Best Power Banks in 2021


Having a power bank on hand takes away any worries. It helps you avoid the panic that comes with a low battery alert on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other every-day-use devices. When you know that your power bank is charged, you don’t rush to sit close to a power socket wherever you go. You can spend unlimited time on your favorites, be it games, social media, YouTube tutorials, podcasts, or audiobooks.

There’s absolutely no reason to deny yourself the joy of having all your devices sufficiently charged all the time. Thankfully, there are many power banks from reputable brands available online. You just have to pick the one that matches your devices’ specifications and charging needs. In the following section, we highlight several helpful tips for choosing the best power bank.

Tips for selecting the best power bank

  • First, and most important, buy power banks from trusted sellers only. There are many companies out there claiming to provide inexpensive power banks, which is why caution should be exercised. The wrong power bank can cost you your expensive tablet or smartphone
  • The power bank’s power storage capacity should be higher than the power storage of your smartphone’s or tablet’s battery. This will ensure that the power bank can provide at least one full charge when needed. Battery storage capacity is measured in milliampere-hour (mAh).
  • Check the type and number of ports on the power bank. Are they enough for the devices you use frequently? The more the ports a power bank has, the more devices you can charge at a time.
  • The power bank’s output charge current affects its charge time. Today, most devices have fast charge capability. You want a power bank with a high output charge current so that you can charge your most crucial devices using the least possible time.
  • What safety features does the power bank have? Features such as overcharge and short circuit protection ensure the safety of your devices.
  • Finally, consider the size and weight of the power bank. Power banks come in different sizes and weights. Choose one that you can carry easily, whether by hand or inside your pocket, purse, or backpack.

Best Power Banks in 2021

Here are 10 best performing power banks on the market. All of these power banks come from trustworthy brands. You are assured of top-notch quality and performance from any one of them. Using the tips above, you can easily find a power bank that satisfies your needs.

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1. Anker PowerCore 20100mAh – Best overall

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Anker is one of America’s top USB charging brands. It serves more than 50 million customers all over the world. You can trust this lightweight but ultra-high capacity power bank to provide backup power for your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and other specified smartphone brands. The power bank needs 10 hours only to recharge itself, and you’ll be surprised at how many times it can charge your phone. Discover more of this Anker power bank’s capabilities in the features below.

Winning features of Anker PowerCore 20100mAh power bank

  • Ultra-high power storage capacity
  • Enormous 4.8 amperes output current
  • PowerIQ and VoltageBoost for high-speed charging
  • Anker’s MultiProtect safety system for complete protection of your devices
  • Universal compatibility; it charges virtually any smartphone that can charge from a USB port
  • Weighs light at 12.5 oz.

Why Anker PowerCore is the best overall power bank

  • Not many power banks can charge the iPad mini 4 twice, the iPhone 8 seven times, and the Galaxy S8 five times. Users applaud this Anker PowerCore power bank for providing exceptionally fast and safe charging to a wide variety of devices.
  • The power bank’s 4.8A output enables it to charge multiple devices simultaneously. Further, its advanced safety system ensures that your devices are protected against short circuit and voltage surge.
  • This highly portable power bank fits in purses, backpacks, and computer bags.
  • Finally, it has a durable matte finish that enhances grip and doesn’t leave fingerprints or smudges.

2. RAVPower 20000mAh Power Bank – Runner up

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RAVPower lets you enjoy a combined 5V/3.4A output to charge your iPhone, iPad, and an array of Android devices. This power bank will give you the ultimate charging experience thanks to its long-lasting 20000mAh battery, smart charging ports, and trusted safety features.

Highlights of RAVPower 20000mAh power bank

  • Dual iSmart 2.0 USB ports
  • Fast-recharge input adapter
  • Voltage surge, overcharge/discharge,  and high-temperature safeguards
  • Thoughtful placement of ports
  • Stylish, detailed design
  • Airplane-friendly

Reasons for buying this power bank

  • This high-capacity power bank can charge the iPhone 8 Plus 4 to 5 times, 1.6 times for the iPad Air 2, and 4 times for the Samsung Galaxy S8.
  • It charges itself in 9 to 10 hours, which is an excellent recharge time compared to other competing power bank models.
  • With the power bank’s dual output, you can charge two devices quickly and comfortably. The ports are placed together to minimize wire tangling.
  • Besides, your devices are protected from a wide range of electrical issues thanks to the four innovative safeguards.

