Best Solar Backpacks Review in 2021 – (Guide)


Want a perfect Solar Backpacks in 2021 well, you have entered in the right place as this article is all about the features and the perfection of a solar backpack. 

Such backpacks are perfect and have many functionalities such as they are portable power bank, they can help you store electronic Gadgets such as Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets and much more. 

With that said, you might know or don’t know what a solar Backpack hence let me explain that for just a formality.

What are Solar Backpacks?

These types of bags are equipped with the thin layer of solar power and receiver cells which are commonly known as Photovoltaic cells they receive or collect the power from such and store that power into batteries which are also situated in the bag.

When that’s done that battery helps in powering most of the portable electronic devices such as Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets, Smart Watches and much more. Such bags are perfect for students and tech persons.

Best Solar Backpacks in 2021

Best Solar Power Backpacks

You are scouting for the best Solar Backpack well, here is the list of best Solar Backpacks in 2021:

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10- Solar Backpack 7W Solar Panel

Solar Backpack 7W Solar Panel

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If you are a professional traveller then this backpack can be very useful for your unexpected journeys as it can help in charging any type of electronic gadget with your so, no worries when your Cell-phone is dying or laptop is out of power this can be the perfect solution.

Not only that this also provides you with multiple storage rooms as it has several compartments and pockets to store your camping equipment of this can be your tech bag it is completely up to you.

What We Like:

  • It has a 7 Watt charger solar plate cells.
  • Happens to be lightweight.
  • Made with nylon and poly materials which makes it resistant from harsh weather.
  • The solar charger is removable and it also is equipped with a voltage controller.

9- SUNNYBAG Explorer+ Solar Backpack Charger

SUNNYBAG Explorer+ Solar Backpack Charger

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Getting right into the details of this product this bag can produce the energy trapped from the sun to electrical energy which helps in charging various electronic devices such as your smartphone, tablet, Laptop, and much more.

The efficiency rate is 22.4% thus producing the power around 6W making it more reliable and efficient. With the outer side described let’s move on to the inner section of the bag, as this is provided with many compartments and pockets that allow you to store all your gear, books and stuff depending on your situation.

What We Like:

  • This Backpack is ultra-lightweight and made with durable materials.
  • There is an LED light indicator for charging status.
  • It is equipped with pockets for water-bottles and even sunglasses.

8- Voltaic Systems Array Rapid Solar Backpack

Voltaic Systems Array Rapid Solar Backpack

  Check price on Amazon

When you are going hiking or camping you would want to take photographs of each place and capture the scenery or you want to take a Laptop with you for any emergency case or movie nights.

To do all that you have to keep them charged and maintained as in camping or hiking you would not get a power socket.

To help you with that this Solar powered Backpack comes handy as it produces 3.5-watt power and has a 19% rate of efficiency hence making this the best for outdoor adventures and keeping your camera, laptop, smartphone, and other electronic gadgets charged up.

Now coming to the Backpack itself it is made with UV resistant fabric that is known to be durable and reliable so, it can be used under any harsh weather conditions. The panels are situated outside of the backpack but the inside is more useful and outside because there are several compartments inside that can provide you with sufficient storage space.

What We Like:

  • There is a wall charger included with the backpack.
  • You can keep a 15 inches laptop as there is a separate compartment for it.
  • With that, there is a solar USB charger for other small electronic gadgets.
  • The company provides you with 2 years of solar panel warranty and 1 year of backpack warranty.

7- Laptop Backpack, Fanspack Solar Powered Backpack

Laptop Backpack, Fanspack Solar Powered Backpack

  Check price on Amazon

This oxford travel bag offers more than you think like this a solar backpack which offers you a portable charging source as it helps in keep your all the electronic gadgets charged up hence you would not have to worry about the power outage of your laptop or phone.

Not only that this offers several compartments inside the backpack in which you can store all your electronic gear or books it is up to your there is a Laptop sleeve for storing a 15-inch laptop on the go.

Now coming towards the geeky information it can produce 5.3 watts power that can be efficient for charging your electronic gadgets. And the energy transfer rate is 24%.

What We Like:

  • This bag is light and waterproof.
  • Perfect for school, college, hiking and camping purposes.
  • The material is soft and durable.
  • The fabric is breathable and the back is meshed to be more breathable.

6- EnerPlex Packr Executive Solar Powered Backpack

EnerPlex Packr Executive Solar Powered Backpack

  Check price on Amazon

This Solar Backpack is made with a simple idea of providing you with a portable power supply that can be very useful in several cases hence making this to be the perfect fit for all the outdoor adventurers.

With that said, coming towards the informative stuff this Solar backpack provides and produces a 3-watt of power with the efficiency of providing you with sufficient power for all your portable electronic gadgets.

With that said it has multiple USB ports that can be very useful in charging your electronic gadgets and others. Not only that this also offers you several compartments to store your books, gadgets and much more. Furthermore, this is made of durable and lightweight material.

What We Like:

  • The material of this backpack is rugged and lightweight.
  • Compartments provided in this bag are expandable.
  • The laptop compartment is padded to make sure your laptop is kept safe and secured.

5- ECEEN Solar Powered Backpack

ECEEN Solar Powered Backpack

  Check price on Amazon

Wanna go for hiking, camping or any outdoor adventure this Backpack can be your vital companion as this is made with durable and premium fabric that can withhold any type of weather conditions hence making this the perfect match for all your adventures.

