Best Multipurpose Workout Utility Weight Benches for Home Workouts in 2021


Workout benches come in different designs and with different capabilities. Some are flat and rigid while others are adjustable and versatile in use.

What considerations should you make when choosing a workout bench?

Which are the best home workout benches on the market?

This detailed guide for choosing the best workout bench will prove useful as you prepare to bring home a bench that will serve you right and give you the best value for your money.

Considerations to make when buying a home workout bench

  • Your fitness goals – knowing precisely what you are aiming to achieve will help to determine the features that your ideal workout bench must-have.
  • Weight capacity – the bench must be strong enough to carry your weight plus the weight of the heaviest tool you use for workout. Manufacturers indicate the carrying capacity of their benches in the specs section of the product manual.
  • Space – a basic flat bench can fit in small spaces but a more sophisticated multipurpose workout station requires more space. It’s important to measure the available space first and then consider only those benches that fit and leave about 2 feet of space all around.
  • Stability and safety – a stable workout bench has a sturdy construction and secure contact with the floor. Pay keen attention to the frame material as well as the dependability of the locking mechanism. Also, inspect the bench’s feet to see if the manufacturer has made any effort to ensure that it doesn’t move around when one is working out.
  • Versatility – The number of adjustments possible on the seat, backrest, armbars and any other attachments on the workout bench determines the variety of exercises you can do. A bench with many adjustment options is the true definition of a multipurpose workout bench. Higher versatility means you can do many exercises to attain full-body fitness.
  • Support and comfort – the material and size of padding on the seat and backrest determine how comfortable you feel when working out.
  • Durability – you want to spend your money on a bench made with a strong, properly-built frame and scratch- and crack-resistant finish on the padding.

We’ve reviewed briefly key design and functionality aspects of 10 top-performing workout benches below.

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1. FLYBIRD Weight Bench

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Our overall best weight training bench comes from one of America’s leading manufacturers of fitness equipment. FLYBIRD has put its 20 years’ experience into the design of this sturdy full-body workout bench. The company states that a professional coach oversaw the design process to ensure that this bench safe and durable. In addition, the bench is claimed to have passed thousands of weight tests. It’s no wonder that this strength training bench remains a best seller in Amazon’s home gym equipment category.

Top highlights

  • Strong triangular frame made of heavy-duty commercial steel; can bear 620 pounds
  • You can do at least 10 different workouts; 3 seat positions & 7 back positions
  • Very robust position locking mechanism – has an automatic lock for safety
  • 2-inch non-cracking soft foam padding

Why buy this FLYBIRD weight bench?

A versatile, super-stable, and easy-to-use workout bench can make your home workout sessions highly productive. This FLY BIRD foldable strength training bench is such priceless equipment. It’s exceptionally strong and comfortable. You can perform all your workouts safely and achieve incredible workout results. Its quick, no-tool setup is a big plus. Besides, folding it is hassle-free, and you can keep it under the bed after a workout.

2. Power Systems Fitness Deck

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This rigid plastic fitness deck is built with sufficient resilience to support up to 330 lbs. You can adjust it to use as a declined or inclined weight bench. It has more than 12 positions, which allow you to perform exercises such as bicep curls, crunches, rows, step-ups, and shoulder presses. Meanwhile, its non-slip, textured rubber feet help to hold it in place during the toughest workouts.

Main features

  • A stable and well-made deck
  • Handy release levers and side level make position adjustments quick and easy
  • Internal storage area – ideal for keeping smaller items so as to maintain your space clean and clutter-free
  •  Low, compact size when locked in its lowest position for easy storage under a sofa or bed or in a closet.

Reasons to buy

This Power Systems weight training deck is sleek and mobile. It’s perfect for a variety of fitness challenges – from low-impact aerobics to enhanced cardio workouts. It’s a nice upgrade for your home gym if your intention is to add complexity to your routine without adding bulk to your home.

3. Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Bench

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Bowflex has outdone itself in the design of this terrific fitness bench. Championing a heavy-duty steel construction and a small footprint, this adjustable bench is an awesome choice for individuals who are short on space. Assembling it is pretty much straightforward. Many user reviews rank it among the best multipurpose workout utility weight benches for a home gym.

