Best Portable Washing Machines Review In 2020


There were days when people couldn’t afford to buy a washing machine and had to go to the laundry house or the dry cleaners to get their clothes clean.

After that washing machines were made for houses but they were too big in size and were costly. As time passed the technology was growing rapidly due to which the washing machines were modified and new functions were introduced in them to wash clothes easier and fast. 

Companies who were making washing machines came up with new models which were so fast and they even had a drier also that helped clothes to dry quickly.

Even though some issues were left which needed to be solved like the size of the machine, water problem, electricity problem etc.. many washing machines consumed so much power that the electricity bills were not bearable.

To solve these issues portable washing machines were introduced which cleared many problems. 

Best Portable Washing Machines

Best Portable Washing Machines

To make washing easier portable washing machines were introduced. They consume much less power as compared to those old rusting machines.

Fast high-performance electronic machines in portable washing machines making them reliable and hard bodies with dry cleaner taking up to 7 to 9 pounds weight of clothes prove the toughness and durability of the portable washing machine.

There are 10 best portable washing machines of 2020 which are ruling the market right now are described as follows:

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1- Panda PAN6320W Portable Machine

Panda PAN6320W Portable Machine

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If you live in a dorm, small apartment or in a caravan then this Panda Pan6320W portable washing machine is the best for you.

The technology used in this portable washing machine is very interesting, it basically controls all the feature by itself, it controls the water level by itself and uses only 320watts which is much less as compared to other machines

The second most interesting thing about this Panda Portable machine is that it has an advanced touch panel which enables all the controls and through which you can set the water level and time in which you want your clothes. It has 10 washing programs and 8 water levels which you can set by the touch panel.

Key Features:

  • Save time and no handwork is required
  • Takes less space as it is small in size
  • Uses only 110v or 320watts
  • Can take up to 11 pounds of weight

2- hOmeLabs Portable Washing Machine

hOmeLabs Portable Washing Machine

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Homelabs portable washing machine is considered marvellous in style and power duty performance. This portable washing machine can take the load up to 6 pounds of laundry and has 5 options for washing programs.

A transparent lid on it which helps you see and no need to pay more access to electricity bills as this machine uses the only 120v.

The most excellent thing about his homelab portable washing machine is that this machine uses a high tech led control panel which tells the accurate amount of water and other things, you can set the functions through the panel because this machine is very quick and gives 100% performance.

Key Features:

  • Noiseless the motor works fast and quietly
  • Touchpad control panel
  • Uses only 200watts
  • Comes with water inlet hose, a drainage hose and an adapter

3- Panda PAN56MGP3 1.34cu.ft Portable Machine

Panda PAN56MGP3 1.34cu.ft Portable Machine

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This Panda Pan56mgp3 portable washing machine is not slow or takes much space instead this machine is a powerful quick machine which takes 320watts to operate its motor and performs fast. Its tube is of stainless steel and has 10 washing programs with 8 types of water level.

Equipped with the latest technology this Panda portable washing machine has an advanced LED touch panel which enables you to control the features of it. The machine does a powerful performance and makes the work easier, you can say that hand-free performance.

Key Features:

  • Transparent lid top to see inside
  • Quick adapter
  • Inlet water hose and drainage hose
  • New unique design which saves space

4- Black + Decker BPWM09W Portable Washer

Black + Decker BPWM09W Portable Washer

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Portable washing machine which is easy to move and takes less space due to its compact design. This black decker portable washing machine is lightweight and can take the load easily due to its high-performance motor which takes 5 options for washing your clothes which are heavy, gentle, normal, rapid and soak.

Black decker portable washing machine has a high performance LED touch panel which allows you to control the options.

The machine is self-sufficient and balances the water by itself. The safety feature is so efficient that if the lid is open then it’ll automatically turn off the washer and will start when the lid is closed properly.

Key Features:

  • A safe machine when children are around 
  • Stainless tube 
  • Easy moveable
  • Reliable and durable
  • Transparent lid with led touch panel

5- Curtis RPW210 Rca 2.1 Cu Ft Portable Washer

Curtis RPW210 Rca 2.1 Cu Ft Portable Washer

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Curtis RPW210 portable washer is the best of the best portable washer for a small apartment or for students living in dorms. This stainless tube can hold the weight up to 14 pounds of laundry.

A compact design equipped with the latest technology and a transparent lid if you wanna inspect the performance of this machine. 

The Curtis portable washing machine has a LED touch panel which shows its 6 programs of washing and 6 types of water level. The machine is so intelligent that it indicates the mode in which it is running and balances itself if the water is high. 

Key Features:

  • A timer on the led screen which tells you the time
  • Transparent lid
  • Unique design 
  • Comes in two-tone colour also
  • Automatic shut off the water feature

6- HomGarden Fully-Automatic Washing Machine Portable

HomGarden Fully-Automatic Washing Machine Portable

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Advanced and equipped with the latest technology, this Homgarden automatic portable washing machine is the quickest machine ever built by a home garden.

