whereabouts.

What to consider when choosing a GPS tracker for your kid

While price and subscription fees are significant when shopping for a tracking device, the three elements below form the most critical considerations:

  1. Usability
    Look for a device that’s user friendly for both you and your child.
  2. Durability
    The child will play and extend their curiosity to the gadget. Get one that can withstand the interest.
  3. Accuracy
    You need to know exactly where to get your child; therefore, this comes into crucial play.

Otherwise, please read on for a detailed review of the ten best GPS trackers for your child.

1. Tracki 2020 Model Mini Real-time GPS Tracker

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Uniqueness, flexibility, and portability are some outstanding elements when looking for a tracking device. With 1.4 ounces of weight and size at 1.8*1.6*0.7 inches, the Tracki 2020 model is what you should slip into your child’s backpack. It comes with a history playback if you need to track someone’s movement probably when on a road trip.

Outstanding Features

  • Real-Time GPS Tracking
  • Light and small for easy portability
  • History playback
  • SOS panic button
  • Comfortable and fully customizable set-up
  • Replaceable/changeable battery

Final Verdict

Your child’s safety, especially a teenager who recently acquired a driver’s license, can give you sleepless nights. However, slip the Tracking device to have the real-time location of your child. If they sense any danger, they quickly press the SOS panic button, alerting you to respond urgently to their distress call

2. Spytec GL300 GPS Tracker

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Protect and monitor the ones you love and care for with the Spytec GL300 GPS Tracker. It uses live GPS tracking with satellite coverage offering you accurate results with real-time location data. Moreover, quickly get updates with each move and be warned if the location boundaries are broken. This works best if your child is under a nanny’s care.

Most Amazing Features

  • Extended battery life (2.5 weeks)
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Location and boundaries alert
  • Limitless tracking range
  • 27/4 monitoring on 4G satellite for accurate location results

Why Buy It

Your child has no replacement. Shouldn’t you know where they are? Go about your day with certainty, peace of mind, and assurance with the GL300 tracker. Its small and portable size fits discreetly in a bag or backpack for you to monitor the child from wherever you are.

And, your privacy matters. Therefore all data collected is stored under encryption for your security.

3. Family1st GPS Tracker for Kids, Cars, Pets, Luggage, Senior Persons

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Not knowing where your child is for 10 minutes can be terrifying. However, with the powerful real-time Family1st GPS Tracker for Kids, 5 seconds is all you need to know where these little angels are hiding.

With Geofencing, playing around the block means precisely that, around the block.

Amazing Features

  • Longest battery life
  • Compact for easy portability
  • Geofencing with smartphone alerts
  • Uses 4G LTE GPS making it superior
  • Affordable monthly subscription rates
  • Current location updates with 24 hours of history playback.

Is it a Worthy Buy?

Of course, yes. For one, the monthly subscription fee is affordable, enabling real-time tracking. You don’t have to worry about charging it every now and then as it will last a whole 14 days after one full charging session.

Geofencing means your baby stays within the allowed perimeter. Any slight movement outside the perimeter and you get an SMS alert immediately.

Besides, your recent independent teenager will not pull a smart one on you when explaining their whereabouts. Current location updates date back to the last 24 hours, so you can see for yourself their all-day whereabouts.

4. Relay Kids GPS Tracker

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The Relay Kids GPS Tracker offers durability, which is reassuring for a parent concerned about what their curious little one can do with it. Your child can hang it around his neck when out running, biking, or headed to the mall with friends using the lanyard.

Furthermore, they can quickly hook onto their backpacks. If swimming is on the list, rest free as the Relay device is water-resistant as well.

Smart Features To Look Out For

  • Connects to your smartphone
  • Geofencing set up for the safe zone
  • SOS panic button
  • Playback for missed messages on both device and phone app
  • Uses 4G LTE and WiFi for real-time talk and location update
  • Parental control for safety on location updates

Why Spend On The Relay ScreenLess Tracking Device?

Well, it’s screenless. But that’s not to say that it is boring.  It’s interesting to your children because it offers more. With the USB cord, your teenager can listen to their favorite music while you track their whereabouts. The subscription plans are quite affordable, considering your child’s safety.

This Relay Kids GPS Tracker offers multiple channel switching and quickly switches to talk mode if you need to reach your child or vise versa. Your nanny won’t take your child on random trips when you are away on business. How? Turn on the geofence and keep them within your desired area.

5. Brickhouse Security Spark Nano 7 4G LTE Micro GPS Tracker

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The Brickhouse Security Spark Nano 7 is small, sleek, and slim – making it super portable. It has a panic button in the middle, which is an excellent feature. Also, it has LED lights on the bottom right to show you battery level and tracking. The device fits in your child’s backpack discreetly or in their pocket.

A diaper bag is another excellent place; it fits perfectly to track your toddler’s stroller when out and about.

Lovable Features Include;

  • Fast 4G LTE coverage for accurate real-time data
  • Allows geofencing
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery up to two weeks
  • Speed alert for car monitoring
  • Slick, slim, and portable

Why It Suits Your Needs

Other than affordability, the app and website are outstanding and user friendly. You can use the program to track different trips and run history reports when away. You choose between street view vs. real view when tracking your child in realtime and get updates every 60 seconds.