Key Highlights

  • Mind-blowing versatility – it adjusts to 6 positions varying from -20° to 90°
  • Removable leg hold-down brace adds decline position support
  • It stabilizes body positioning and corrects posture for a safe workout
  • Equipped with wheels for easy transport
  • Space-efficient design – you can stow it merely anywhere
  • Maximum carrying weight is 480 lbs (300 lbs max weight for the user and 180 lbs for dumbbells)

Why buy this Bowflex home workout bench?

This relatively smaller fitness utility bench offers several workout options and remains rock-solid during the action. The seat has a rounded edge with plenty of flex. Besides, ankle holders have soft foam. Everything holds up well over time. Overall, this weight training bench offers great value for the money.

4. Total Gym XLS

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Total Gym has made numerous upgrades on their XLS series workout benches. This universal workout bench boasts all the recent improvements. These include comfortable padding and more handy accessories that help to diversify and intensify your workout. It supports up to 400 pounds. Noteworthy, it also comes with Dan Isaacson’s nutritional program and a complete set of workouts to help you craft a precise strategy for getting in shape.

Key features of Total Gym XLS Universal Workout Bench

  • Total Gym training deck built with outstanding strength and stability
  • Heavily padded glideboard + head support
  • Comes with a ribbed squat stand, leg pull accessories, two ankle cuffs, and wing attachment
  • Simple exercise chart with 35 exercises
  • Meal plan from a respected nutrition and fitness  expert

Why choose Total Gym XLS?

Do you want to tone your body and gain lean muscle mass quickly and safely?

Don’t hesitate to try this Total Gym workout bench.  It has even received the endorsement of Christie Brinkley and Chuck Norris. With it, getting in your desired shape is insight.

5. RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE Sit Up Adjustable & Foldable Workout Bench

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RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE designed this adjustable fitness training bench for people who stand or sit for prolonged periods. You can do a variety of ab and back exercises to not only attain your desired size and shape but also reduce back pain and improve back strength.

Besides, it comes with a rope that assists in stretching, balancing the body during a workout, and working out arm, shoulder, and chest muscles.

Main highlights

  • High-grade steel and high-density foam material
  • Simplistic but safe and sturdy design
  • 260 lbs. weight capacity
  • Adjustable and multi-functional design to suit different workouts
  • It folds into a space-efficient size for easy storage

Reasons to purchase

This remarkably lightweight yet reliably strong workout bench can be used by everyone in the family. It feels safe even for moms and children to try, and its weight carrying capacity is sufficient for big daddy. Thanks to its simplistic design, it is super easy to assemble. We highly recommend it to anyone who sits or stands a lot at work.

6. Finer Form Upgraded All-in-One Body Workout Bench

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Here’s a convenient all-in-one flat bench, decline bench, adjustable AB situp bench, and roman chair. It built with outstanding versatility to provide you with the right means of doing an unlimited number of exercises to achieve full-body fitness. Finer Form has redesigned this multi-purpose bench with many highly-requested features. Check out these unique features below:

Winning features of Finer Form workout bench

  • Well-built and stable gym-quality frame design made of premium quality steel
  • Tough, durable, scratch-resistant powder-coated finish
  • Smooth adjustment settings
  • 42.5” high-density cushioning provides consistently comfortable support for your lower back and abdominals
  • Weight capacity:  600 lbs static weight and 400 lbs dynamic weight

Why choose this workout bench?

First off, this multipurpose fitness utility bench looks great and is stable. Secondly, its versatility is off the charts. With four foot adjustments and eight thigh support settings, you can do endless exercises to work for major muscle groups. Also, the 42.5” cushioning is probably the longest on the market. You are assured of excellent support and comfort as you strive for the best shape of you.

7. Marcy SB-10115

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There has never been a better time to have a fully-equipped home gym. If the Finer Form bench above didn’t tick all the right boxes, maybe this one from Marcy will. The SB-10115 is a multi-position strength training and weight lifting bench designed to with workout efficiency in mind. It might look like a simple bench but you’ll be surprised at the number of equipment-free exercises you can do with it in small spaces.

