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Best Portable Air Conditioners in 2021

Spending an afternoon in a hot living room is torturous. Hot nights are even worse, as abnormally high temperatures disrupt sleep. These outcomes of the summer season shouldn’t steal the joy of the season. With a portable air conditioner, you can enjoy comfortably cool indoors anytime you wish.

Why use a portable air conditioner?

The biggest advantage of a portable air conditioner is that you can set it up quickly whenever you need it. Setting it down for storage when you don’t need it is just as fast.

Another benefit is that of flexibility. You get to choose where to place the aircon at any given time. It can rest in the living room or kitchen during the day, and you can move it easily to the bedroom at night.

Factors to consider when choosing the best portable air conditioner

Top 10 User-Recommended Portable Air Conditioners in 2021

1. Whynter ARC-14S

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Ideal for large living rooms and offices, Whynter ARC-14S is arguably among the most efficient portable air conditioners available. It has earned awards and recognition from different reports including Consumer Report. Just to hint at what this UL-listed air conditioner can do, it boasts a superior cooling capacity of 14,000 BTU.

Top features and highlights

Why choose Whynter ARC-14S?

Thousands of user testimonials reveal the high effectiveness of this portable air conditioner. It not only makes your air cool but also fresher and healthier thanks to the onboarded fan with an activated carbon filter. Worth noting, the air conditioner saves on energy usage by shutting off the cooling unit when the set room temperature is reached.


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Sliding in second place is another users’ favorite from MIDEA. The MAP08R1CWT is a 3-in-1 portable air conditioner with 8,000 BTU cooling capacity. Wheel it to any hot space as big as 150 square feet and it will introduce a cooling effect in no time.

Main highlights

Top reasons to buy this MIDEA portable air conditioner

This 8000-BTU EasyCool air conditioner is dependable for a cool, relaxing, and comfortable environment in your living room, bedroom, office, or cabin. It’s super easy to install and use. MIDEA has included simple installation instructions.

Another added advantage of using this unit is its high efficiency in filtering dust and pet hairs. Thus, you are assured of healthy, allergen-free air in your home or workspace.

3. Black + Decker BPACT08WT

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Black + Decker needs no introduction. It’s one of the most reputable brands in the home appliance industry. The BPACT08WT cement this reputation with quiet but powerful air cooling. At the coolest setting, it cools air to 65°F. Using it is as simple as plugging it in a power outlet when summer sets in and unplugging and rolling it away for storage when summer ends. What’s more?

Top highlights

Main reasons to buy

Black + Decker has ensured that your space remains cool, clean, and dry any season. Like its competitive alternatives, the BPACT08WT comes with remote control and an easy-to-use LED display. A 4’ 11” exhaust hose & window adapter are included in the package. Setting up the air conditioner takes just a couple of minutes.

4. SereneLife SLPAC105W

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Boasting an exceptionally high cooling capacity of 10,000 BTU, the SLPAC105W is an ideal choice for large rooms. This free-standing AC does more than what the average 3-mode air conditioner does.  It’s built to sustain maximum air circulation; assuring you fresh, cool air all the time.

Competitive features and highlights to note

Why buy it?

The high cooling capacity of this this SereneLife multifunctional portable air conditioner obviously sets it apart. In addition, it has unique ability to maintain great air circulation within the room. Its quiet operation mode assures you peaceful sleep at night, unlike noisy alternatives that are in plenty on the market.

5. LG LP0817WSR

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Breathing cool, dust-free, dry air is essential for good health and productivity. LG has outdone itself by designing a high-efficiency portable air conditioner – the LP0817WSR. It cools spaces up to 250 square feet quickly thanks to its 8000 BTU cooling power. The unit’s contemporary design seems to amaze many users. You might like it too if you are keen to enhance your room’s décor.

Main highlights

Top reasons to choose this portable air conditioner

Almost any user appreciates having a bucket-less air conditioning system. LG has marveled at designing this free-standing, programmable, portable air conditioner. You can move it easily from room to room and from home to work, and it eliminates hot spots in a whisker. The convenience of adjusting air conditioning settings using a remote control is something worth considering as well.

6. Dyson Pure Cool Me Personal Purifying Fan

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Dyson Pure has gone the extra step in terms of building a compact air conditioner that you can easily throw in your bag or backpack to use wherever you go. Put this 5-pound electric air purifier on your work desk, bedside stool, or on the dining table and be sure to keep the surrounding climate cool and free of allergens.

Top highlights

Why buy this compact portable air conditioner?

Guarantee yourself clean air free of gases, allergens and pollutants, wherever you go. This Dyson Core marvel has undergone independent tests to verify it’s fulfillment of industry standards. In addition, its utilization of Dyson Core’s exclusive flow technology enables it to maintain a smooth air circulation within a range of 70 degrees.

7. Global Air 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

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This Global Air AC easily wins the budget pick. With a price tag under $300, it presents an inexpensive way to control air temperature in rooms up to 400 square feet big. Its 4-way air flow mechanism facilitates even distribution of air throughout the room.

Features and capabilities

Reasons to buy

You’ll love the simplicity of making temperature adjustments, and the way this unit spreads cool air to different corners of the room. Evidently, 10,000 BTUs is quite high for small rooms, but it only assures you faster room air conditioning. Global Air has also included options for using active carbon filters.

8. Vremi 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

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This Vremi air conditioner works best installed in a standard window with horizontal opening. It’s ideal for beating the heat in rooms sized between 200 to 350 square feet. The first thing to note about it is its high cooling capacity (ASHRAE-rated 10000 BTU). It can bring room temperature down to 64°F-90°F.

Top highlights

Reasons to buy

Whether you want use this air conditioner at home or in the office, rest assured of comfortable temperatures and clean air even during the hottest summer months. You just need to check that the room has an accessible window. Installation is as simple as rolling the aircon to the preferred area, attaching the hose and window slide adapter and turning it on.

9. TOSOT 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

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Here’s another competitively priced portable air conditioner that offers you 3 uses in one unit. With an 8000 BTU cooling capacity, the aircon is capable of making your room climate drier and fresher. Whether you want to make your work-from-home space more habitable or your bedroom temperature more comfortable, this aircon has proved itself to be dependable.

Top highlights

Why buy this portable multi-use air conditioner?

TOSOT has achieved the often elusive balance of air conditioning efficiency and noiseless operation. With this air conditioner, you are sure to enjoy a restful sleep night after night. In addition, the machine reduces the growth of mold and mildew by maintaining dry air circulation. You can determine how long you want the AC to run, thanks to the adjustable timer.

10. COSTWAY Portable Air Conditioner

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COSTWAY closes our ranking of best portable air conditioners with this 8,000 BTU AC. It works in multiple modes including fan mode, cool, dry, and sleep. Temperatures are achievable with this unit range from 64℉ to 86℉. Noteworthy, the night mode ushers in a quiet mode (56dB noise level).  Check more highlights below.

COSTWAY portable aircon highlights

Why buy?

If you are tired of AC systems that need you to pour out condensed water regularly, this COSTWAY aircon will give you the break you really need. It’s effective in enclosed spaces measuring up to 230 square feet. Uniquely, it’s designed with two fan speeds to suit your airspeed preferences.

Final word

The indoors can be unforgivingly hot during summer. Portable air conditioners like the ones featured above provide a convenient solution where there are building limitations such as in rented apartments and offices. Choose the aircon model that satisfies your needs to enjoy cool and welcoming spaces during those hot days.

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