Best Portable CD Player for Audio Books in 2020


This age is all about technology, now the advancements in the technological fields are enhancing day by day hence you are getting new and cutting edge gadgets to provide you entertainment and making your life easy.

The product that we are going to discuss in this article is a piece of technology invention that eased all the medium of entertainment. 

Types of Portable Players

Best Portable CD Player

Essentially there are two types of portable CD players that you can get from the online market.

Portable CD Player with Karaoke Function:

This holds a major and specific place for some people as few have the talent of singing this product can be the Best Portable CD Player for them as it allows you to have music in the background while you sing.

Even you can record your singing ability or talent and send it to other electronic devices. Hence this is perfect to find your hidden talents.

CD players with MP3

In what sense you think that this is the Best Portable CD player? Let me explain when you want to store music and listen whenever you want this can provide you with that. As this Portable CD player provides you with the ability to store music in this Player and playback whenever you want.

User Interface

When we talk about the User Interface of a portable Cd Player then I’m not talking about the operating system I’m talking about the usability.

As some CD players have harsh and direct User Interface that is not preferred by many users when a CD player has large buttons, a large display with a crisp projection that is recommended by several Users hence making this type of player the Best portable CD player you should get.

With that, some Portable CD players come with auto-resume features also.

Now: you would not have to read a book physically you can hear your preferred book on this Portable CD player. Now you might be wondering what is the Portable CD player? These are the gadgets that allow you to take your virtual book world anywhere you want.

Best Portable CD players in 2020

Best Portable CD Player

What are the Best Portable CD Players? Here we will show you that what are the Best Portable CD players that you can get right now from the online market. Here are the reviews of Best Portable CD players in 2020:

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10- Rechargeable Portable CD Player

Rechargeable Portable CD Player

  Check price on Amazon

Coming right to the point of this Portable CD player is that it provides you with a long battery life that can be very helpful in your long journeys in the woods or your camping trips with the family.

As it is installed with a 1400 mAh battery that can provide you power for up to 12 hours.

Other than that this offers you more than you can imagine as it provides you with a clean and user-friendly interface and helpt you to get around your playlist rather easily. Not only that it has 5 playback modes and an auxiliary port for inserting your headphones or another speaker.


  • This device is compact and portable.
  • It is shock-proof.
  • There is an anti-skip feature that provides you with complete control over what you are listening to.
  • Has a long gated battery life.
  • The structure and build are solid and sturdy.
  • Provides you with 5 different modes of playback music.

9- Portable CD Player, HOTT CD611 Disc Player

Portable CD Player, HOTT CD611 Disc Player

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If you are scouting for the best combination in design and sound quality then you should try this Portable CD Player from HOTT CD611.

It is designed in a way that it can support CDs along with CD-Rs, and CD-RWs and this portable CD player also add up as an MP3 player with the ability of disc playback and WMA formatting.

With that said, it also provides you with stereo speaker hence enhancing the sound quality and there is a headphone jack for further functionality, it also runs on AA batteries and has its power source. 

Now moving towards the design layout the front has an LCD that provides you with the information of songs and time duration, with that, it also has playback buttons option such as Forwards, rewind, plays and pause button feature. With that, it also provides you with the ability to select built-in modes.


  • There is an anti-shock protection built-in.
  • It is provided with an anti-skip feature.
  • The built is durable and sturdy.
  • LCD in front has a crisp and vivid display.
  • Provides you several playback options.

8- Hamilton Electronics HACX-114 CD Player with Headset

Hamilton Electronics HACX-114 CD Player with Headset

  Check price on Amazon

The design approach is phenomenal and is designed for extended use of this Portable CD player from HamiltonBuhl is a perfect and ideal choice for listening to music or audiobooks while you are on the go.

This CD player offers you with digital volume control and this CD player can work with both CD formats CD or CD-R for an immersive experience of listening. 

This also includes a 3.5 mm standard headphone jack for further usability. Upfront there is an LCD that allows you to reckon what track you are on and if you want to skip a track.

You can do that with the skip button built-in the device with other buttons like play/pause, power button, forward and rewind button.

It is powered via two AA batteries and provides you with long battery life for long time usability.


  • It is inexpensive.
  • There are earphones included with the package.
  • You are provided with an external power adapter.
  • There is an anti-shock functionality.

7- GPX PC332B Portable CD Player

GPX PC332B Portable CD Player

  Check price on Amazon

This Portable CD Player from GPX PC322B can prove to be the perfect choice and option for keeping your kids busy on those long family trips or even this helps you to focus on your gym routine isolating your from the surround as this is lightweight and portable. 

With the aid of AA batteries, this Portable CD player provides you with 6 hours of run time. With that, it also is rechargeable hence you have to buy the AC wall adapter for that separately.

