Best Solar Posts Lights Review In 2020


The world has become much more innovative in recent years and this has given us many more resources for landscape design. The most popular way to decorate your house is to add the best solar post light.

In addition to lighting, solar post lights are inexpensive and sustainable means of illumination of the streets, roads and landscape. They give gorgeous effects and a great atmosphere for everybody’s outdoors.

Here we have listed down the best of solar post lights,

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10- Sunix Super Bright Security Lights

Sunix Super Bright Security Lights

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Exclusive and elegant design with aluminum alloy— Equipped with 26 super-bright LEDs that produce 450 lumens, while another 30 LEDs are just 200 lumens.

The light sensor continuously activates the unit dim at night or in darkness and offers more illumination when people are around it. This light’s motion sensor is water and heat resistant to all weather conditions, which makes it safe and secure.

It can also be triggered by simple gestures such as the actions of your small pets. It is equipped to detect movement from up to 20 feet away with the larger sensor ball. The sensor is very sensitive and even the smallest movement can be detected. 

What We Like the Most:

  • The orientation sensor light is IP65 approved, which ensures that it is safe and heatproof. 
  • Made with a tightly sealed loop and two layers that stand against years of use.

9- GLORIOUS-LITE Solar Security Lights

GLORIOUS-LITE Solar Security Light

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Solar & Ultra Bright: solar-driven outdoor lights provide super bright light and good heat dissipation up to 1500 lumens. Extremely bright light. The solar safety light saves power by converting sunlight into electricity and stores at day. It uses a rechargeable battery of 3000mAh of lithium-ion.

The amorphous silicon solar panel is 15 ft wire for easy installation. It lights up in the sensory motion at night. The solar motion lights offer a maximum sensing range of 180 degrees and a sensing distance of up to 49 ft. The PIR sensor head is flexible for different angles to meet your needs. 

What We Like the Most:

  • Built-in LED chips, high luminosity for your door and additional safety for your home. There are no environmental and electricity costs.
  • Flexible, portable and easy to adapt to a secure area or location in different angles.

8- Paradise by Sterno Home Plastic Solar Post Lights

Paradise by Sterno Home Plastic Solar Post Light

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The GL23124BK (black) of Paradise 2 in1 is the next generation in solar illumination. Can be mounted on the 4″x 4″ post as a trail light or a post cap. Perfect for illuminating your path or for adding security around your home.

This solar light increases the beauty of your home and stands out in the city, with its sleek yet traditional nature. During the daytime, your battery will be lit to the night thanks to its high quality crystalline solar panel technology.

You invite beauty and light into your home with the Paradise spotlight. Conceived for outdoor use and long-lasting weather conditions

What We Like the Most:

  • The UV-protected black coating, crafted from sturdy plastic with transparent lens and white LEDs, is ideal for rugged outdoor use.
  • Made from weatherproof materials.

7- Moonrays 91262 Solar Powered Led Light

Moonrays 91262 Solar Powered Led Light

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You may want to enhance your fence or deck posts with the colourful LED post cap light if you intend to host lots of summer parties. At a height of 5 inches, you can watch your post cap illuminating every night while saving electricity.

It is the perfect accent on all outside conditions with a charging battery. Going solar is a great way to stay and the illumination can last up to 8 hours. Monday make it easy for your courtyard to attach a romantic touch.

Go with these sleek lights to render your fence even more stunning. These solar lights use the power of the sun efficiently, which means that no complicated cable is necessary, thanks to the strong AA 600 mAh Ni-Cd reloadable battery and a highly efficient solar panel.

What We Like the Most:

  • Can withstand weather conditions of all kinds plus its charging regardless of the conditions of the weather.
  • Four mounting stakes together with screws are also easy to install. With a water-resistant design and strong plastic

 6- Westinghouse Solar 20 Lumens 4×4 Post Light

Westinghouse Solar 20 Lumens 4x4 Post Light

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It is a 2-pack outdoor solar light, each of which emits 20 lumens of brightness. The warm white light is adequate to light up your patio, driveway, roof, window, etc. It’s fully solar-powered, so you don’t have to think about power cables or bills 

Moreover, the solar post lumens have a dimming characteristic that reduces the output of the lumens automatically from 20 lumens, providing illumination of up to 10 hours every day after 6 hours to 5 lumens.

Once the intensity exceeds a certain point, another sensor detects automatically the ambient light and switches the lights on and off automatically. Light is also easy to install and the quality of the material is robust and strong. 

What We Like the Most:

  • Very affordable comes in a pack of 2. Fit perfectly with a 4 by 4 frame.
  • Dimming feature helps to maintain solar power not too high.

5- Moonrays 91187 Outdoor LED Solar Lights

Moonrays 91187 Outdoor LED Solar Lights

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The Moonrays 91187 Solar LED Stained Glass Post cap offers your roof, patio or gardens a beautiful touch while using the strength of the solar power. This light provides the warm white LED lighting with 360-degree display and 120-degree beam angles.

With no wiring required, it has never been easier to install, save long-term energy and be environmentally friendly! Moonrays solar lights generate energy throughout the day from the sun and come into the dark automatically to provide outdoor illumination where you want it.

With no necessary installation, zero wirings, energy-saving and cost efficiency all incorporated into one unit.

This system is very simple to install – all is achieved only by assembling and then relaxing the mounting poles. With sturdy, weatherproof content, solar light can quickly turn solar power into usable energy for several years to come, regardless of the weather conditions.