The machine is noiseless and makes no noise which is best for the students living in the dorm as they can study and put the clothes to be washed by the machine without any hesitation.

Self-sufficient, the machine controls the water levels as it has its own 8 water level options and 10 washing programs.

The features in this model are magnificent as it has a built-in drainage pipe, a built-in hose for water and it has a brilliant safety child lock system in which the child may press any button and nothing will happen to the machine.

it’ll work properly and only will stop if the hatch is open.

Key Features:

  • Child-safe washer
  • Portable and much lightweight
  • Can hold the load of 10 pounds
  • Easy moveable

7- Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine 17.6lbs Washer Spain Spinner Portable Washing Machine

Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine 17.6lbs Washer Spain Spinner Portable Washing Machine

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The machine which changed the concept of many people getting a dryer with the washing machine. Yes, this Giantex portable washing machine comes with a dryer also. This washing machine comes with an analogue system, a timer which runs till 15-minutes maximum.

Giantex portable washing machine looks big in size but is easy to move and can be stored in less space when not in use. The machine uses only 320watts like the rest of the portable washing machines including to power the dryer.

The weight of the machine is heavy as compared to other machines but this washing machine is a heavy-duty performer.

Key Features:

  • Has a washer and a dryer 
  • Drainage outlet on the side 
  • Compact design and weight

8- ZENSTYLE Portable Compact Design Multifunctional Laundry Washer

ZENSTYLE Portable Compact Design Multifunctional Laundry Washer

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The mini washing machine which performs heavy-duty by cleaning the dirty clothes. This ZENSTYLE portable washing machine is lightweight with a unique design with white colour and can take 8 pounds of washing load. It has 5 washing programs and 3 water levels.

Zenstyle portable washing machines are so compact that they can fit in any small place. This machine is built for small apartments and for people who like to travel because this washing machine can easily fit in a caravan.

Key Features:

  • Noiseless 
  • Built with high-quality plastic
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Digital meter

9- kapas kps35-735h2 upgraded compact washing machine

kapas kps35-735h2 upgraded compact washing machine

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Compact washing machines are made by the Kapas. The maker of the most solid and strong washing machines. The washing machine has 8 washing programs and 3 water levels in the stainless tube which can hold the weight up to 7 to 8 pounds in a single round. 

The portable washing machine by the Kapas is easy to move and is best for the dorm and small apartments. It has an electric led lights indicator which tells you the operation of the machine and turns off automatically when the timer is completed.

The machine is self-sufficient as it turns off itself when the laundry is finished so you don’t need to rush to turn it off.

Key Features:

  • Easy to move, easy to use
  • Automatic shut off function
  • It has a drying system installed in it
  • Cleans itself 
  • The stainless steel tube is functioned to clean itself

10- 4-EVER Portable Washing Machine

4-EVER Portable Washing Machine

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 The 4-Ever portable washing machine which has a dryer also and the size of the machine is not too large as well. Basically called the twin tub washing machine as it has a dryer also.

A compact and outstanding design which makes it look sweeter because of the colour tone. 

Totally hands-free performance because this machine does all the work for you. It has a timer in it which automatically turns off the machine and the dryer when the laundry is done. Water inlet hose and dirty water outlet both connections are out and are on the side of the body. 

Key Features:

  • Stainless tube in both dryer and washer
  • Lightweight body 
  • Sober and compact design
  • Operates and performs quickly

Best Portable Washing Machines – Buyer’s Guide

Best Portable Washing Machines

Above portable washing machines are ruling the top 10 markets of the year 2020 till now. New and more technical designs are on their way but these machines have their own class also.

Each one is different from another in many ways, some in style and design while the other one is performance.


Companies are making them smaller in size but taking more load easily. The technology used in these machines is changing and updating from time to time. Soon these washing machines will work remotely as the new updated software is coming to the market. 

From the touch panel to the sensor installed in the lid as the lid opens when the machine is running it will automatically turn off.

Build Quality

Washing machines in the old days were made up of steel and other poor materials. Nowadays these washing machines are made from high-quality plastic which is used to make the bodies of the machine and to make them stronger while working.

Same goes for the inlet as the inside tube is made from stainless steel which doesn’t rust and is made in a way such that it cleans itself automatically.


Among the sizes, these washing machines differ from each other in styles. Many have twin tub so their design is different and big while the single washers are more attractive and good looking because of their touch panels and stuff

All of them discussed above are good looking and are made according to their functionalities and features installed in them.


This is just the beginning of the era and these washing machines are making things easier for the people and are loved by the ones who have less space but these washing machines can fit anywhere easily. 

As the touch panels are introduced in these washing machines just like that soon mobile phones will also be connected to it and these machines will be totally handed free and will work remotely.

New design and technology are now ruling the market and they are easy to fix so buy these machines without any hesitation. 

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