The panic button lets your child alert you in case of danger.

6. Samsung SmartThings Live GPS Tracker

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The Samsung SmartThings Live GPS Tracker is a GPS tracking device using the LTE network, allowing you to track your child. You enjoy peace of mind knowing the real-time location of your child via the free smartphone SmartThings app.

You can also connect the tracker to other smart devices to automatically lock the doors and turn off the lights. Geofencing is another great feature on the tracker.

Smart Features

  • View and get accurate locations
  • SOS panic button
  • Geofencing with zone controls
  • Kid Alert – when ready to be picked
  • Long battery at least five
  • Waterproof

Why Buy It

The user-friendly SmartThings application allows you to broaden your coverage range both indoors and outdoors. While it keeps your child safe, you can program it to switch off the lights for you once the child goes to sleep.

Who needs to manually lock doors when you have the Samsung SmartThings Live GPS Tracker?

7. Themoemoe Kids Waterproof Smartwatch with GPS Tracker

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Besides being stylish and cool, the Themoemoe Kids Waterproof Smartwatch offers smart play for your child. For example, they can play math after a long swim while wearing the watch. Yes, it’s waterproof. It also has a No Disturb function. When the child is in school, you are sure they are learning and not playing games and taking selfies.

The SOS functionality allows you to set up to three numbers for contact if your child is in distress. They press the button for about 3 seconds, and it alerts the SOS numbers.

Outstanding Features

  • SOS Panic Button
  • Waterproof Smartwatch
  • Parental control for limited functionality only for SOS
  • Offers two-way call
  • Stylish watch [perfect for a birthday gift

It Is a Worthy Bargain

Your kids can take pictures on the go – no more guessing. Additionally, if they love music, then this gadget is what they need. The watch can hold at least 1000 songs. No need to worry about its lifeline. It holds pretty well as the battery is long-lasting. So, you get to offer more than a cool gift, but it tracks them as well. They don’t have to know the purpose, right?

8. Invoxia GPS Tracker

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Invoxia uses the LTE 4G/5G networks, which have the highest speeds and most coverage. This offers the assurance of real-time tracking and updates every few seconds. Invoxia is lightweight and discrete, making it easily portable in your kid’s backpack.

The geofencing feature ensures your child stays within the set grounds for his safety and your peace of mind. Additionally, with no need to plug it anywhere, slip it into your teen’s car to have a look at their trips. You know how teenagers can be “smart.”

Features You’ll Enjoy

  • Extended battery life rechargeable in one hour – lasts two months at least
  • Uses 4G & 5G LTE-M anywhere in the USA
  • Realtime anti-theft alerts
  • Geofencing capabilities
  • 24/7 monitoring

Our Verdict, Buy it because,

First, it offers extraordinarily long battery life and can be recharged within a couple of hours. Road trips in different cars got cooler. Additionally, you enjoy real-time location updates with the 4G LTE network and 5G as well where available.

Besides, you’ll love the user-friendly features, such as an easy-to-use app and other alerts mode suitable for all scenarios. A 2-year subscription is included, with affordable packages after that.

9. FILDANCO Kids Waterproof Smart Watch with GPS Tracker

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Ever wondered how you could search your kid’s location? Well, the FILDANCO Kids Waterproof Smart Watch with GPS Tracker offers you the Local Base Station system to do precisely that. The smartwatch is waterproof, making it safe for a trip to the beach. You can enjoy the tanning while they go for a swim. They won’t get lost.

Besides, other benefits are the alarm clock for those early mornings and the do not disturb mode in class.

Outstanding Features

  • Position Tracker – LBS
  • Multifunctional devices – camera, alarm clock, etc.
  • Two-way call feature for making calls
  • SOS emergency button
  • Can function without a SIMCard

Why Should Buy It

Who wouldn’t? First, it’s cute and pink, making it a perfect accessory for your fashion lover. You will not break your bank for a gadget that offers a real-time location for your child. A day of not charging it won’t hurt because it offers up to two weeks of battery life. Besides, an extra SIM Card isn’t necessary as it can function without one.

10. Spy Spot GL300MG 4G Mini GPS Tracker for Kids

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The Spy Spot 4G Mini Tracker uses battery power for GPS Tracking and runs on the latest 4G technology. The software is accessible from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. It provides information such as location, a satellite view, or street view. Additionally, you can easily retrieve up to six months of usage.

Amazing Features

  • Realtime tracking
  • Weatherproof casing for protection
  • Secure software on phone, computer, or tablet
  • No binding contracts
  • Affordable

Our Verdict

Your teenager or nanny is not getting rid of this Spy Spot quickly because of the film clip and magnets so strong the wind can’t knock it off the car bumper. With the no bidding contract, you get to choose a plan that’s more pocket-friendly for you and cancel the contract at any time with no consequences.


Indeed, following your child verges on creepy or intrusive. What’s more, you may be correct. Children need their own space, yet you are suspicious of every stranger around them as a parent. However, a tracking device helps you tighten the leash and keeps track of your child’s school, mall, or a beach trip with peace of mind.

Regardless of location whether the mall, playing park or at home, the locate me now is a button away. Your child’s safety lets you get on to other matters with ease and confidence.

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