3. iMuto 20000mAh Compact Power Bank

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You know that you just can’t keep your hands off your iPhone or tablet. A dependable power bank like this iMuto smart charge external battery pack will let you use your smart device for hours on end. This power bank can charge the iPad Air 1.7 times, the iPhone 6 eight times, Galaxy S6 5.7 times, and MacBook 2016 1.2 times. It works with many other devices with currents above 1A.

Features of iMuto 20000mAh power bank

  • Massive power for charging current-intensive devices
  • Smart digital display that shows the amount of power remaining in the power bank
  • Two fast-charge USB ports
  • Premium-quality A-Class Lithium polymer battery
  • Smart protection technology for circuitry protection
  • Built-in LED flashlight

Reasons for choosing this power bank

  • This iMuto high capacity backup battery is among the most powerful power banks available today.
  • The LED screen for monitoring remaining battery power is an intelligent feature many top-class power banks lack.
  • Another distinguishing feature is the flashlight – a perfect bailout in the event of a blackout.
  • For travel lovers, the power bank’s compact size (it’s smaller than an iPhone 6+) is a big advantage. Besides, it is air travel-friendly.

4. MAXOAK 185Wh/50000mAh Power Bank – Best multipurpose power bank

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The capability of this 50000mAh multipurpose power bank is mind-blowing. Many reviews have stated, “This is a powerhouse, not a power bank.” It’s exciting to even imagine that you can have an external battery that can charge your laptop battery to full capacity. This is in addition to charging a wide variety of other devices including smartphones, tablets, cameras, routers, speakers, Nintendo switch, etc.

Unique features of MAXOAK 50000mAh power backup

  • DC output for laptops, cameras, routers, and LED lights, plus USB ports for USB-charged devices
  • Compatible with a wide variety of laptops
  • Six ports for multiple device charging
  • Ultra-energy saving & fast-charging speed with DC input
  • Constructed with Lithium-ion polymer battery
  • 6 built-in security protections to ensure safe use

Why buy this power bank

  • No other power bank matches the capability of this ultra-powerful and versatile power bank.
  • It is a perfect all-in-one solution for all your devices’ charging needs. Many customers have used it as an emergency power backup for outdoors and they say it’s fantastic.
  • It will save you so much time as you can charge up to six devices simultaneously.
  • Surprisingly, it only needs 6 to 8 hours to recharge fully.

5. AUKEY 20000mAh Power Bank

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Whichever USB-powered device you may need to charge, this AUKEY power bank has got you covered. Designed with unique charging technology and advanced circuitry safeguards, this external battery pack offers excellent value for the money. See more of this high-flying power bank in the features below.

Features of AUKEY 20000mah power bank

  • 20000mAh provides 1.4 full charges for the iPad Pro, 6 charges for the iPhone XS, and 4 full charges for Samsung Galaxy Note9.
  • 2 USB ports each with 2.4A adaptive output
  • Advanced circuitry with built-in safeguards
  • Intelligent AiPower technology for universal charging compatibility
  • Convenient inputs allow you to use one cable to charge devices and recharge the power bank

Reasons for buying this AUKEY power bank

  • In addition to the power bank’s incredible power storage capacity, it comes with several unique features that set it apart from the competition.
  • We really loved AUKEY’s smart, adaptive charging technology that allows the power bank to match the needs of any USB-powered device.
  • Also, the convenience of using the same cable for charging your device as well as recharging the power bank is exceptional value.

6. Anker PowerCore II 10000 Power Bank

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Anker, the undisputed USB charging leader is back with a fast charge, ultra-slim 10000mAh power bank – the PowerCore II. This newer model promises more power, more ports, and more speed. Let’s see in the features whether this high-ranking power bank lives up to its promise.

Anker PowerCore II Highlights

  • Anker’s in-house PowerIQ 2.0 technology for optimum high-speed charging for Apple and Android devices
  • Long-lasting charge
  • Superior MultiProtect safety system
  • Ultra-slim design for easy one-hand handling
  • Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 support

Why buy this power bank?

If you are tired of bulky power banks, this extremely portable external battery might be just what you need. Built with Anker’s innovative PowerIQ 2.0 technology, the PowerCore II recharges 4 times faster than previous models, saving you a lot of time. Further, the power bank is renowned for its universal high-speed charging.

