Best Twist Whiskey Glasses Review In 2020


When tired or in pain then you don’t think of dinner or eating you just think of a sip of a Whiskey. That’s not because we want to get drunk because of the flavour. The sour flavour is a taste that we can relate to when we are in pain or tired.

It’s a classy drink that is made to enjoy and spent quality time. But this is not a drink that you can drink in a plastic or paper cup. but quality whiskey glasses. Being classy in luxurious glassware is all about selecting a better glassware option.

When we talk about Whiskey Glasses they can be durable and sturdy hence they are not easy to break. The base of these glasses is thick and solid thus offering a vital role of stability.

Because of the solid construction and the base thickness, it prevents your Whiskey to lose any temperature thus providing your that cold Whiskey which you require. Whiskey has a tendency to leave aroma and stains of itself on any other materialized cup of glass but that is not the case with pure Whiskey Cups.

Best Twist Whiskey Glasses of 2020

Best Twist Whiskey Glasses

We have scouted and tested in theory all the options that you can get in the face of Best Twist Whiskey Glasses from the market.

1- Crystal Whiskey Glass Set of 4

Crystal Whiskey Glass Set of 4 

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Starting our list with the 1st position here is the Best Twist Whiskey Glass that you can buy to enhance the look of your house bar. The design is flawless with unique curves and lines that make it perfect to look. 

And it not only enhance the look it also enhances the grip of your glass ideally gripping itself to your palm to make sure while you are drunk you don’t leave the glass to break.

While on breaking it is durable and hard to break because of the use of crystal material to construct this glass. With all that said, you are getting a set of 4 pieces with the purchase of this glass.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Premium built quality.
  • Perfectly sits in your palm.
  • It is heat and cold resistant.
  • Double-wall coated glass.

2- JoyJolt Carre Square Scotch Glasses

JoyJolt Carre Square Scotch Glasses

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Now: moving towards the more old fashioned and more sleek looking glass. If you watch movies then you can relate from this glass as this type of squared twisted Whiskey Glasses has been used in various movies to represent the luxurious and classy lifestyle of the person.

The squared Twist base makes it even more attractive than any other Best Twist Whiskey Glass. The built quality of this Glass is exceptional as it provides you with several possibilities of using it.

While it also ensures that it won’t break that easy because of the solid and steady base. The set of 2 is the perfect offer as you and your drinking buddy can share the same classiness at the same time.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Perfect gift for any house.
  • Adds a more class tp your house bar.
  • Enhance the feel and vibe of drinking.
  • The durable construction allows you to drink as much as you want.

3- Kingrol 6 Pack Crystal Whiskey Glasses

Kingrol 6 Pack Crystal Whiskey Glasses

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The 3rd choice for me is this Best Twist Whiskey Glass from Kingrol. They are providing this glass in the pack of 6 thus making sure that you can have al you want while you are drinking your prestigious Whiskey. Talking about prestige, this pack of glasses is the key to the classy prestige of your house bar.

With solid and sturdy construction, you can feel more secured of it not breaking while you express your emotions in a drunkard mode. They twist at the base makes it uniquely distinct from other twisted whiskey glasses that you will see on the market.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Made and crafted by lead-free crystalline material.
  • The size is compact and has a comfy feel in hand.
  • The durability factor depends on the thick sides and a solid base.
  • You are getting 6 pieces of glasses in a set.

4- KAOWOD Whiskey Glasses Set of 4

KAOWOD Whiskey Glasses Set of 4

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Similar to the previously mentioned glassware set. This Glassware set for your Whiskey meeting and drinking is the set of Best Twist Whiskey Glasses that you can get from KAOWOD. They are providing you with a set of 4 pieces of glasses hence making it more efficient for you to enhance the collection.

The design approach is phenomenal as the curves and edges at the base make this glass even more attractive and subliminal.

The built quality is also exceptional because of the use of Lead-free crystalline material it makes it more strong and sturdy than it already is. The cleaning process is also easy as the crystalline material does not catch any type of smell or stain from any drink you want.

Reasons to Buy:

  • It has a unique twisted design aspect.
  • The construction is high-quality.
  • Ideal gift for your friends and family.
  • It has a more classy and luxurious look to it.

5- Twist Whiskey Glasses From Vaci

Twist Whiskey Glasses From Vaci

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Scouting for the perfect glassware for your whiskey drinking sessions or for perfect and stylish addition in your house bar. Then look no further as here I present to you with the best of the best twist Whiskey Glasses set from Vaci.

This company has manufactured flawless glasswares but this twisted glassware is an exception in the design territory.

The built-quality is off the charts the strong use in the base while having some thick and sturdy edges makes this glass more usable in rough conditions and drunkard situations.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Ideal for addition in your house bar.
  • The built-quality is obsolete.
  • The design approach is curvey and grippy.

6- JL Storm Twist Whiskey Glasses

JL Storm Twist Whiskey Glasses

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If you want an icon of premium ness then look no further as here I present to you probably the set of the Best Twist Whiskey Glasses of all time with unique packaging from JL Storm. This set of glass is flawless in everything but lacks only one thing. 

