Best Long Bottle Cleaning Brush Review in 2021


To clean your bottles thoroughly, you can try out these long bottle cleaning brushes. They have fine bristles that remain to stay durable. No matter whatever kind of food and other kinds of particles are stuck in your bottle, these brushes tend to scrub away and remove those reside.

Furthermore, they easily and seamlessly scrub away stains and dirt. These are highly flexible brushes. They come with excellent bristles that can be used to thoroughly and hassle-free clean a multitude number of items.

Moreover, if you want to clean large in size baby bottles, then simply try out these brushes. You can use them to clean any of your coffee pots and filter baskets. Even more, you can utilize them to sanitize your sports bottles, cups as well as a thermos, fish bowls and also vases, blenders.

These brushes are meant and designed to clean a water purifier and electric kettle. It is for small-mouth bottles and all kinds of narrow neck bottles that these brushes can be availed by you. So, are you ready to try out them? Give us your feedback about them.

Hopefully, you will like them as they have a user-friendly design, angled tip, comfortable handle and a clear plastic sleeve.

Here we have shared the top 10 Best Long Bottle Cleaning Brush of 2020.

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10- Haomaomao Long Bottle Cleaning Brush

Haomaomao Long Bottle Cleaning Brush

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Haomaomao Long Bottle Cleaning Brush will be much liked by you. It has an angled tip design. Most importantly, this brush is 17” extra long. It makes it quite easy for you to scrub and clean any kind of bottle.

The presence of curved end will let you clean the sides of bottles. It is on the very end of the brush that you may see these additional bristles.

They are there to give your bottle a thorough cleaning job. Lastly, this overall bottle brush set consist of 2 brushes. By buying it, you will be able to get exceptional value as well as an excellent present for your kitchen.

What We Like:

  • It has additional bristles at the end part of it.
  • It contains a firm and sturdy handle.
  • It has 100% Boar bristles.

9- LiKee Long Bottle Cleaning Brush

LiKee Long Bottle Cleaning Brush

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You might be wondering why to use this LiKee Long Bottle Cleaning Brush, here you can know about that. This one is a long bottle brush. It is 18″ extra long x 2.17″ diameter wide. Most noteworthy, it is ideal to be used while cleaning the inside section of bottles.

You can scrub even the deepest bottom of water bottles. This brush is made using premium quality materials. It is injected wit durable bristles and also comfortable-grip handles.

What We Like:

  • Powerful Cleaning Ability is offered by it
  • Its bristles are 100% stiff, durable.
  • It can easily scrub all hardened stains.

8- ALINK Water Bottle Cleaning Brush

ALINK Water Bottle Cleaning Brush

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Then we have ALINK Water Bottle Cleaning Brush for you. This subjected brush has Curved end design. As you may have noticed that it is a 15.7” long bottle brush.

It can easily and conveniently clean the bottom and inside sections of bottles. Besides, it is great to be used to scrub as well as clean travel bottles, thermos and all kinds of hydro flasks.

Regarding its making, it is made and manufactured by using nylon fibres and premium food-grade stainless steel wire. This brush is BPA-free and keeps your bottles safe and healthy.

What We Like:

  • The curved end design is incorporated in it.
  • Its bristles are fine and genuinely stronger.
  • You will get an unmatchable Lifetime Guarantee time.

7- OXO Good Grips Bottle Brush

OXO Good Grips Bottle Brush

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Most probably, you may prefer to buy this OXO Good Grips Bottle Brush. It has long and durable neck flexes. This feature is going to give you easy reach while cleaning inside part of your bottles, pitchers.

The induction of stiff blue bristles remains to stay gentle enough to clean and scrub your wine glasses without scratching. Lastly, using this brush has become a popular choice as it has a non-slip handle.

This handle will always give you a comfortable grip. So, it is time to clean up your pint glasses, baby bottles by grabbing this brush first of all!

What We Like:

  • Stiff blue bristles do not scratch your bottles.
  • Its soft handle gives a comfortable grip.
  • It is Dishwasher safe.

6- Pro Tools Extra-Soft Tube Long Bottle Brush

Pro Tools Extra-Soft Tube Long Bottle Brush

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The next recommendation we have for you, it is this Pro Tools Extra-Soft Tube Bottle Brush. You may like to order this brush as it has twisted nylon fibres.

You will experience durable cleaning power from this reviewed brush. It is best and suitable to be used to clean tubes, straws and bottles, automotive wheels.

To give a tight-fit cleaning to your bottle, this is the brush that you need to use. Moreover, it is encompassed by a flexible and bendable kind of steel wire handle. This handle is galvanized when it comes to rust resistance.

What We Like:

  • It shows strong cleaning power.
  • It is 16-inches long brush.
  • It is easy and simple to care.

5- Dish Scrubbie Long Bottle Brush Cleaner Set

Dish Scrubbie Long Bottle Brush Cleaner Set

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Dish Scrubbie Long Bottle Brush Cleaner Set is the name of delivering stronger cleaning power. This is one of the best bottle brush sets that we have suggested to you.

You can even use it as a dish brush and straw brush. Its head part is dense to easily and seamlessly clean the bottle. This head is going to make full contact with the side parts of your bottle.

While buying this set, keep in mind that both of the brushes at least 12″. You can make use of the large red bottle brush to clean and scrub blenders and baby bottles. You can use this same brush for dishwashing or scrubbing water bottles, pitchers.

