Best Shopkins Toys in 2021


There’s something sensational about Shopkins. They are a big thing in many households across the U.S. The Shopkins craze is not only into children but also adults, which is probably the best thing about Shopkins-themed toys. If you are a Shopkins enthusiast, there’s no doubt you’ll be thrilled by these toys.

Do Shopkins toys offer any ‘serious’ value apart from fun?

Shopkins toys and games encourage role-play and support the development of social skills. They are, thus, highly sought after by parents who want to give their children healthy fun. It’s a perfect way of keeping the young ones from watching TV or playing games excessively.

These collectible toys come in different designs and styles. The characters included vary widely and are uncountable. We’ve identified 10 best Shopkins toys that could be your child’s favorite. But first, it’s worth mentioning a few crucial considerations to make when buying Shopkins toys.

What to consider when buying Shopkins toys

  • What you already have: It’s not unusual to find common Shopkins characters between different Shopkins toys. If you are an old fan and want to expand your Shopkins collection, always be on the lookout for what’s new and what you don’t have. This helps to avoid duplicates, which would be an unnecessary expenditure.
  • Your child’s age and preferences: Different Shopkins toys are suitable for specific age groups. There are reasons why this is so, including safety concerns, difficulty level (for Shopkins games), etc. Also, consider the characters and items your child likes. With the wide variety of Shopkins items, you can be sure to find the right toy for your little one.
  • Budget: Set a budget before you begin your search to make your selection easier. With the desired expenditure amount at hand, you can make up your mind quickly about which one to choose among the hundreds of options available

Best Shopkins Toys in 2021

Here are the top 10 Shopkins toys driving little boys and girls crazy in 2021.

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1. Shopkins Happy Places Royal Convertible


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Lil’ Princess Tiara is searching for the perfect happy place to picnic. So, she loads up the beautiful royal convertible car with everything she needs. She can open the convertible’s doors to stuff things inside, and some can fit in the hood and trunk. The convertible has sufficient room for four magnificent princesses.

Key highlights

  • New Royal Trends convertible with a graceful gold and pink paint job
  • Ride through the Royal Trends Kingdom in style
  • Meet Tiara Sparkles and transition from daytime dress to sparkling Princess
  • Pick up friends and ride with them to the Princess party
  • Cute picnic Petkin accessories included

Reasons to buy

Shopkins Happy Place Royal Convertible provides an exciting experience of royalty.  Riding through the breathtaking Royal Trends Kingdom in a convertible that turns all eyes is total fun. Besides, your little baby gets to choose 4 first-class friends to join the party. All this fun is wrapped in glittering premium colors for an exclusive experience.


2. Shopkins Lil’ Secrets Secret Small Mall Multi Level Playset


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A world of surprises awaits you inside the secret mall. Grab your key and be ready to explore. Use whatever you find inside the mall to build your own Shopville. There’s a lot to admire inside the mall – from a 3-level supermarket and a 2-level fashion boutique. Don’t forget to pass by the food court, treat yourself to nice ice cream or a glass of juice, and spin the conveyor belt.

Key features

  • Playset items: supermarket, fashion boutique, and Cool Scoops ice cream truck
  • 2 exclusive Teeny Shoppies – Glossie and Rainbow Kate
  • Key clips safely to the back of your Shopville
  • Drive around in the Shopville in the ice cream truck to explore other Secret Shops
  • Collect the Secret Small Mall and 6 Secret Shops to build your tiny Shopville

Why buy Shopkins Lil’ Secrets?

This multi-level game is developmental and at the same time enjoyable. There are many places to explore, and exciting tasks to be completed. It indulges the child into a mission that ends in something in which they’ll be proud.


3. Shopkins Season 5, 12-Pack


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Shopkins Season 5 lands with many new adorable Shopkins. You get Musical Miniatures, Tiny Toys, Sporty Allsorts, and many more. Petkins Backpacks are enjoyable to hang out with, and glowing Shopkins allow you to put on a show. In addition, you get Shopkins Charms that you can wear on your arms.

Key highlights of Shopkins Season 5

  • 10 visible and 2 hidden Shopkins placed inside two backpacks
  • No batteries needed
  • Player age range: 5-16 years
  • Develops the child’s imaginative skill

Reasons to buy

Shopkins Season 5 is a load of fun. It gives great value for the price as there are many characters as well as bonus items to collect. Seasoned Shopkins fans and collectors will enjoy the rare characters, and new fans will get a chance to engage with the season’s new themes.


4. Shopkins Pop ‘N’ Race Game


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This classic game makes a great home and travel activity especially if your child loves competitive games. The idea is to race to the finish aiming to be the first to get four popular Shopkins characters to the finish. Check out more of this racing game in the highlights below:

Key features of Shopkins Pop N’ Race

  • Multi-player game with 2 to 4 players
  • Strong and sturdy gameboard with enclosed die and 16 playing pieces
  • Simple and well-known gameplay system
  • Racing with favorite Shopkins is a thrilling adventure
  • Easy press dice dome helps to keep everything in place
  • Creates fan for the whole family

Reasons to buy

First, the included Shopkins characters are widely known. The race to the end is adrenaline-rushing so the game fills the atmosphere with life and cheer. Any child above 5 years will like this game. Meanwhile, will parents love seeing their child handle competition and plan winning strategies.


5. Shopkins Season 6 Chef Club Mega Pack


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Be a part of the Chef Club, where it’s all about creating delicious dishes using Shopkins ingredients. With the Chef Club Mega Pack, you can bake sweet things, make breakfast, and prepare other family foods. All this is possible in an instant.