7. Aibocn Power Bank 10,000mAh Power Bank with Flashlight

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This portable external battery from Aibocn is a great pick if you are looking for a handheld power bank. It works perfectly with devices that use 2.1A and 1A output, and it is ideal for home as well as outdoor use.

Features of Aibocn power bank

  • Double USB port
  • Overcharge, short circuit, and overheating protection
  • Flashlight for power outage emergencies
  • Firm-grip, anti-fingerprints design
  • Highly portable side

Reasons for choosing Aibocn

It means great peace of mind to have a power bank that packs 10000mAh ready to charge your Apple and Android devices on-demand wherever you are. And what’s more, this external battery pack comes with a flashlight for short-term lighting needs. The power bank is safe to use thanks to its over-charge, discharge, over-voltage, over-current, and short circuit protection.

8. Xiaomi Slim 10000mAh Power Bank

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Here’s another dependable 10000mAh power bank. Xiaomi is a reputable phone accessories company that has introduced a couple of highly-competitive products to the market. This power bank uses a high-density lithium polymer battery to store massive amounts of current for your smartphone’s power backup.

Features of Xiaomi 10000mAh power bank

  • Type-C 2-in-1 micro-USB cable
  • Full compatibility with QC2.0 and QC3.0 for 25% faster charging
  • The double-anodized aluminum body; attractive matte finish
  • CE and EU certification
  • Ultra-sleek, ergonomic design

Reasons for buying this power bank

  • The fast-charging capacity of Xiaomi’s Mi Power Bank Pro is awe-inspiring. This power bank saves time by up to 40% compared to other 5V/2A chargers.
  • Since it is CE- and EU-certified, you can feel free to charge your USD-enabled smart devices while on commercial flights.
  • Undoubtedly, you are going to love its beautiful, ergonomic design.

9. Omnicharge 20000mAh AC/DC/USB-C Power Bank

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Are you wondering whether there’s a multipurpose power bank you can compare with the MAXOAK powerhouse we reviewed above?

This multipurpose power bank by Omnicharge might interest you. It’s designed to provide AC, DC, and USB-C charging for laptops, cameras, and selected Apple and Android devices. Check out the features of this interesting power bank below.

Highlights of Omnicharge 20000 all-in-one power bank

  • 100 watt AC and DC output for laptops
  • 60 watt USB-C PD for smart devices
  • 10W safe wireless charging
  • One flexible cable for charging both the laptop and smart devices
  • Pass-through and solar charging
  • OLED screen for smart power readings
  • Patented power protection

Reasons to buy

  • There are few power banks that can compare with this high-power, all-in-one, compact Omnicharge power bank.
  • It powers a wide variety of smart devices such as MacBook Pro and Surface Pro, as well as laptops, cameras, and drones.
  • Unlike many other power banks, you can recharge this Omnicharge powerhouse while it is charging another device.
  • The OLED screen allows you to have good control of all your devices’ power levels.

10. Poweradd 2 5000mAh Power Bank – Best Ultra-compact

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This tiny power bank might not play in the same league as the other higher power options we have reviewed. However, it made it to our top 10 list of best power banks for a good reason. It’s a competitive candidate for best pick for a small-sized power bank that comfortably fits in the palm. It offers about 33% more power than comparable small-sized models. How much can this tiny power backup do for you?

Features of Poweradd 5000mAh power bank

  • Incredibly compact, hexagonal tubular design
  • Up to 2.1A output current
  • Quick recharge with a 5V/2A adapter
  • Provides 2 full charges to iPhone 6 and at least one charge for iPhone 6+, Galaxy S6/S7, and Galaxy Note 5/4/3

Why choose this tiny power bank

Your search for a small-sized, averagely-powered power bank ends with this 5000mAh Poweradd smartphone power bank. It’s finished in elegant metallic hues that match well with your other accessories. Once connected, it charges your USB-enabled device quickly. Noteworthy, this power bank is available at a very affordable price.

Final word

Once you know which alternatives exist selecting the right power bank for your devices becomes easier. What’s remaining now is for you to match your device’s battery capacity and charging needs with the power bank you’ve liked. You’ll completely avoid the stresses associated with your devices running out of charge.

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