Best Play Kitchens for Toddlers Review In 2020


The kitchen is perfect to work and play together, use your creativity and try to use new tools for young and old children. These are also useful for the teaching of strong purpose abilities, the planning and execution of plans, the understanding of counting, and the collaboration of other children and adults.

They not only give children a safe space to play together. The best baby and toddler kitchens are not only nice to play but practical toys of high quality that fit together with cause and effect, easy to set up, healthy to use and long enough to make a great hand-down

Here we have listed down the best of play kitchens for your toddlers,
Here we have shared the top 10 Best Play Kitchens of 2020.

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 10- Naomi Kids Gourmet Kitchen Set Espresso

Naomi Kids Gourmet Kitchen Set Espresso

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Children that want to make their kitchen collection more practical will like this Naomi Home gourmet package. The style is streamlined and modern. It looks like elegant metro shells, marble countertops and stainless devices.

The design is sleek and modern. It consists of a four-burning furnace, refrigerator, drain, freezer, microwave and dishwasher, all of which are required for a severe storm to cook. Extra nice features include a graphic dispenser for ice/ water on the freezer, a notice pad on the counter and a towel rack.

Kids may feel like cooking with adults in this practical kitchen style. The four-burner oven has working “press” keys. The oven is fitted with a curtain and a rotating oven shelf. With turntable sticks, the chrome hopper can be relocated. Dark Granite Counter Bottom, Faux White

What We Like The Most:

  • Stove spice shelf; doors open and close to refrigerator, fridge, stove, oven and washbasin cabinets.
  • Nice Visuals –  ice/ water dealer refrigerator with 1 shelf; chalkboard freezer for notes

9- Naomi Kids Gourmet Kitchen Set Espresso

Naomi Kids Gourmet Kitchen Set Espresso

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What’s wrong with eating in the open air? This Little Tikes backyard grill package allows children to grill on regardless of the weather.

It comes equipped with a two-step gas grill, a starting button and press keys. Burners are on the hand to cook the ingredients and stock below.

This provides all the required BBQs, including hamburger, hot dog, ketchup and accessories for grilling.

This makes of rubber, it is sturdy enough to keep it indoors or out, and it is small enough to transfer it between the two (less than 10 pounds only). It is 24 x 11 x 28″ tall and approved for children aged 2 to 4 years of age.

What We Like The Most:

  • No batteries are required to assemble
  • Easy to set up with extra some features

8- Melissa & Doug Cook’s Corner Wooden Pretend Play Toy Kitchen

Melissa & Doug Cook's Corner Wooden Pretend Play Toy Kitchen

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Parents love this Melissa & Doug kitchen collection for the classic style of wood. It has a refrigerator, fridge, microwave, and stove all of which are mainly in bright colours.

A functioning counter, a cutting plate, a press button and a spinning faucet are practical touches. The portable washbasin makes washing easy.

It measures 26x 36x 16 inches, built for age 3 and up. All programming equipment and components are supplied and children love to play with them.

To preserve a probing dimension of childhood, Melissa & Doug is committed to making toys that are meant to be timeless.

What We Like The Most:

  • This toy kitchen is produced using non-toxic materials and matches or exceeds Our child testing standards, like all of Melissa & Doug’s products.
  •  Different equipment and resources are supplied, just a slotted screwdriver and a Phillips head screwdriver are necessary to start with.

7- KidKraft Large Kitchen

KidKraft Large Kitchen

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The Wide Kitchen provides growing immersive and creative play opportunities. Your kid may like to have lunch or maybe dinner with you right next to him. As the Large Kitchen draws many ages, it is a children’s play area and is suitable for many children’s families.

Older and younger children should prepare without crowding together. It’s time for our trendy kitchen to plan some inspiration.

This favourite kid-size shows bright colours, inventive descriptions and the teenage cooks can inspire you. The refrigerator, freezer and oven include an open and closed microwave and a turning of the knobs.

What We Like The Most:

  • Removable sink to clean quickly and easily
  • Large enough for many children to play concurrently

6- Teamson Kids Little Chef Chelsea Modern Play Kitchen

Teamson Kids Little Chef Chelsea Modern Play Kitchen

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The contemporary New Brass Handle Kitchen is a wonderful piece of the kitchen for mothers and dads to shop side by side. Kids will pinch in excitement, trying to build food to please everybody’s palate.

Burning stoves with two knobs in the stove can be used and the noises of the actual kitchen can be imitated. Your kid would love these features to play and feel like they work in a live kitchen!

Open refrigerator doors quickly and expose space for storage. This is suitable for preserving nutritious food and preparing snacks. Kitchen has an ice cream maker pretending to play! It comes with a cup and 2 plastic ice cubes for frosty drinks.

What We Like The Most:

  • The sink is removable to lend it a smooth appearance and is fitted with brass handles.
  • The counter is the country style and features that make food easier to create and even easier to consume in contemporary cuisine.

5- Garosa Kitchen Play Set

Garosa Kitchen Play Set

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This toy collection is designed to simulate cooking scenes that allow children from a very early age to learn new things. Colourful kitchen tableware can make cooking simpler for children.

This kitchen contains a gas oven, a refrigerator, a freezer, a burner and other utensils. The kitchen range of toys has a sound and light impact that can activate the senses of children throughout the world.

