Best Mini Blenders Review in 2021


Every kitchen needs a blender but not just a blender, it needs a mini blender. Mini blender works in a simple way, it is used for making smoothies or just cutting vegetables into tiny pieces.

If I assume you do not want to use your grinder every time you have cut things into tiny pieces right? So buy a mini blender so your small task can be completed by your own mini blender.

Here we have enlisted top ten mini blenders for you so you can get exactly what you need for your kitchen and make your life easier. So please do the honors and check out all the latest mini blenders that are in the market right now.

Best Mini Blenders Review in 2021

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10- Hamilton Beach 51103 12412 3421, 5, Black

Hamilton Beach 51103 12412 3421, 5, Black

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Hamilton right now is making its name in the market on its home appliances. Every product is worth a penny and they are reaching higher ground than before so this mini blender is worth buying for you. It’s best for making smoothies and crush the ingredients like they were never there. 


  • The capacity of blender is 14 oz
  • Best for making smoothies and other icy drinks 
  • Makes your traveling easy because you can drink directly from the jar as well
  • Easy to carry anywhere because the size of the jar is small and compact

9- Ninja BL450 BL456 mixer

Ninja BL450 BL456 mixer

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The best blenders in town are made by Shark Ninja. Their easy shape and size make them one of the best and the motor and stable base is what makes them best in the world.

The smoothness of mixture that will come to your taste after you make a smoothie in this blender is the best feeling you will ever get.


  • A 900-watt powerful motor
  • Consists of a spout lid that makes the liquid pouring easy
  • A manual pulse that makes ingredients to be easily crushed 
  • Very easy to use and it is made up of BPA free materials that make it easier.

8- Hamilton Beach Personal Blender 

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender 

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Hamilton Beach blender also comes with the best smoothie and shakes blending. This product is better than the first one you have seen that is why it sits on the eighth spot in the top ten mini blenders.

‘Hamilton is making large progress in its home appliances department and they are getting better and better with further time.

It also has a feature of taking it for a ride, its small size body makes it comfortable for traveling and make your own healthy drink anytime anywhere.


  • Easily operable and easy to use anywhere
  • Provides smoothies, shakes and other drinks in a mint of time and with fewer efforts
  • Has a one-touch feature that makes it more compatible for you
  • A 175- watt powerful motor that makes it faster than the other mini blenders
  • Designed for easy and quick purposes for making drinks 

7- Magic Bullet Blender

Magic Bullet Blender

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Magic Bullet blender has 11 pieces that make your life easier, this mini blender has the most appropriate design, shape and size that you will love to have in your kitchen appliances set. It has all the human-factors that you want and will easily blend into your life like you never imagined.

The 11 pieces make it amazing and have all the qualities that you want in a blender. This magic bullet blender is a dream fulfilled mini blender that everyone needs in their kitchen and is worthy of your penny. We recommend this product to make your life easier and is the most reliable product that we have in the market right now.


  • Provides you with multiple functions like chopping, blending, whipping, smoothy making and all other kinds of drink and much more
  • Makes your favorite drinks in lesser time
  • Have a 250-watt power base with a high torque powering system 
  • High-graded materials that will make it last forever 

6- NutriBullet NBR-1201

NutriBullet NBR-1201 

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NutriBullet mini blenders are the one that is on the top right now in the market. The best thing about this blender is that it takes less time than the other blenders that are mentioned above but we are not saying that this blender is one of the best, every blender is best in their own aspects and that makes them unique in every way.

This product has the ability to make shakes, smoothies, juices and chops vegetables in a lesser time than the others. Its smoothness in blending things is what makes it one of the best.

The NutriBullet mini blender is worth your money. It has all the accessories that you need and has some additional accessories too that you will love to have in your kitchen appliances like one tall cup, flat blade, emulsifying blade and much much more.


  • Makes blending smooth by pulverizing the fruits and the vegetables 
  • A 600-watt motor makes it faster and quicker
  • One year warranty makes it a more trustworthy and wonderful product that makes your life easier. 
  • We guarantee you it will last forever because the materials that are used to make are high-graded materials that will make it last forever 



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The Oster mini blender has all the features you wanted in a blender. Its essential features and its light blue colour makes it more beautiful and a perfect choice for your kitchen. The motor makes it more beautiful because the power the motor gives makes the blending more quickly and fast.

The shape of the Oster mini blender is also unique and attractive with a shiny touch on the center will be loved by you and will be a perfect choice for your kitchen.


