Best Manual Tire Changers Review In 2020


Whether you have a vehicle or operate a repair shop, tires should be changed. A tyre is an essential element of a car and so many different types of equipment are required to change the tires.

You don’t need to be a professional to operate a manual tire changer, it’s simple and easy to use. You may not know which of the brands to purchase with the different models on the market.

In this guide, we have listed down the top 10 Best manual tire changer that would solve this problem of yours. Moreover, it also includes a guide to let you know which factors to consider before buying a manual tire changer.

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10- Generic Manual Tire Changer

Generic Manual Tire Changer

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This Generic tire changer is a great option if you are searching for a tire changer that deals for motorbike tires between 4 and 16,5 inches in diameter.

Each specific model is available at an affordable price and is ideal for home use and helps you to easily change a variety of motorcycle wheels. It contains a rugged and reliable build that helps it to beat and support you for years to come.

It’s pretty easy to use to operate on your tires. The bead breaker works well and the rims are quickly tightened to make switching simple.

You’re going to make your tire swaps inside 5 minutes if you hold on this tire changer. Moreover, the corrosion-resistant construction makes it a durable tire changing machine.

What We Like The Most:

  • Ideal for 4 – 16.5 inches diameter tires.
  • It is equipped with adjustable clamps
  • Affordable and durable tire changer.


9- Rabaconda Motorcycle Tire Changer Machine

Rabaconda Motorcycle Tire Changer Machine

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Rabaconda is one of the most convenient and quickest means to change your motorcycle tires. It is not just us making this claim but it has been tested by many top riders and automobiles across the world and it holds the world record of fastest tire change of 44 seconds.

The best part is that It comes with an ergonomic working height that reduces back pain or works on your knees to ease the job. The feet have a rubber lining to make it easier to operate with good grip on just any ground.

This tire changer is perfect for adjusting bike tire widths of 16 to 21″. The robust and reliable structure helps it to last longer than other rivals for everyday use.

What We Like The Most:

  • Robust and durable construction
  • The Fastest and easiest tool to change motorcycle tires
  • Feature an ergonomic design

8- Toolsempire Multi Manual Tire Changer

Toolsempire Multi Manual Tire Changer

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Toolsempire is a versatile tire changer that is suitable for changing tires of a wide range of vehicles from motorcycles to light truck tires. This tire changer features an iron construction that is sturdy, durable and provides great stability while changing the tire.

It is capable of dealing with tires of size 4″ to 16.5″ inches. It is protecting toward rust and corrosion, allowing it an excellent device for the indoors and outdoors.

And this is the best part about this tire changer. Moreover, this feature also increases its life span and provides you with a very sturdy and strong tool. It just gets better, the bead breaker is easy to handle and the bead can be shattered in seconds. Each tire bar is designed specifically to tighten and save labour.

 What We Like The Most:

  • Coated with corrosion and anti-rust paint
  • Suitable for changing a wide range of vehicle’s tires
  • Provides great stability for the concerning job

7- TRIUMPH NTC-950 & NTB-550 Tire Changer Wheel Balancer Combo Package

TRIUMPH NTC-950 & NTB-550 Tire Changer Wheel Balancer Combo Package

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This wheel changer is a combo package. You also get a wheel balancer if you choose to purchase the manual tire changer. This can be useful for personal and wheel repair shop use. Instead of having a separate tire shift and balance, it saves hundreds of Dollars. It can be used on wheels of size up to 26 inches diameter.

The best part about this manual tire changer is that This is a powerful device, which also includes a Jet Blast Inflation Unit and a reliable bead breaker.

There is a disassembled head of metal and plastic, tire metal, tire lock cover and cloth with lube and a bowl. The wheel balancer is fitted with a foot pedal to support the rubber.

 What We Like The Most:

  • It consists of  wheel balancer also
  • A versatile manual tire changer
  • Made of solid iron construction

6- Northern Industrial Portable Mini Tire Changer

Northern Industrial Portable Mini Tire Changer

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Searching for a mini tire changer? Head to the Northern Industrial Portable Mini Tire Changer that has to offer anything to need in manual tire changer.

The good news is that it operates for all tyres that are smaller. The lightweight weight and portable size help it to be used anywhere you want. It has a powerful handle to make changing tires easier.

This device is extremely easy to use because of its ergonomic design. In a review by several customers, they agree that in the first attempt this is a simple but effective method of quickly changing tires.

And it is extremely convenient to carry in when travelling or storing in your personal garage due to its lightweight and compact build.

What We Like The Most:

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Provide safe and fast tire changing
  • Convenient to carry while travelling

5- STKUSA Stark Tire Mount Demount Tool

STKUSA Stark Tire Mount Demount Tool

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STKUSA is designed to help you in mounting or dismounting tires of various sizes with ease and protection. It can easily handle tires of size 17 to 24.5 inches.

This could be an ideal choice for you as this set provides very effective assistance in carrying out this job with a wide range of small or big vehicles including trucks or even buses.

This smooth surface of this tool will help in reducing friction and provides optimal angles for changing tires. The best part about these tools is that it is equipped with nylon rollers that make sure that you don’t have any injury and also protects your tires, rims and tools from any damage.