The virtual gas stove creates light and sound, very funny and interesting while spinning the fire button. The kitchen package is exquisitely built with high realism, is perfect, the surfaces are smooth and soft and does not harm baby’s hands while playing.

What We Like The Most:

  • All the parts are made from plastic material, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, sturdy and durable.
  • The kitchen range of toys has a sound and light impact that can activate the senses of children throughout the world.

4- Step2 Fun with Friends Kitchen

Step2 Fun with Friends Kitchen

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What children need to start in the kitchen is included-just go to the supposed food shop for some food to play! Let the children eat for a shift for you! Place the oven and kettle in the fireplace, and hear how food bursts and sizzles!

Clear lights and sounds contribute to fun playing imagine! Use the coffee pods included making an O’ Joe cup! Give a little cup or drink it at home in the cup included.

In the Step2 kitchen case, two storage containers with five toy condiment bottles, two locations, with plates bowls and cups, two salt & pepper shakers and lids and two serving spoons, one spatula and two coffee pods and one extra cup and one mobile.

Coffee cup with an extra cover.

What We Like The Most:

  • Running lighting and sounds contribute to the fun in the kitchen.
  • Moulded platter racks, coffee pods, shelves and other things allow the brisk clean-up

3- Rainbow Sophia Timeless Wood Kids Play Kitchen

Rainbow Sophia Timeless Wood Kids Play Kitchen

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This iconic and beautiful concept provides children with an ideal place for playing with their family and their best friends, for interacting, learning and loving.

The comprehensive and lightweight configuration blends a beautiful form and smooth curve. Elegantly designed cupboard base suits the royal kitchen hardwood floors warranted by any genius little chef.

Click the bottle and the bakers inside of the oven with an immersive control panel. Free red cup suits the supposed ice water spout in the fridge.

Vintage telephone number with rotary dialer mounted, enamel-feel cabinet keys, arched enclosure and cabinet door strip carving. Silver faucet with lots of photos, cookware and sauces on the silk panel and backboards.

What We Like The Most:

  • Good quality classic design. Compact installation with comprehensive guidance and assembled to last.
  • The cabinet base is sculptured to match the hard-wood floor.

2- USA Toyz Hape Play Kitchen

USA Toyz Hape Play Kitchen

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Looking for a simple, quality kitchen with toys that don’t fit into the whole playroom? This could be the perfect choice. This was one of our dream kitchens for playing and we cared so much about it.

First of all, Hape, a leading toy company with responsible business practices, premium wood products and a look at design and function, is made this kitchen is constructed of solid wood (not chipboard), and every piece looks like it is carefully and accurately designed.

It took us only about 15 minutes to mount out of the box and the directions were quite clear and easy to understand. Our wooden toy kitchen is safe for children aged 3 and above; make your little chef happy in a cool, wooden kitchen.

What We Like The Most:

  • This child wooden kitchen playset is easy to assemble and saves space with wooden kitchen utensils and appliances plus a dishwasher and drain.
  • High-quality wooden kitchen toys for children help to promote the coordination of children’s recollections and spatial awareness.

1- KidKraft Exclusive Uptown Espresso Kitchen

KidKraft Exclusive Uptown Espresso Kitchen

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This kitchen in KidKraft is a nice kitchen for teenagers, children and older children. This is the first kitchen to play that we have ever owned and it has been a good and long existence with two rambunctious children in our household, and that’s a lot! This play kitchen includes many variants.

The variant of espresso. The very similar version of Uptown natural, who changes colours to a natural wood colour from the dark espresso case.

 And the uptown pastel edition that gives it a colour theme in the beach-style.

These are all good although the larger corner edition includes several additional features, such as a battery-operated ice maker that creates a crack sound like the real thing throughout our view, these are some excellent exterior features, but we understand, that moving batteries may be unnecessary, annoying and costly.

What We Like The Most:

  • An individual will easily remove the additional storage room over the sink. It is easy to clean when things are dirty
  • Smart, durable style Microwave spinning turntable 360 °

Best Play Kitchens – Buyer’s Guide

Best Play Kitchens

There are a few elements that you need to look when shopping for kitchen toddlers. They are as follows.

Size of The kitchen

Children’s kitchens come in all sizes, just like kitchens in the real world. You can go to a bigger kitchen for children if you have plenty of space in a playroom or basement.

But a small play kitchen provides tons of cooking fun in a portable format when you’re short on space. Consider how many children can play at once –smaller kids can play together with one or two children, but more junior cooks (and diners) will blend in with ease with a more spacious kitchen.


Please pick up some kids play kitchens that have food and kitchen facilities, which look practical and long-lasting. Many sets allow children to use their creativity more—or to bring their own items to complete the culinary experience separately.


Many kitchens have noises and genuine (safe) features, which keep your children entertained for hours. In order to make this feeling truly alive. Oven timepieces sound sizzling and indeed ice cubes are just some of the interactive features that bring children to life in kitchens.


We aimed to serve you with all the background information you need for the best kitchen toddler. This article includes all the best products that will always keep your children entertained and full of life.

Also, you need to make sure that you have gone through the buyer’s guide as it includes some important points you need to know when shopping for the product.

Since it is about your children you don’t want to be equipped with a false product that is not durable and of high-quality.

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