  • Bottle shape design makes it more comfortable for traveling purposes
  • A 250-watt motor in the blender
  • Easy to maintain
  • Made up of BPA material so it is easy to use

4- Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender 

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This is the third blender from Hamilton in this list. Now you will be convinced how much Hamilton is growing in the home appliances department and in the mini blender business. This blender comes in white color and has an attractive shape that you will like it the most. Its size is the most perfect thing you will see in this blender.

The essential thing in this Hamilton blender is that you can use it in traveling because of its sporty shape and a fancy look that will attract your surroundings as well.


  • A travel lid that is easy to use when you are traveling and you can also directly drink from it too
  • Stainless steel blades that help in easy blending
  • Easy to wash 
  • The one-touch feature that makes it more unique
  • The timing in making drinks is faster than the other blender that makes it unique
  • We guarantee you it will last forever because the materials that are used to make are high-graded materials that will make it last forever 


3- Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender

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This Hamilton blender is the fourth one in the list that makes Hamilton the best company in the world for the mini blender and the home appliances. This product is larger in size than the previous you saw but it makes it more in the wanted list of yours because of the powerful motor that comes with it and with the perfect size that a blender needs to be in.


  • Jar is made up of glass for smoothies and shakes so you can serve directly as a jug
  • The multifunctional attribute makes shakes and other drinks in a lesser time
  • The 700-watt motor makes it one the most powerful motor in the mini blenders 
  • Blades are covered with stainless steel and have a high durability
  • Has a chopping feature that makes it multifunctional
  • Easy to wash

2- Ninja Blender (QB900B)

Ninja Blender (QB900B)

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Ninja mini blender makes its place to the second spot on this list. This Ninja mini blender has a 16-ounce capacity that makes it more perfect in traveling and in at home too. This blender has a unique shape that will surely attract you, at first sight, you see it.

It has a motor power of 400-watt that makes the largest motor power in the Ninja mini blender industry. We recommend this mini blender if you are a Ninja brand lover and best for you in every aspect. you will find all your needs fulfilled in this mini blender.


  • The timing in making drinks is faster than the other blender that makes it unique    
  • Has a chopping feature that makes it multifunctional
  • Two jars for beautiful looks and for bringing versatility in the functions
  • The unique design of anti-splash makes it wanting it more
  • Easy to wash

1- NutriBullet Pro

NutriBullet Pro

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One at the top that is most popular in the market right now is the NutriBullet mini blender Pro. This is a mini blender that has a powerful motor. It makes it much more amazing when it makes your drink within seconds. 

Ninja Bullet Pro comes with 13 different accessories that make it more unique than the other blenders. The 13 accessories carry different jobs and you can have a great experience with them.

It is worth your penny so do not waste your time making a purchase right now so you can have a colourful experience with your own one of the best Ninja Bullet Pro mini blender.


  • 13 different parts that make it high in blending skills, speed and precision
  • The blending is so great that it pulverizes all the fruits and vegetable along with the seeds to give you warm blending drink
  • Stainless steel blades make it greater in blending things
  • A one year warranty so you do not get worried about the machine repairings
  • Has a chopping feature that makes it multifunctional
  • Easy to wash

Best Mini Blender – Buyer’s Guide

Best Mini Blender

All the above products are worthy of your penny and will make a worthy traveling companion as well as at home. They will also ease your day to day task and give you a great experience in how to make a great smoothie, shake or any other drink.

We recommend all the above products and will help you in finding the best blender you want. All the above products have a unique identity of their own so you will have a choice to make that what you want for your daily use.

They all will make a great choice so do not get worried and just choose one the mini blenders and make your life easier. They are very small in size and have a great motor power that makes blending fast and saves time.


The quality status of these products is great and all are well placed and fresh products. They all work in a unique way. The motor quality is what a mini blender is all about, all the above mini blenders have a motor power above 100. They all come with a one year warranty so do not get worried that the repair will be free for one year.


The blades that are installed in the mini blenders are sharp and can cut through any fruit or vegetable and all are covered with stainless steel.

Response Time

The response time is perfect. All the work is done in seconds or minutes.


This review will help you find your favorite blender and we are here to help you find one because its one of the most important things in daily life that a kitchen needs.

It also will make your life wonderful by making smoothies and other drinks of your own choice that will make your daily life more tasteful. So please choose a product wisely so you can a great daily life to a greater extent.   

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