What We Like the Most:

  • It renders the colours super-bright. this lights up the garden all night long.
  • Rechargeable battery powered by the sun, so you do not need electricity.

4- Moonrays 91241 Stained Glass Solar Post Lights

Moonrays 91241 Stained Glass Solar Post Lights

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The fascinating sparkling glow with a stained glass lens, which lets it stand out from the rest. It is also a fully solar light, which means that complicated wiring is not required.

Only mount it where a lot of direct suns is visible and the built-in 1000 mAh Ni-MH battery can be powered, allowing the device to light up the yard, patio, road or drive at night easily.

Also, 18 lumens with a broad beam angle were produced by the light. This automatically activates and offsets at sunset and sunrise, which makes the lawn, porches, enclosed areas, decks and more perfectly lighted.

You can easily mount it on your wall or in the ground with including installation screws, post and an ideal mounting bracket. It has it too.

What We Like the Most:

  • Build a beautiful aesthetic. Installation is simple.
  • The AA NiCd Battery (including), which uses sunlight, automatically activates the lamp 

3- Gama Sonic Windsor Solar Post Light

Gama Sonic Windsor Solar Post Light

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Gama Sonic’s other deal is another high-quality solar post lights with premium features. This machine will provide approximately 150 lumens, with six bright LEDs, with highly effective solar panels.

It also provides Gama Sonic’s proprietary light reflector system that enhances illumination to render your greenhouse, backyard and paths one of the best solutions. 

The batteries take up to 12 hours of sunlight to reach their full charge depending on weather conditions. Also, this Gama Sonic lamp has a sensor that enables it automatically at sunset and also automatically turns it off at sunrise.

If it does not have adequate energy to fill the battery in the case of poor weather conditions, simply change the luminosity of the LED to economical mode to improve the operation throughout the night.

What We Like the Most:

  • The solar monocrystalline panels are weatherproof, tempered, glass-protected, guarantee longevity and reliability.
  • On the top of the lamp are the monocrystalline solar panels, which permit battery charge through direct sunlight. 

2- Gama Sonic Baytown Solar Outdoor LED Light

Gama Sonic Baytown Solar Outdoor LED Light

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Solar lights can be rather expensive, particularly when you buy in bulk. Sometimes you get stuck between standing, wall mounting, or mounting. Also, it is best suited for all sorts of installation, the exemplary Gothic structure of the unit.

The Gama Sonic Baytown features a patenting cone reflector including a glow enhancing and dispensing the product, resulting in very high output. The included Li-ion battery can also be substituted for 3.2V 1500mAh.

The four solar panels are logically mounted and are shielded against severe weather conditions by a casted aluminium braces. The unit also has several fixtures for various installation types which make this a very versatile model.

What We Like the Most:

  • Composed of strong metal cast anti-corrosion.
  • Comes with various installation accessories

1- Kemco Cast Aluminum Solar LED Light

Kemco Cast Aluminum Solar LED Light

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The foundation of the device is only 3 inches on poles or supports. The machine is constructed of bevelled glass and aluminium alloy, which renders it a robust product.

That light has six strong LED luminaires, with a minimum of 50 lumens. The unit is also automatically enabled to be enclosed and switched off at sunset and sunrise automatically.

The battery included is also substitutable, allowing you not to deter the light, but to use it for a longer period. 

Also, because no wire is needed, the light is extremely easy to assemble. It has a highly efficient design, consisting of 6 high-speed LEDs, 4 large solar panels and new technology from Kemeco to ensure optimum illumination.

What We Like the Most:

  • Functional illumination and pleasing embellishment are provided by the light ribbed glass
  • It’s amazing weatherproof construction

Best Solar Posts Lights – Buyer’s Guide

 Best Solar Posts Lights

Although the beauty of the sunlight is easy to see with your naked eyes, the naked eyes are somewhat small in choosing the right one. In this section, you can find a comprehensive overview of the better solar post lights on the market and a helpful shopping guide to make it all simpler.  

Range and Size

At least, you would like to see the area illuminated immediately, but it would be a plus if it could be lit a little further.

You need to make sure there is enough luminaire to see the steps to ensure maximum visibility when lights are connected to a stair rail. Consider the lumens which the product promises to deliver because the supplied lumens determine its brightness.   

You also have to take the size of the body of the light into account as it is easy to see in your yard if it is too large and if smaller it will easily match the decor. Normally, the amount of light provided is determined by the size.

Illumination Period

Although most people assume that they immediately have their solar lights, certain models do not have this option.

Solar models only last about 6 hours and, depending on location and time of the year, sunset can sometimes take longer. See how long the light will last when charged in its entirety and keep in mind that the solar light will probably not last the entire published time if it doesn’t get a full charge on the first day.

Extra Some Features

Every person has different meanings for the special characteristics. Some models are also equipped with a motion detector that is particularly useful for safety purposes. You will be defined by your intended use and installation area of the unique features or extra attachments that will attract you.

The duration of the light to reach full charge is another vital aspect you have to remember. The product is often advertised and indicates the length of time the panel is exposed to the sun.

Since it is probably fitted with screw lights, it will be extremely difficult and unnecessary to remove light after every warm season. Weatherproof lamps can also survive rain, heat and strong weather.


As most solar radiation is water-resistant in our gardens and courtyards, it is usually left outdoors most of the year.

Our solar light gets muddy, dirty and potentially damaged all this time outside. You must ensure that you regularly clean your solar lights to be effective. Be careful to remove any debris that affects your lighting from the solar panel. The panel can be cleaned very quickly.

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