Key highlights

  • 20 Chef Club Shopkins
  • 4 recipe books
  • Build your own collection of recipe books using the “Limited Edition Finished Dishes”
  • Free Chef Club app allows you to scan each Chef Club Shokin and play online
  • You can share your meals and recipes using the free app

Reasons to buy

All the best chefs shop at Chef Club. This Shopkins game engages the player in creative activity of building meals and recipes. There are more than 150 favorite flavored Shopkins to collect. The game is simple to understand so your little one will start cooking quickly. Besides, they can enjoy playing from a smart device.


6. Shopkins Supermarket Playset


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It’s time to go on a shopping spree. The Shopkins Supermarket Playset has an incredibly extensive collection of Shopkins. This toy will keep your children busy and happy for hours. The featured characters are fairly interactive, and they connect to build one big supermarket. You’ll particularly love fun items such as the shopping trolley that is compatible with other Shopkins items.

Features of Shopkins Supermarket Playset

  • Shopkins are displayed on shelves
  • A cute slide on which selected Shopkins whizz
  • Till with a conveyer belt
  • Shopping baskets and bags
  • Collectors’ guide is included

Reasons to buy

There’s a lot to do with this compact playset. Girls have a higher love for it and will spend hours upon hours choosing Shopkins. It’s a fun-filled way of expanding your Shopkins world. The playset also boasts two Shopkins exclusives and four rare Shopkins. Unsurprisingly, this toy is among the best-selling Shopkins toys.


7. Shopkins Happy Places Royal Castle Playset


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The party of the year is going down at the Royal Palace. You’ll help princess Gemma Stone prepare for the party. This game offers two levels of fun activities. The lower level is where the party space is, and the upper one is where you do the actual preparations. What exactly are the activities?

Fun activities of Shopkins Royal Castle Playset

  • Choosing outfits for lil’ princesses
  • Creating a glittering party space
  • Ushering lil’ princesses around the palace
  • Adding royal style to the palace using Petkins furniture and accessories form the welcome packs
  • Setting up the spinning chandelier downstairs to create the perfect party
  • Sharing Petkins party treats under the Petkin Chandelier
  • Watching the fireworks from the spinning garden rooftop at the end of the night

Reasons to buy

Shopkins offers an opportunity to indulge in the style, pomp, and color of the Royal Palace. From picking stunning party dresses to enjoying party time glitter, everything about this playset makes a heart-throbbing experience.


8. Shopkins Cutie Cars Splash ‘N’ GO Spa Wash


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This is a water toy to be played in and out of the tub. Give your Shopkins a ride around town using your Cutie Car and then treat the car to a Splash N’ Go Spa Wash. One character collects ‘spa water’ after it’s dispensed while another pours it back. The Cutie Car can also be decorated in the Detailing Beauty Shop with the help of Deco Brushes.

Highlights of Shopkins Cutie Cars Splash N’ Go Spa Wash

  • 2 levels of play
  • The playset has a shower, detail station, a slide to the perfume room, blow dryer, and elevator
  • One exclusive Color Change Cutie Car magically changes color when in water
  • Two children can play together – one can be washing while the other is ‘detailing’ with ice water
  • Deco Brush and Collector’s guide are included

Reasons to buy

This game is very interesting and interactive for 6 to 9-year olds that love motor activity. Watching the Cutie Car change color when it comes into contact with an icy cold and warm water is mind-blowing to many children. The ‘detailing’ station is also a great source of creative fun for the players.


9. Cutie Cars Shopkins Drive Thru Diner Playset


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Aren’t fans of Shopkins Cutie Cars the luckiest? New Cutie Cars toys are continuously on the production line. The Drive Thru Diner playset offers extraordinary fun, where you enjoy spinning your Cutie Cars in the rotating Drive Thru Diner as mini Shopkins take a tasty bite at an old-fashioned diner.

Key features

  • Pack includes exclusive Car Wizzy Soda
  • The fun elevator on which to get Cutie Cars up
  • Roof display area (Sky Deck) for parking your Cutie Cars
  • Pull out trays for receiving meal orders from the drive-thru’ diner

Reasons to buy

It’s a cute place for Cutie Cars fans to park and play. The playset mimics a decent park for family fun. Your child will enjoy the sense of the outdoors from the comfort of her play area. Adults are also happy to not only watch as the child plays but also join in the “park, dine n’ play” activities.


10. Shopkins Happy Places Mermaid Convertible


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On our #10 spot for best Shopkins toys is another Happy Places release. The Mermaid Convertible is a new mermaid-themed cruise featuring open doors, trunk, and hood. You are going to ride your Lil’ Shoppies around the Reef in exclusive style. Endless activities await you, including participating in an out-of-this-world under-sea party.

Key highlights of the game

  • Convertible fits four Lil’ Shoppies
  • The Mermaid Coral Cruiser offers the ultimate ocean-like experience
  • Cute Petkin picnic accessories
  • Exclusive Coralee mermaid Lil’ Shoppie
  • Coralee’s tail changes color magically when dipped into the water

Why buy?

A dive into the ocean opens up a sea of possibilities. With the Petkins accessories, you can set up an underwater picnic and enjoy rare fun. The Mermaid Convertible is painted beautifully with golden shells, scales, and starfish. You are set to enjoy one of the sweetest rides on a Shopkin toy.

Final say

The amount of fun Shopkins provide is inexhaustible. Families that are into Shopkins toys know that there is no looking back once the first Shopkins accessory lands home. From the above selection of best Shopkins toys, you can find a suitable set to build your Shopkins collection.

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