And don’t forget it is equipped with solar cells that help in collecting the energy from the sun to provide you electric charge for your electronic gadgets.

This can produce power up to 6.5 Watt power output that can be efficient with the rate of conversion of 22%. It is also equipped with a 2200mAh battery.

What We Like:

  • It is made with polyester blend material that can be durable and perfect for extreme conditions.
  • This Backpack is also provided with adjustable straps for further convenience.
  • There is a USB port for charging batteries for your electronic devices.

4- Voltaic Systems OffGrid 10 Watt Rapid Solar Backpack

Voltaic Systems OffGrid 10 Watt Rapid Solar Backpack

  Check price on Amazon

This can be the perfect fit for a person who is a traveller and can be used on several occasions. With that said, let’s jump right into the technical information. It includes a powerful 12000 mAh battery which is a li-polymer that is used to store the power and energy collected through the cells to provide you with sufficient power output.

With that said, coming towards the interior of the backpack this has a sufficient space to store all your gadgets and electric devices while you can also store books and other gear oriented equipment hence making this bag the perfect fit for every type of person.

It produces a whopping power of 10-watt that can be efficient for charging your laptop, smartphones and other devices with a conversion efficiency rate of 22%.

What We Like:

  • With the 1200mAh battery, it makes it perfect for all the electronic gadgets.
  • The company includes a micro USB cable and a USB port for further convenience.
  • There is a 2-year warranty for the solar cell and 1-year warranty of the backpack.

3- PowerKeep Energizer Wanderer

PowerKeep Energizer Wanderer

  Check price on Amazon

This offers you the same set of features that other solar backpacks do but this backpack differs itself from others with one single set of features that is efficient power supply. This can provide you with 5V and 2 A of electric power that can be very useful.

With that said, it can very efficient in doing its job as this is made with rugged and durable material that can stand under any type of weather condition. Not only that, this has several compartments inside the bag that can be very useful to store stuff and can even store a 15-inch laptop.

What We Like:

  • This is a hydration pack ready.
  • The solar cell is detachable.
  • The power bank is also provided with this backpack.

2- XTPower Hiking Solar Backpack

XTPower Hiking Solar Backpack

  Check price on Amazon

Want a dual purposed Backpack that will help you in several occasions such as hiking, camping and study well, this can be the perfect match for you as this has a detachable solar panel that can provide you with 7-watt output power that is efficient and the rate is 22%.

With that said, now: coming towards the backpack itself as it is made with durable and rugged fabric while being breathable and has a solid feel to it. With that said, there are multiple pockets and compartments inside the bag itself to provide you with sufficient storage capacity.

What We Like:

  • It is provided with detachable solar panels.
  • Provides a 6V and 1.1A of power output.
  • Nylon and water-resistant material with adjustable straps and breathable back.

1- HAWEEL Multi-Function Outdoor Backpack

HAWEEL Multi-Function Outdoor Backpack

  Check price on Amazon

Let’s reveal the best in the last as this product here offers you more than you think as this has a powerful power output rate as this provides you with 7-watt of power output with the conversion rate of 22% efficiency.

With that said, the backpack is made with durable material and provides you with multiple pockets and compartments to store your gadgets and other accessories related to your activity.

What We Like:

  • The design approach is stylish and attractive.
  • With the USB port, there is an auxiliary port for input earphones or headphones.
  • It is equipped with a strong and durable grip hold ring.

Best Solar Power Backpacks – Buyer’s Guide

Best Solar Power Backpacks


When it comes to the durability factor then this product is perfect as it has perfect alignment and is made with extremely durable materials that can be you, companion, for the long term.

Now you might be wondering that there is a solar cell panel attached how can this be durable? Well, it is durable as the solar cell panel is covered with a thick layer of plastic sheet that can protect it from damaging or scratches.

Now the first question that pops in your head is with the sheet attached it won’t collect enough energy from the sun? Well, to answer that I would say just a few words that the plastic material sheet is to protect it from any type of rugged and harsh environment it won’t reduce its potential to collect the sun’s heat the sheet is made from clear material making it more efficient than you think.


While talking about the stability such Backpacks are the most stable and flexible backpacks ever found as this has several purposes which I will discuss in the next heading.

But coming back to the stability these types of products are extremely stable and are made to last hence this won’t provide you with any type of problem such as the bag won’t be heavy when it is empty as the solar sheet is extremely thin hence it doesn’t add the weight to the backpack itself.

But other than that, such types of gadgets are the best in every sense and are perfect when it comes to stability.

Design Approach

If you are a design-oriented person and looking for a college bag then this can be the perfect and ideal option as such Solar backpacks are available in several designs and colour options so it would be up to you in what to choose and which bag will suit you. But the design of this product is ergonomic and they serve multi-purpose.


I’ll cut short that they are extremely versatile as they have to serve a dual purpose such as on one hand they are used as a regular college or school backpacks and on another hand they are equipped with solar cell panel to collect the heat from the sun and store it in the provided cells. So, in simple words, they are extremely versatile.


When we are discussing such a cutting edge technology you would have to have some faith in them as they are the best backpacks for a student and a tech nerd hence making them the ideal bags for everyone. With that, they completely serve their purpose and have full usability.

Such products especially this product can be cheap and expensive that depends on the quality of the product but either way they fulfil your requirement of power for portable electronic gadgets.

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