Marcy SB-10115 main highlights

  • Robust powder-coated steel for strength and durability
  • High-density upholstery that resists chipping and scratching
  • -30 degrees to 81 degrees decline, flat and incline adjustments
  • Folds flat into a compact size that’s easy to store

Why buy this multi-purpose fitness utility bench?

If you are looking for a convenient home gym equipment to fire up calories, manage body weight, and build impressive muscle, you cannot get it wrong with this superb bench. It gives you an appreciable chance to benefit from an intense workout without leaving your residence. Another one of its captivating attributes is that it doesn’t take much space. Thus, it’s ideal for small home gyms.

8. Marcy MD-857 Full-Body Workout Bench

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If you have a bigger gym space, consider this more advanced multifunctional workout utility equipment. Marcy has designed it as a Workout Bench and Bar Catch combo. With it, there is minimal chance of leaving any muscle groups underworked. In addition, its design is optimized to make exercises simpler, safer, and more effective.

Features of the MD-857

  • 5 back pad positions for optimized body posture and safety while working out
  • Adjustable bar catches for high—impact seat positions
  • Adjustable arm curl bar, arm curl support pad, and detachable bicep bar for simple and more efficient arm exercises
  • Dual-function leg developer and contoured roller pads for efficient leg exercises
  • 2” thick pads made of high-density foam reduce fatigue

Why purchase Marcy MD-857?

Investing in this marvelous equipment means you have a fully-fledged workout station within easy reach. Every muscle has a chance of developing – from the chest, shoulders, and biceps to legs, glutes, and core. Besides, the bench is perfect for posture correction. We’ve seen a wide variety of versatile workout benches before, and this one from Marcy definitely ranks among the best.

9. MaxKare Adjustable Weight Bench

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A great option for weight lifters, this MaxKare bench can carry up to 882 lbs. This tells you that the frame is extraordinarily strong and its locking mechanism is one of a kind. Besides, MaxKare has attached thick sponge padding and an elongated backrest for the ultimate comfort throughout the workout session.

Key highlights

  • The industrial-grade thick steel frame that has passed thousands of weight tests
  • 12 accurate adjustment positions to allow you to do at least 36 different exercises
  • 2.2-inch thick seat sponge
  • Removable sponge cushion between the seat and backrest
  • Crack-prove, no-peel, water-resistant PU leather
  • Longer backrest to suit the workout needs of individuals in the 4.9-6.6ft height range

Top reasons to buy this weight training bench

Superior workmanship combined with high-quality material makes this MaxKare weight bench uncommonly sturdy, stable, and durable. It’s safe thanks to the automatic position lock mechanism. The wide range of backrest and seat angle adjustments offer up to 21 workout positions, giving you multiple posture options for working out your shoulders, chest, abs, back, and hip muscles.

10. Nubarko Utility Bench [2020 New Version]

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Our #10 pick for best multipurpose workout utility bench is this Nubarko adjustable and foldable strength training bench. Designed with a good-looking and unique frame, this bench can assume various incline, flat and decline positions. You can adjust both the seat and backrest easily to perform different workouts including weightlifting as well as equipment-free exercises like pushups, curls, and crunches.

Main features

  • Small footprint, thus ideal for small apartments and offices
  • Folds down into a flat, compact structure that you can put under the bed or in a corner
  • 7 backrest positions
  • 400 pounds weight capacity
  • Soft leather cushion cover + dense and comfortable foam padding
  • Lengthened foam roller for efficient pushups

Why buy this Nubarko home workout bench?

Nubarko has made improving upper body strength at home easier. This solid foldable workout bench has all the crucial features for intense upper body workout, and its safety and comfort features are authentic. Don’t let space limitations deny you the toned body you admire. This space-efficient and compact folding Nubarko workout bench is just a click away.

Final word

Having a home gym is critical when it’s difficult, impossible, or just undesirable to go to the gym. The most important piece of equipment in a DIY gym is a workout bench. It provides an appropriate platform for doing the majority of common full-body exercises. Hopefully, this review has helped you in your selection of the best multipurpose workout utility bench for your home or office.

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