Best Jump Ropes in 2021


Jumping rope has advanced beyond the childhood playground to adults’ fitness routines. It is a great way to improve cardiovascular health and general well-being. It has helped many men and women burn calories and melting massive amounts of fats. Another benefit of jumping rope is that it improves leg strength, and that’s why it is so popular with basketball players. It is also a great way to enhance your balance and coordination.

The best thing about skipping rope is that it can easily be done anywhere. As long you have the rope with you, you can get the heart pumping at the gym while traveling, or at the comfort of your home.

But unlike the heavy jump ropes of the past, today’s jumping ropes are designed to swing in the air effortlessly and they do not tangle.

How to choose the best jump rope

There are endless types and styles of jump ropes to choose from.

Before we get into specific jump rope recommendations, here are a few aspects you should assess when picking your preferred jump rope.

  • Rope length
    Getting the right sizing is the key to a good rope skipping experience. A rope that is too short or too long can be problematic. The length of the rope will determine your clearance, i.e., the distance between the rope and your head when jumping.
    Ideally, the best length of rope for you depends on your height and skill level. Slow jumpers /beginners may need a larger clearance while speed jumper requires a smaller clearance; hence they may benefit from a much smaller rope. Most ropes come with an adjustable length to allow you to adjust the length to your liking or depending on jumping needs.
  • Spin properties
    Typically, high-speed jumpers will go for ultra-lightweight and thin ropes that are capable of turning at high speeds. On the other hand, slower jumpers may find this type of ropes to be too light and inconvenient at slower RPMs. As such, such jumpers are better off with thicker and preferably PVC coated ropes. Children do better with cloth jump ropes since they do not require intense workouts.
  • Handles
    It is obviously getting a nice hold of the skipping rope is crucial to your performance. Therefore, it is important to choose handles that are light and comfortable in your hand. The lighter the handle, the more the reps you can make before getting tired. Some ropes have thin handles, while some have thicker ones, so it all depends on your personal preferences.
  • The material
    You’ll also want to think about the material of the rope. For instance, coated ropes are ideal for use in environments such as concrete, sand, or driveway. On the other hand, some ropes are bare, so they should not be used on rough surfaces.  They aren’t as durable as the coated ones, but they spin much faster. That said, the ideal choice will depend on the compromise you’re willing to make.

Here are some excellent options to consider:

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1. DEGOL Tangle-Free Skipping Rope

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DEGOL brings you a perfect jump rope for both beginners and elite fitness professionals.  Its unique ball-bearing system helps you avoid bending or twisting the rope. The handles feel so good in the hands, and the rope’s weight can offer sufficient challenge to help you boost your cardio endurance.

Key highlights

  • The ball bearing system makes this rope fast and smooth
  • It is PVC coated jump rope
  • Ergonomic handles
  • The length can be adjusted according to your height
  • Tangle-free for smooth operation

Reasons to buy this rope

This jump rope is on top of our list for good reasons. It is inexpensive, fast, and fully adjustable. Anyone at home can use the rope. They just need to adjust the length and tuck the extra rope inside the handles. The handles are made to a soft feel, so you have a secure grip even when there is sweat. Besides, the rope is light to facilitate a speedy workout. It’s an ideal choice if you want to burn extra calories while exercising your muscles.

2. WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

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WOD Nation has designed this rope to spin faster and also for a long time. The rope can be easily customized using a wire cutter to allow you finally do the multiple unders that you’ve always dreamed of. However, the rope is coated in steel, so it should only be used on a smooth surface. Rough surfaces can easily destroy the coating on the wire.

Unique features

  • Provides a stable swing
  • It can be used by adults and children alike
  • It can be customized for multiple double unders
  • Speed rope; perfect for an intense workout

Why buy this jump rope

Whether you are an elite boxer or a regular user who wants to keep fit, this is the ideal rope for you. The rope is smooth and swings very fast yet it has enough weight to give the momentum of your swing. It will shape your life when used regularly, and it comes with a spare rope in case the original one gets lost.

3. Sonic Boom M2 High Speed Jump Rope

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The Sonic Boom M2 is a super speedy ultra-responsive jump rope for athletes or trainees that mean business. The anti-slip grips stay comfortable in your hands while the 10 feet cable enables you to adjust the length as desired. The rope is 100% tangle-free, so you can train much faster and make better progress than ever.

Features and benefits

  • It provides a 360 degrees spin
  • The jump rope comes in a self-locking/screw-free design
  • It comes with two adjustable cables
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Non-slip grips that take sweat

Why buy Sonic Boom M2

Overall, the rope seems durable, and the material quality is way above average. The cable adjusts easily but it remains secure. Additionally, it turns smoothly and it is lightweight, so it will certainly improve your double unders. The sturdy handles won’t break even if you are going at high speed. Also, you can adjust the rope length without worrying about it getting in the way.

4. Workout Jump Rope

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This is a great regular jump rope that helps you to focus on cardio health. It is a high-quality jump rope that comes with PVC-coated cable for improved durability and extra protection. The handles are made from aluminum, and they offer a non-slip and comfortable grip. At 6 inches, the rope is long enough to allow you to maintain a high momentum and achieve extreme speeds per minute of jumping.

Main highlights

  • It features a ball-bearing construction
  • The 10-inch cable is fully adjustable
  • Lightweight yet very durable
  • Fitness choice for those who want to master double, triple or quadruple unders
  • A carrying bag is included

Reasons to buy

You get a remarkable jump rope with outstanding build quality comparable only to high-end models. This one can be used on concrete floors. More importantly, it is fast enough for double unders as it is lightweight, very slim, and swings pretty fast. The manufacturer provides an extra rope, and you’ll get a small storage bag too.