What We Like:

  • It is made by using plush polyester yarn.
  • You will get a large red bottle brush and Straw brush.
  • It does not spit water at you.

4- Olthing Long Bottle Brush

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If you are looking for a water bottle cleaning brush that meets all of the high standards of quality, then do try out this Olthing Long Bottle Brush. It is handmade in Korea.

Most importantly, it is eco-friendly and allows you to minimize the use of detergents. It is Hand-knitted by using and injecting high-quality yarn.

This material is going to give extra strength and also durability to your brush. Its overall construction material ensures quick-drying. This is the brush that is resistant to bacterial growth and fully prevents odour.

What We Like:

  • It does not scratch your kitchen products.
  • It has a thick brush head.
  • You can use the thin brush head for cleaning bottles having narrow openings.

3- Forney 70487 Long Bottle Cleaning Brush

Forney 70487 Long Bottle Cleaning Brush

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Forney 70487 Tube Brush is manufactured in China. Before you order this brush, keep in mind that it is 15-1/2 Long x 1-1/4x 5. There is a tube brush loop end present on it.

If you want to keep your water bottles fully hygienic, then use this brush and give them a thorough scrubbing job. Its other features are that this brush has a single stem or you can say single spiral nylon bristles.

Even more, its bristles never fall apart. They never and ever turn brown or black. The bristles of this brush are wiry, thin.

What We Like:

  • It is made in China
  • It is accompanied by nylon bristles.
  • It is ideal to be used for cleaning bottles.

2- The Crown Choice 17″ LONG Bottle Brush

The Crown Choice 17" LONG Bottle Brush

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This brush marks itself as one of the BPA-free and non-toxic cleaning brushes. Upon buying this Crown Choice 17″ LONG Bottle Brush, you will see that your bottles are going to get a 360-degree cleaning job.

Its wide and soft bristles are flexible enough to reach even the bottom sections of bottles. If you have got thermos flasks or pots having 1/2″ openings, then this is an ideal brush for them.

What We Like:

  • It can easily reach the bottom of the thermos.
  • It is ideal to clean narrow neck bottles.
  • It is not made by using any of the toxic chemicals.

1- Ageoflove 16″ Long Bottle Brush Cleaner


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Lastly, we have included this Ageoflove 16″ Long Bottle Brush Cleaner in our list. It is 16″ extra long brush and comes with 2.5″ diameter.

The incorporation of wide brush cleaning head that is paired with a long handle, these features will make it simple for you to clean, scrub and wash bottles in one go. It is flexible and extremely long enough to access hard to reach zones of bottles.

Take out your plastic bottles and water bottles, thermos that is not yet cleaned, and use this brush for them. We guarantee you that you will find a great difference in your cleaning job.

What We Like:

  • It has a long handle.
  • It carries a wide brush head.
  • This brush can be used to clean bottles that have hummingbird feeder openings.

Best Long Bottle Cleaning Brush – Buyer’s Guide

Best Long Bottle Cleaning Brush

High-Quality Bristles

Try to look and shop for that cleaning brush that has high and premium quality bristles. If it is made by using 100% boar bristles, then that is great.

Besides, the presence of extra bristles right on the top of your brush will help you reach and access the area you did not sanitize and clean before. These top-quality bristles will make it quick for you to thoroughly clean the bottom section of the bottle.

Flexible Brush Head

Beyond, you can have that cleaning brush that is packed with the flexible brush head. Its head should not be that much stuff. You can hunt for the brush whose head is extra long at 8″ and also 2.5″ wide.

Such a flexible brush head is going to make it pretty easy for you to reach all of the sides of the bottle. Even more, this brush head type let you clean bird feeders and other kinds of bottles, jars and bottles with small tight openings.

Wide Application

It is recommended to buy that durable cleaning brush that offers wide application. It should not give you any difficulty while cleaning the inside section of water bottles. Premium cleaning brushes, they thoroughly clean decanters and stainless steel brewing utensils.

Top-class brushes clean wine bottles and glass jars and also vases, teapots in less time. You can avail those long brushes to sanitize your tumblers, plastic bottles, EZ Cap bottles and pitchers, carafes.

Easy to Hold and Simple to Use

Avoid buying that brush that is not easy to hold and use. It should not be injected with a cheap wire handle. Search for the brush that has a firm and sturdy handle. In this way, your bottle cleaning job will become easier. The presence of the extra-long handle is going to give you a strong grip. And that brush will not slip away from your hands.

Clean Without Giving Scratches to Your Bottle

Lastly, high and durable brushes, they clean your bottles without giving any scratches to them. Make sure that cleaning brush has to be made by using plush polyester yarn.

This way, that respective brush will be able to clean and scrub without giving and showing any scratches on your bottle.


It is time to take out all of your uncleaned bottles and clean them up by using these long brushes. They act as the best of all bottle cleaning helper. Furthermore, these brushes have a hook design. In this way, you can hang them anywhere and thus save your space.

The presence of a dual-function bristle head will let you enjoy gentle cleaning job. By using them, you can give your bottles a serious scrubbing job. As these bottles have long neck flexes, for the reason that it will be easy for you to reach and fully access tough-to-get areas inside pots, bottles and pitchers.

Lastly, their comfortable handles will give you a soft non-slip grip. You can keep tuned with us as more options attached to long bottle cleaning brushes are coming up.

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