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Best Pool Vacuum Heads in 2021: Keep Your Pool Fresh and Sparkling Clean

The joy of diving into a clean swimming pool or spa is underrated. So is the work that goes to ensuring that a pool is consistently clean and safe. Seasoned pool owners know that having a great vacuum head can make a significant difference in the life of whoever is responsible for maintenance. Certainly, the beginning of a great pool ownership and maintenance experience starts with choosing the best pool vacuum head.

Join in for an overview of the top-performing pool and spa vacuum heads. Before diving right in, here are a few tips on selecting a vacuum head.

Considerations to make when choosing a pool vacuum head

Top User-Recommended Pool Vacuum Heads

1. Milliard See-Thru Pool Vacuum Head

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Milliard kicks us off with this universal triangular pool vacuum head. It provides you with quick cleaning action for both vinyl and inground pools. Meanwhile, you get to see all the action on the pool’s floor thanks to its see-through design. Besides, it’s weighted so you don’t struggle with keeping it working at the base.

Top features

Reasons to buy

Expect faster and more thorough pool cleaning with this vacuum head. It sinks into place effortlessly and sucks up any debris in a whisker while the soft bristles brush up the surface to leave it sparkling. You will enjoy this incredible value for years given that Milliard has made the vacuum head with long-lasting, chemical-resistant ABS plastic.

2. Swimline Weighted Flex Vacuum Head

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This 2.45-pound multicolor vacuum head chases the overall best pool vacuum head with its incredible flexibility and cleaning efficiency. It moves smoothly on 8 evenly spaced wheels, and the vacuum port assumes a step design to fit standard hose sizes. By just looking at it, you get a feel of robustness and durability.


Top reasons to buy it

You can trust Swimline to keep its word on the excellent performance of this strong pool vacuum head. It offers powerful suction, which picks up leaves and dirt from the pool’s floor. With it, cleaning your is no longer a thing to dread. In fact, you’ll enjoy how efficiently this vacuum head works.

3. U.S. Pool Supply 12″ Weighted Pool Vacuum Head

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U.S. Pool Supply is proud to bring rectangular multi-directional cleaning ability to your pool/spa. This premium-quality vac head maneuvers the pool surfaces with ease thanks to its flexible body. It’s weighted to ensure that it stays in contact with the surface while cleaning crevices and corners. What’s more?


Reasons to buy

Just a few brushes with this pool vacuum head will remove lots of debris from your ground pool. Moving the unit along the pool’s floor is easy since it’s weighted. Further, its multi-directional bristles offer quick cleaning especially for concrete pools.

4. U.S. Pool Supply Weighted Triangular Pool Vacuum Head

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This U.S. Pool Supply vac head has close resemblance with the Milliard alternative we saw at #1. It’s triangular, thus great for cleaning corners. It’s also see-through to enable you see how the surface beneath is being cleaned. However, U.S. Pool Supply has placed a smaller price tag compared to its top competitor, Milliard.

Main highlights

Why purchase this pool vac head?

If you have a ground pool, worry no more about grass and leaves turning into dirt inside it. This little guy is a lifesaver. It will restore your pool into a spectacularly-clean state every time. You cannot find a better vac head at this price. This is a great deal.

5. HydroTools by Swimline Weighted Half Moon Pool Vacuum Head

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At #5, Swimline presents this 2-pound weighted pool vacuum head. Its interesting half-moon design impressed us, but its speediness is what we loved most. Beneath the blue, curved, plastic head are closely placed bristles that produce an exceptional vinyl surface cleaning. Long-term users have expressed their satisfaction with it. Few other vac heads beat the price of this one.

Highlights of HydroTools by Swimline vac head

Why buy this vac head?

Enjoy the magic of half-moon vacuum heads, which is getting around edges better than vac heads with straight edges. Moreover, the unit is fitted with brushes that help to soften dirt for easy pick up. This is especially convenient for removing sand and fine dirt from inground pools.