5. XYLsports Jump Rope

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This jump rope from XYLsports is appropriate for all ages. Distinctively, it holds up well against tough terrains. You want one for aerobic exercises geared towards burning extra fat, enhancing flexibility, and building muscles and a healthy heart. The handle has a comfortable grip.

Top highlights

  • 9.8″ easily adjustable jump rope
  • Perfect for all ages
  • Swings smoothly, and it coils and uncoils easily
  • Ergonomic, foam grips
  • Tangling is unheard off

Why should you buy XYLsports?

Adjustability and low price are the main selling points of this jump rope. It is an affordable option yet of outstanding quality. If you need to intensify your workouts, this cable is your best bet. Plus, it is tangle-free; newbies don’t have to worry about getting stuck or tripping over the rope.

6. Champion Sports Segmented Jump Rope for Fitness

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This Champion Sports jump rope comes in a unique segmented design and is widely used for physical education or indoor recreational activities.  Its durable yet lightweight design makes it ideal for games or exercise activities. It is adjustable – you can make it longer or shorter. Multiple user reviews reveal that it is one of the best jump ropes for kids.

Top highlights

  • Beaded jump rope for adults and kids
  • Available in a range of colorful lengths; the bright red is especially fun to use
  • It is a segmented jump rope with a classic styling
  • Durable design

Why buy?

Champion Sports promises you many years of fun when you choose this great jump rope. It’s a perfect accessory for keeping children active when not in school. Moreover, it comes in a classic styling, and the sound that the rope makes while the beads hit the floor is sensational. You’ll love the way this sound helps to create a rhythm and enhance workout coordination.

7. TANGRAM Smart Jump Rope

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If you are tech-savvy, you will love exercising with this fitness rope. It’s anything but basic thanks to its cool features. The best thing about this jump rope is its ability to keep track of how many times you’ve jumped. You can download the free SmartRope software that keeps a record of your workout data, including jump count, time spent, and calories burned.

Key features of TANGRAM

  • The rope is Bluetooth enabled; it can connect to iOS, Android OSs, and SmartRope apps to keep a record of your cardio exercise
  • It is powered by a special coin battery that lasts for up to 9 months
  • The rope is adjustable, so it fits all
  • Easy and smooth handling makes your exercises a breeze
  • Can be used virtually anywhere

Reasons to buy

TANGRAM ensures that you remain motivated by timing your training sessions and challenging other users. But the benefits of this rope don’t end here. The inbuilt LED lights encourage you to jump further for a more intense cardio exercise. With this rope, jumping and counting at the same time is a thing of the past thanks to its high-tech design.  It gives you more than enough ways to get distracted from the “pain” of jumping.

8. Crossrope Get Lean – Weighted Jump Rope Set

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The Crossrope gives you access to fast and effective workouts wherever you are. It is a durable weighted rope with a fast-clip connector that allows you to switch between heavy and light ropes depending on workout needs.  The rope delivers more fun and varied experiences. Also, it’s easy for casual jumpers to learn.

Highlights of Crossrope Get Lean Jump Rope

  • First weighted rope for your weight loss goals
  • The rope doesn’t coil or tangle
  • The rope is beginner-friendly
  • Slim handles offer a comfortable grip
  • Designed for high-intensity workouts

Reasons to buy

Your workouts need not be long for then to be effective.  Crossrope is quick, efficient, and convenient. You should be done with your session in just under 30 minutes. The rope is light, so it takes very little effort to spin. That way, you can always concentrate more on jumping. The favorite part of this rope is its durability and its responsiveness to varying user needs.

9. OHYAIAYN Soft Beaded Jump Rope

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OHYAIAYN is made from harmless material and this makes it immensely popular among kids and in schools. The cable makes beautiful sounds, which help you develop a jumping rhythm. It has ergonomic and non-slip grip handles. Noteworthy, each rope comes with a bag for storage and to make it easy to carry it with you wherever you go.

Core features

  • Safe design – no tangling or coiling
  • It is lightweight, which makes it easy for you to achieve high-speed rotations
  • You can easily adjust the rope from 9 feet to the length you desire
  • Comfortable non-soaking handles

Why buy this colorful rope?

This light jump is really cool. It can serve as a surprise gift to your kids on their special day. The rubber lining makes it less painful if you miss a jump and hit yourself, so it is designed with the safety of your kids in mind. Plus, you can use it indoors and outdoors. If you are looking for a skipping rope the whole family can enjoy, you have found it.

10. Survival and Cross Jump Rope

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Survival and Cross jump rope is specially designed for boxing and MMA fitness training, but it can also be customized for casual jumpers.  It is a perfect combination of lightweight, high-speed, and solid construction attributes.  This adjustable rope can withstand long hours of training sessions without wearing.

Features of Survival and Cross Jump Rope

  • It is light and super-fast
  • Ball-bearing design for smooth rotations
  • The rope is compact and easy to store
  • Effortless to use even for beginners and children
  • Easily adjustable – the 10-ft cable and 5” handle are customizable to fit different needs

Reasons to buy

Are you an experienced jumper looking for a jump rope to advance your skills? This rope is your best bet. The rope is small and ready to go anywhere, and you only require a small space to do your workout.  When you need to adjust the length of your rope, you can cut off the excess for convenience.

Final word

While any rope can get you started in your fitness journey, getting the best jump rope is worth considering if you want to stick to your workout routine. Some ropes are made for speed while others work well for beginners. Any of the above options will offer you the best service. Choose the best one for you based on your body size, preferences, and exercise environment, and workout goals.

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