That is the quantity of the glassware. Because the set includes2 pieces of glasses thus do not make it even possible to use it in a house bar. Most people want to get a set of 4 or 6 for their house bar and this is a set of 2 hence not ideal for a house bar. B

ut that does not mean that it can’t be used as this has a best-built quality design and construction. All of these things matter as this has perfectly refined curves at the base. While on the base it has a solid and sturdy base with hard and refined edges.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Uses a lead-free crystalline material like others.
  • It provides you with premium built-quality.
  • It has a classy look to it.
  • The base has a solid construction.

7- Venero Crystal Whiskey Glasses, Set of 4

Venero Crystal Whiskey Glasses, Set of 4

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Now: the best of all is this Glassware from Venero. They create and built some of the extraordinary glassware that you can find in the market. But this here is not simple glassware it is the set of Best Twist Whiskey Glasses that you can get right now without any hassle. 

The design is flawless without any roughness and sharpness. The curves are perfectly aligned and the edges are seamlessly refined hence making this the perfect piece of set for your house bar.

The construction is solid and unique with the use of lead-free crystal it becomes easy to wash and reuse this glass for drinking whiskey or any other drink.

Reasons to Buy:

  • The base is sturdy and solid.
  • These edges are refined and flawless.
  • Perfect fit for your house bar.
  • The company is providing this in the set of 4.

8- Twist Whiskey Glasses Set of 2

Twist Whiskey Glasses Set of 2

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Here is the last but not the least as I present to you probably the best deal for your whiskey collection. I know it is a set of 2 and the design of this glass is no different than others but it differs in only one thing that is the construction.

The construction of this Glassware is ideal and perfect with a strong and stable base it ensures the durability of this glass. The edges are thick and wide that seamlessly fit in your hands.

Reasons to Buy:

  • It is beautifully crafted.
  • The construction is on point.
  • Base stability is solid and balanced.
  • The edges are refined to fit in your palm.

Best Twist Whiskey Glasses – Buyer’s Guide

Best Twist Whiskey Glasses

This Buyer’s Guide might not help you because if you are a lover of whiskey then you would know better than we do. But still here is the buyer’s guide that will help you determine the best partner and supporter for drinking Whiskey.


Why material you might wonder? Whiskey Glasses is all about premiumness and classy feel, and you know that the materials from which the glass is constructed make the glass feel so premium and classy. That’s why materials of the Whiskey Glass matters. 

The material from which it is made is durable, provides your glass a stable base and helps you to keep your drink cold for a sufficient time.

The premium yet standard and more common material in these glasses is the Crystalline material, so if you are out there scouting for the best Twist Whiskey glass then I would prefer you to get the one made with Crystalline. 

You might ask why? Well, because it is break-proof, hence this can be the true companion of your choice when you are drunk. Secondly, it is resistant to all the small bumps and scratches.


What makes the built-quality durable and solid constructed. That is dependant on the materials and the way these glasses are constructed.

So, when you are choosing a Twisted Whiskey Glass then you should be able to determine that the glass has a solid construction, it is durable with a strong base so that it can last for a long period of time. 

All these features ensure you that you would have a perfect drinking companion. While on the page of drinking you should also choose the glass depending on the construction. What this ensures is that it makes sure your Whiskey is cold or warm the way you like for a sufficient period of time.


When a Whiskey Glass is made with premium materials then it feels like one. When you pick it up and drink from it. This is because of the base and the construction of the glass. What about the looks and style, with the premium feel it should project some sort of stylish class onto the person looking at it. 

Well, that is the department of design, The glasses that we are going to mention are called twist Whiskey Glasses. These glasses got their name because of the twisted base or bottom of them that provides a more classy look while feeling premium.

So, if you are all about design then you can buy this Best Twist Whiskey Glass with your eyes closed.

Sizes and Dimensions

What makes them more comforting than normal glass? Because they fit perfectly in your have, they are designed to do that as most people drink for pleasure and that session can go for hours and hours thus they need a comfortable grip.

Size does not only consists of this feature or aspect it also depends on the dimensions of the glass. There are various dimensions of these glasses. For instance, you can get Large, small, medium, or there os long or short versions. With that, you will see thin or thick and heavy or light. These are all the versions that you will see in the market.


Cleaning these glasses is easy. Because of the perfect and ideal materials, these glasses do not get dirty or stained from whiskey. The crystalline material makes sure of that, and it also does not catch the aroma of the whiskey thus making it the perfect fit for your Whiskey collection.


These Twist Whiskey Glasses are the best for your collection hence you can have a premium lifestyle with the classy image of yourself onto others. They enhance the better half of yourself and are the perfect companion for drinking.

These Best Twist Whiskey Glasses are all about design and they rule the design approach by far hence what are you waiting for as go and get yourself a Best twist Whiskey Glasses for your collection.

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