6. Milliard 14” Flexible Spa and Pool Vacuum Head

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Milliard’s mission is to help you keep your pool clean and sanitary without spending much time at it. Now, this is easy when you have a 14-inch wide pool vacuum head with incredible suction power. A straightforward setup that involves connecting the vac head’s suction port to the vacuum hose from the pool’s filter-pump is all you need to start removing debris for the furthest part of the pool’s floor.

Top highlights

Reasons to buy

This pool vacuum head is among the easiest to move. A senior would use it without hurting their back. It picks up dirt and debris in the deep end corners, and you need a few minutes only to clean the entire pool. Further, it is of great quality thanks to the rigid plastic construction. 

7. FibroPool Professional Flexible Swimming Pool Vacuum Head

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This #1Best Seller offers an exceptionally large cleaning area for quicker cleaning compared to most competitors. FibroPool has designed it for efficient cleaning of delicate surfaces. If your pool is built with vinyl or other scratch-sensitive material, this vac head is a good choice. Attach it to any standard-sized extension pole and get the pool ready for a swim in a second.

Feature specifications

Top reasons to buy this pool vac head

Finding the right balance of cleaning efficiency and protection against surface damage is no easy feat but FibroPool has done it expertly. The 6 weights integrated into this vac head’s body ensure that it stays close to the pool surface for effortless cleaning. Further, the smooth-rolling wheels guarantee you quick cleaning while protecting delicate surfaces against physical damage.

8. Milliard 19″ Pool and Spa Vacuum Head

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Do you have a large swimming pool that takes you hours to clean? Milliard has the perfect pool vacuum head for you. This extra-wide, weighted, flexible vac head will make the work less tiring. A cleaning space 19” long is the biggest we have seen so far. What about other features? Check them below:

Highlights of Milliard’s 19-inch vac head

Why you should buy it?

Want to keep your big pool clean and scratch-free? You cannot go wrong with this pool vacuum head. Also important to note is that the strong plastic material isn’t affected by pool chemicals, which assures you longevity of the vac head. Surprisingly, Milliard has attached a very competitive price on it. Be sure to check it out.

9. Aquatix Pro 14″ Heavy Duty Pool Vacuum Head

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Aquatix Pro has made this one to a professional-grade construction and design, as you’ll see shortly in the features section below. Just looking at the largely blue vac head with white weights gives a feeling of hope that pool cleaning is going to be easier and faster.

Features and capabilities of Aquatix Pro 14” pool vacuum head

Reasons to choose Aquatix Pro

Without a doubt, keeping your concrete pool clean requires a reliable vacuum head. That’s exactly what Aquatix Pro intended when designing this heavy-duty pool cleaning buddy. With it, pool maintenance will become more of an enjoyable experience. Aquatix claims to have focused its research and development on reducing cleaning and maintenance time. Customer testimonials seem to agree that this vac head has lived up to its promise.

10. POOLWHALE Transparent Triangular Blue Vacuum Head

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POOLWHALE closes our list of best pool vacuum heads with one of its high-flying vac head models. This ABS plastic head provides a decent cleaning area, and it is specially designed for cleaning vinyl lined pools. Being transparent, it allows you quick visual inspection of the portion being cleaned.

Main highlights

Why you want to buy this pool vacuum head

This one is suitable for cleaning both concrete and vinyl pools. POOLWHALE designed it for safe and convenient pool cleaning. One concern with brushes is that they don’t last long in some vacuum heads. The bristles on this vac head model are durable; they will give you years of service and you will rarely have to replace them.


Final word

Choosing the best pool vacuum head is not that hard as long as you understand the cleaning requirements of your pool. The materials used to build it largely determine the type if vacuum head to use. The amount and nature of dirt to be cleaned also matters. Once you get around these two considerations, it’s easy to assess the features and capabilities of different alternatives in your consideration list and make a great choice.

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