When you are tired of listening songs from CD’s and want to surf the radio world well, this CD player covers that too as it has a built-in radio tuner for radio functionality. With that, it also provides you with the feasibility of programming 20 different tracks from the radio station so that you are never out of options.


  • The LCD screen upfront helps you control your track with the buttons provided below the screen.
  • There is a 60 seconds anti-shock memory feature in this player.
  • You can tune into your favourite radio station with the help of the radio tuner.
  • Also, you can program up to 20 tracks from your favourite radio station.
  • The built is solid and sturdy.
  • The design layout is dynamic and versatile.

6- AVISKAUTO Rechargeable Portable CD Player

AVISKAUTO Rechargeable Portable CD Player

  Check price on Amazon

When you go out in the market you would buy a portable CD player you have to buy cards and other accessories separately well, we have saved that time and money of yours as this product from AVISKAUTO provides you with the kit of accessories that is essential to make a CD player work. 

Now this portable CD player provides you with several accessories in the packages that are: a pair of stereo headphones, there is a 4.9 mm aux cable, with a USB charging cable for charging this device.

When there is a use of rechargeable batteries this enhances the feasibility of using such product such as this one as it offers you with rechargeable batteries so, now you don’t’ have to worry about all those stacked AA batteries. With that, the LCD is backlit to avoid any glare and reflections and is perfect for dark and indulging environments.


  • This Player offers you with 5 playback modes.
  • The package includes an auxiliary cable, a data cable and a pair of headphones.
  • The battery provides the power of up to 12 hours per charge.
  • There is the last memory function.
  • The LCD is backlit aiding in dark environments.

5- GuerayPortable CD Player

GuerayPortable CD Player

  Check price on Amazon

This portable CD player from Gueray can change your perspective of listening to music and audiobooks as this offers a set of interesting features. First of all, it has a rechargeable battery that can run up to 12 hours on a single charge, secondly, this battery can be charged completely within four hours or less. 

Hence now you don’t have to worry about charging and you can dispose of all that AA battery stack while not worrying about time consumption as it completely charges in 4 hours.

With the feature of 100-second anti-skip, you can have a great time while jogging, can attend your gym routine and this also aids in those long car drives or trips. Like the previous one that I have mentioned this also offers you with the 5 music modes option that is present in the player.

These options are bass boost, pop, jazz, rock, and classical.with that it also provides you with four different playback options. 


  • It has a compact and sleek design to it.
  • This enables the possibility of portability.
  • Provides you with 5 different music modes.
  • Has 4 different playback options.
  • The functionality of 100-second anti-skip allows you to perform your daily routines.

4- Studebaker SB3703PB CD Player

Studebaker SB3703PB CD Player

  Check price on Amazon

If you are interested in a funky looking device then look no further as here I present to you with Studebaker SB3703PB Portable CD Player. A hindrance of retro vibe can change a lot in your daily life colour as this offers you a pink and subtle grey with a chrome lining across colour theme providing you with a 19050’s retro look.

With that, the CD player is capable of reading CD-R and CD-RW. Now you can create your music and mixtapes that was a fashion in the early ’70s and discover your hidden talents.

Now coming towards the design aspect the front has an LCD panel that aids you in reckoning what track are you on and which track you want to jump to.

Other than that, this CD player is equipped with a 45-seconds of an anti-skip feature that allows you to have an immersive experience of music. With all these features it is equipped with a bass boost feature to enhance the sound quality.


  • Runs on AA batteries.
  • Has a compact and sleek design.
  • Provides you with 45-seconds anti-skip feature.
  • Has a retro look.

Best Portable CD Players – Buyer’s Guide

Best Portable CD Players

Battery Life

When a Cd Player is counted as a portable CD player then this automatically includes batteries and charging capability in it. While some of the Best Portable CD players offer that charging capability while others run on cells or disposable batteries.

Hence a CD player should have a long gated battery life so that it fulfils the user requirements and provide the user with complete satisfaction of listening books or songs.

Sound Quality

When we talk about the sound quality this feature varies from one portable CD player to another and you can find the Best Sounding Portable CD player on the market but you have to compromise on other features.

With that said, better sound quality is the most vital feature to check in these types of products as you need them to be loud and clear even when you have connected headphones you don’t want the sound distorted and scattered sound quality.

Hence before buying such a product you should look for the best sound quality in a Portable CD Player.

Built Quality

The built quality does matter on such a product as if they don’t have a best and premium construction they can be easily broken and you would also not have the ability to take Portable CD player out in rugged environments and harsh weather conditions. 


When you are buying a portable CD player then you can check that device according to our buyer’s guide as this can be very helpful in selecting and choosing a better choice.

With that listed above are the best Portable CD Players that you can buy either you can buy it from here or from other place but we have selected this list according to the Built-quality, sound-quality and other vital features of a CD player. Hence it is up to you that which one you should buy.

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