Best Tactical Pens Review In 2020


The importance of having a pen is valued by everyone. Tactical pens are tools built to perform several activities. They may be used as bottle openers, torches, self- devices, or even mini-saws.

You have to know about the features of these pens and how to utilize them. If you are in difficult conditions, tactical pens will act as a lifesaver.

Most people use such accessories as normal writing tools, but as they move into less protected places they can also be used as valuable instruments. In recent years, these tools have increased their performance and complexity.

Best Tactical Pens Review In 2020

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Here in this article, we present you with the best of tactical pens in 2021 

10- The Automic Bear Tactical pen

The Automic Bear Tactical pen

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In one sturdy, well-designed, lightweight tactical pen, the MTP-6 integrates the most required EDC devices. A tactical LED spotlight with two types, a luxury brushing glass eye, a superior writing ballpoint pen, and a multi-tool head can be identified.

The name of the atomic bear is associated with perfection. Includes: 3 black ink tubes, 4 batteries, restricted lifetime guarantee and online class. Our mission is to support and educate even the most gravely refugees, from multifaceted security pens and knives to creative safety bags and nutritious seed packs.

You will scare/defeat an attacker using our online training, and in 2 seconds you can smash a car windshield. Within one device, the combination of the flashlight and the self- head is useful at night.

What We Like The Most:

  • It has a premium glass breaking head that makes it a durable pen
  • Made up of sturdy material, lightweight and compact

9- KEPEAK Military Tactical Pen

KEPEAK Military Tactical Pen

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The tactical pen cap is made of tungsten steel, while the pen body is constructed of aluminium of aerospace quality, which is highly durable and compact. Break the emergency escape lock.

A handy, circular nib tactical pen. Suitable for routine usage or in cases of emergency. This item is also said to be one of the smallest and convenient tools in most disasters.

Hidden, low-key and special attackers will instantly have amazing attack capability, defend themselves from attackers and associate with DNA collectors. Head size, thread handle design, outstanding slip power. Moreover, it includes one tactical pen and 6 additional refills that are also made up of steel.

What We Like The Most:

  • This is the most effective tactical pen you will love to use
  • It has many efficient attacking capabilities

8- Pocket Partner Practical Tactical Pen

Pocket Partner Practical Tactical Pen

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When it exists without a loud military logo, it is nevertheless a strong and effective weapon for survival when needed. Attractive and sleek, it is ideal for use as a pen and a defensive replacement both in the home or the workplace as well as in the field.

When the pen cap is in writing mode it slips easily onto the opposite end, to not get stuck. Aluminum grade aircraft makes this sturdy pen remarkably powerful, simple to use and compact.

It measures 5 7/8 cm wide, weighs 1.2 oz, has an anodized satin (matte) finish and two black ink cartridges and can easily be used with rechargeables such as Parker gel and Fisher Space.

What We Like The Most:

  • It is a Multifunctional defense pen
  • Easy to use with a sleek design

7- The Automic Bear REBEL Tactical pen

The Automic Bear REBEL Tactical pen

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The defensive REBEL pen is smooth and sleek, it seems secure before it is mounted as a kubotan. It has a good tip to crack the glass. The term Atomic Bear is associated with excellence: Atomic Bear refills, Parker Space, Fisher Space, Rite in the Storm, etc.

Our mission is to support and educate even the most gravely refugees, from multifaceted security pens and knives to creative safety bags and nutritious seed bags. Moreover, it includes 2 tubes of ink.

Lifetime durability is guaranteed plus feels good enough, equilibrated and stable enough to accommodate. Strong machined metal shell with an ultra-hard glazing edge for combat use. Not too heavy. Great thumb resting grip for full strength.

What We Like The Most:

  • It’s the coolest and most compact tactical pen
  • A sturdy aluminum frame and ultra-hard glass-breaker tip mechanism

6- Smith & Wesson Aircraft Aluminum Refillable Tactical pen

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Smith and Wesson are trying to create knives fit for any situation. If you’re a knife enthusiast, collector or first responder, the simple and quick-to-use device with a handy pocket clip, a screw-off top, and a stylus end make your knife perfect for daily travel.

The dimension of this tactical pen is 5.4 inches (13cm) with an overall weight of 1.6 ounces. This pen guarantees functionality. It is the most comfortable pen in the hand and will perform according to your requirements whether it be for normal use or stylus.

Moreover, it also includes a machined shell that enables you no-slip grip with a tough aluminum clip, that is convenient to carry anywhere you want.

What We Like The Most:

  • Quick and Easy to access
  • The aluminum clip of this pen is more durable than many others

5- Sminiker Professional Defender Tactical Pen

Sminiker Professional Defender Tactical Pen

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The heavy- pocket clip is accessible on the tactical pen and you can add it to your shirt, luggage, backpack and journal, and so on. Ideal to be used and to travel every day.

Thread Design, excellent skid-resistant capacity and strong grip, help you to experience smooth, regular, simple and even ink transfers. The really powerful glass cutter tactical pen that can be used to crack a vehicle window while stuck in a cab.

Moreover, it is made of aluminum for superior strength and portability of aircraft type. This is a MUST-HAVE for your safety kit, and not only a window smashing and escape but also protection for attackers in emergencies.