It will make your job easy to change tires. Moreover, with this tool by your side, you no longer need to lift the rim to remove the bottom bead.

What We Like The Most:

  • Protects you and your vehicle belonging from any damage
  • Reduces friction and provides optimal angles
  • Ease the job of changing tries.

4- Mophorn Manual Tire Spreader Portable Tire Changer

Mophorn Manual Tire Spreader Portable Tire Changer

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This compact manual tire spreader is very effective and useful. It comes with an adjustable stand. For those with light lorries and cars, the tire spreader is useful. Use this device to correct the propagation while fixing tires.

This device is designed to quickly and easily change the tire. It has a large platform that gives you sufficient room that is quite secure. There are two main components of the tool; it has an independent rack and a frame.

You will be able to adjust the device according to the ideal tire size. This is why this is the perfect manual tire changeover for your needs. Its durable construction is also something which gives it an upper hand over many of its rivals in the market. This could be a very handy addition to your car’s equipment collection.

What We Like The Most:

  • Consist of an adjustable table 
  • Suitable for all type of vehicle
  • Feature a large base

3- Jikkolumlukka Tire Mount Demount

Jikkolumlukka Tire Mount Demount

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Jikkolumlukka is a premium tool that will be very helpful for tire mount and demounting purposes. The tire is suitable for most radial and bias-ply tires and can easily handle tires of size 17 to 24.5 inches. It will not damage beads and casing allows for successful retarding.

The best part about this is a brand new and high-quality model that is heavy duty and solid steel construction provides it the durability you want.

It will ease your tire demounting, moreover, it is very useful for tubeless tires and will demount them in less than 8 seconds. The tools have a very minimal appearance with silver finishing but the quality remains top-notch.

What We Like The Most:

  • Suitable for radial and bias-ply tires
  • High quality and heavy-duty tools
  • Ideal for mounting and demounting

2- Goplus Manual Tire Changing Tool

Goplus Manual Tire Changing Tool

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If you desire a tool for changing tires of bigger size then this is the right product for you. The Goplus manual tire changer has a heavy-duty drop-forged carbon steel construction that makes it extremely durable.

Moreover, it has powder coated gloss finish surface giving it a sleek appearance. The best part about this tool is that it is corrosion and rust-resistant, leaving no doubt on its durability or longevity.

This is a very convenient option for you to use for changing a tire, its smooth surface would minimize the friction and will provide you with optimal tire changing angles.

It just gets better as the tires feature protective functions to prevent any injury or harm to you while carrying out the changing process. It effectively reduces stress and prevents strain. With this tool, you can change tires of size 17.5 to 24.5 inches.

What We Like The Most:

  • It has a carbon steel construction, which makes it durable
  • Its corrosion and rust-resistant
  • Demount tires of any size within seconds.

1- PowerLift Manual Tire Changer Base

PowerLift Manual Tire Changer Base

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The first option is to find a place on our list is this versatile PowerLift’s manual tire changing machine. It has a solid rugged steel construction. This powerful system will change everything from8-inch tires to light truck tires.

Because of the strong base, the strength you need to crack the tire bead is simple to get, which makes the whole procedure fast and easy.

It’s a cheap product but performs almost as well as some other costly products on the market. The tire changer is very reliable because it has a broad base that provides excellent assistance.

This could be a very great investment for you, if you own an automobile shop or want to change tires at home, it will provide great assistance.

What We Like The Most:

  • It consists of a solid base that provides excellent support
  • It has a solid steel rugged construction
  • A versatile tire changing machine.

Best Manual Tire Changers – Buyer’s Guide

Best Manual Tire Changers

Selecting a manual tire job is not a difficult task but certain things need to be considered as any other product.

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The below-mentioned factors are the most important thing in any manual tire changer.

High-quality Components

Few parts need to be checked after and ensure they are of high quality. Standard lubricators, regulators and filters are required for a successful tire change. This increases the tire changer’s useful life.

Weight of the Tire Changer

There are two main aspects of weight. One is to seek a portable tool that if you need to drive around with it. The other is that heavy tire changer is generally very good.

Protection Of Wheel

You don’t want to have a tire changer to damage your wheels. As a result, a brand has always been taken seriously into account with wheel protection. This is important if you run a tire shop because you don’t wish to damage the tires of your customer.

Side Shovel’s Durability

The side shovel is a key part of your tire changer and most work seems to be achieved with it. You will choose one with a good structure to make sure it fits you for a long time. Heft and scale are some factors which can say whether it’s lasting or not.

Breadth of the Tool

Look up the width of the tire changer if you want flexibility. What kind of tires can and which styles can be used. Models can be adjusted to suit the required dimension.

Manufacturer’s Support

Will you get the manufacturer’s support and assistance? Some professionals prepare and provide you with handbooks and guidance. If you have to make adjustments to the tire changer, you need to ensure that you can support your selected tire changer.


Having said that, we come to an end for our review. With this review, our motive was to provide you with the manual tire changers with a guide that will help you in selecting the best for you.

We hoped that we would withstand your expectations and this article was helpful for you.

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