What We Like The Most:

  • The perfect ideal tactical pen for daily use
  • The skid-resistant feature is this pen makes the grip more strong than many others

4- Schrade SCPENBK tactical pen

Schrade SCPENBK tactical pen

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Schrade is proud to create robust knives that are ideal for any outdoor adventure. Whether you’re hiking, camping, bushcraft or other sports, Schrade is your strong partner.

The pen measures 5 5/8 “long and it’s provided with a comfortable clip and you can hold it in your shirt pocket with your other pen and instruments.

A defensive pen shield moves into the incident-free airport protection, and you are not empty-handed if anything goes down on the plane. Quick and convenient access with a handy pocket clip and screw-off top allows it suitable for everyday usage. 

What We Like The Most:

  • A durable yet practical writing device.
  • The pen is constructed of CNC Machined aluminum 6061 T6

3- UZI Tactical Pen UZI-TACPEN2

UZI Tactical Pen UZI-TACPEN2

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The Uzi Tactical Glass Breaker Pens have regular refills and fisher space pens. The tactical glass breaker pen provides a seamless writing experience with a ballpoint tip on one end and a carbide tip glass breaker on the other end.

This ballpoint pen is a defensive and practical emergency or self-defense tool. This pen is often used as a normal ballpoint pen with an exceptionally robust carbide glass breaker tip. Our pen is a genuine ballpoint tactical device, suitable for a suitcase, a desk, an office for students. Excellent for innovative writers and executives.

A tactical pen is simple to use for emergency use with this carbide tip glass breaker.

What We Like The Most:

  • It is a multifunctional tactical pen 
  • It is also equipped with a window cutter to avoid accidents

2- TF TAKE FLIGHT EDC Tac Pens Survival Gear

TF TAKE FLIGHT EDC Tac Pens Survival Gear

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This great device has been used by combat personnel, Navy SEAL, emergency responders, and other challenging professions and has become compatible with the rigor of daily use.

This is the best solution to your problem, whether you have issues breaking in the pocket or bag or damaging the equipment. Safeguard against attackers with this Kubotan type Pens in emergency circumstances. There are several items on the market for self-defense, but we don’t believe we still take them with us.

Whether you’re confronting an Apocalypse Zombie or only struggling to navigate to WTSHTF, it’s a huge improvement to you. You will love to use this tactical pen all because of its efficiency.

What We Like The Most:

  • It’s a multi-purpose lightweight tool
  • Price of this tactical pen is also a highlighted component to look at 

1- Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen 

Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen 

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So you must be wondering why this product tops our tactical pen analysis! If you want to combine optimal efficiency and inexpensive quality with a tactical pen, then you must consider this one! As the finish is strong, dark. It does not only appear cool but will also provide you with optimum efficiency for a long time.

It can be used in emergencies as an optimal product. A steel frame that can deal with the most challenging tasks is ideal for the Gerber Impromptu Defensive Pen. You may add the pin to your shirt or notebook with the steel pocket clips. Additionally, it has an improved interface secure pressing button feature.

What We Like The Most:

  • This package comes with a cartridge “Rite in the Rain,” which works well in dry and rainy conditions.
  • Ideal for those working in outdoor activities more frequently

Best Tactical Pens – Buyer’s Guide

Best Tactical Pens

Here are a few things that you must take into consideration before buying a tactical pen,


Tactical models are built using several materials, and you have to use a robust and reliable type. Usually, titanium, high-impact plastic and stainless steel are the most popular materials used.

Aluminum aircraft is a strong material that guarantees good longevity. It is also lightweight, making it one of the most common materials for tactical designs. High-impact may also be a hit, but aluminum isn’t as strong. Stainless is a durable element, and comparatively stronger than aluminum.

But make sure it’s crafted from sturdy products and fits your preferences before choosing to buy a tactical.


Even if a tactical pen doesn’t please your mates, it’s always necessary to look at the style. You will make sure you handle a tactical pen effectively and do not frighten people in any setting, whether at home, in the workplace or on outdoor expeditions.

The place you intend to use this pen may play a key role in choosing the style you choose. Teachers, for instance, will stay away from pens that look like dangerous arms. Furthermore, if you are a regular traveler, you can pick a low profile pen which won’t draw much attention.


Consistency of a pen is one of the most critical criteria for the purchasing of tactical pens. Writing would be the key feature of this tool.

It would not be a helpful method if the model is not suitable for writing. It should always be second to be able to function as a tactical tool. Ensure you use a model in rainy weather and all other bad weather conditions to write. A design that is suitable for usage in harsh weather situations should be bought.


A tactical pen should be easy to carry and comfortable. The grip would also have a crucial role to play in deciding a pen’s functionality.

You can go for models with grooves or ridges that allow you to keep your pen tight. A model without an appropriate grip might slip out of your hands to prevent you from protecting yourself. Just make sure that the pen you are purchasing provides a good grip.


One of the main features of tactical types is the potential to appear like traditional models without undue exposure.

But some large versions are available that can support you in tight spots. You should buy a trustworthy model that does not appear like a pen because few people will ever be able to see it, whether you prefer a practical pen that you’ll put into the car’s glove shell.


Having said that here the analysis for the best tactical pens came to an end. We hope that this information was beneficial for you as we tried our best to bring you the most durable pens than many others.

Now that you know what to look for in a tactical pen we hope that you will choose the best for yourself!

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