Best Wire Stripping Machines in 2021


There are various ways of removing insulation from common copper wire types. Using a wire stripping machine is an efficient method, especially when dealing with massive lengths of copper wire. Also called wire strippers, these machines save you a great deal of time and energy. Also, using them ensures that the quality of the stripping is uncompromised.

When choosing the best wire stripping machine, there are a few considerations to make so that you end up with the best machine for the job.

Factors to consider when selecting a wire stripping machine

  • Manual versus automatic wire stripping machines
    Of these two main types of wire strippers, manual strippers are generally cheaper. The other advantage of going manual is that manual wire strippers give you more control over the process than automatic strippers. However, as the name suggests, they need your hand power to operate. This is unlike automatic wire stripping machines that carry out the stripping process on their own. You are more likely to get tired quickly working with a manual stripper than an automatic one.
  • What type and size of wires can the machine strip?
    Different wire strippers work with particular wire types and sizes. It’s crucial to check the specifications of the wire stripping machine you are considering. If you deal with different types of wires, you want to make sure that the wire stripper can handle all the various types. It would be highly inconveniencing to purchase a machine that only handles round wires when you deal with round and flat wires.
  • How many wires can the machine handle at a time?
    The idea behind buying a wire stripping machine is to minimize the time and effort it takes to complete wire stripping tasks. A wire stripper that has more channels can strip a bigger number of wires at a time, which saves you more time compared to a machine with lesser channels.
  • What’s your desired level of portability?
    Portability is an important consideration especially if you intend to use the machine in different locations. A lightweight machine and/or one that doesn’t take up too much space is less challenging to travel with. However, this consideration is not as important to someone who wants to install the machine in one place, with minimal chances of regular uninstallation and installation.

Below, we’ve reviewed 10 top wire stripping machines from reputable brands. The research team behind this review of best wire stripping machines considered feedback from hundreds of customers. It also sought expert views on the performance of every model in the selection.

Best Wire Stripping Machines in 2021

Here are the wire strippers that have proven to satisfy users’ needs:

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1. StripMeister Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

1. StripMeister Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

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This StripMeister wire stripping machine is the undisputed master when it comes to automatic wire stripping. You just need to plug it into a power outlet and it will strip 18 gauge to 250 MCM wires quickly and accurately. It’s one of the few industrial-grade wire stripping machines that work with ROMEX and braided wire.

Features of StripMeister automatic wire stripping machine

  • 5-axis CNC milling technology
  • Solid aircraft-grade aluminum that never bends or distorts
  • Steel blade that remains sharp for long
  • Spiral groove feeder for accurate wire pulling
  • Stripping capacity: up to 65 feet per minute

Why choose this wire stripping machine?

This wire stripper is an all-round excellent competitor. It’s manufactured in North America with top-class materials. The built-in Romex slot saves stripping time by about 33%.

In addition, the machine’s aluminum construction makes it lightweight yet highly durable. You can strip many wire sizes thanks to the machine’s wide capacity range.

2. PENSON & CO. Automatic Motorized Electric Wire Stripping Machine

2. PENSON & CO. Automatic Motorized Electric Wire Stripping Machine

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Do you strip industrial-grade wires frequently and need a wire stripping machine that’s both accurate and easy to use?

This automatic, high-powered wire stripper will not let you down.

Whether for automotive, aerospace, audio, or data line processing, this PENSON & Co automatic machine assures you of precise, accurate, and time- and energy-efficient wire stripping.

Key highlights of PENSON & Co wire stripper

  • Single Phase 1/4HP motor
  • Strips 0.12” – 1.25” wire sizes
  • 60ft/minute wire stripping speed
  • Three easily adjustable feed holes
  • High-strength adjustable blades

Why buy this wire stripping machine?

The first thing to love about this machine is its superior workmanship. Also, the wire stripper’s incredibly sharp blades work flawlessly with the adjustable guide to strip the wires accurately. You can mount it on a table, bench, or workstation.

Order this wire stripping machine with the confidence of guaranteed quality wire stripping.



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If you are looking for a reliable wire stripping machine with great multitasking ability, the MWS-808PMO from BLUEROCK Tools fits the bill. It is one of the most powerful and most versatile wire strippers for industrial use. It boasts hard, sharp, and durable precision blades, which perform excellently in commercial wire stripping.

Features of BLUEROCK automatic wire stripper

  • AWG -1″OD wire size range
  • 9 channels of cutters
  • 9 cutting blades
  • Cuts 75ft/minute

Why choose the BLUEROCK MWS-808PMO?

Save yourself a lot of time and effort by using this wire stripper. It has an automatic self-adjust that makes it easier to strip massive lengths of wire. Also, the machine can strip many wires at a time. It works perfectly with flat wires and NM cables.

Besides, the machine is sturdily built to handle heavy-duty industrial wire stripping works.

4. CO-Z Automatic Motorized Electric Wire Stripping Machine

4. CO-Z Automatic Motorized Electric Wire Stripping Machine

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Handling 50 feet of wire per minute, this CO-Z wire stripping machine gets the job done in no time. The machine is fully automatic. It takes away all frustrations associated with manual wire stripping. With a simple button push, you can quickly remove hard and tough insulations from wires without damaging the inner wire. This machine features differently-sized holes to suit the sizes of most wires.

Highlights of CO-Z electric wire stripping machine

  • Stripping capacity: cuts 0.06” to 0.98” wire diameter sizes
  • 180W single phase induction motor
  • Copper recycling support
  • Drill-driven operation; adjustable blades and rollers
  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • Safe and convenient waterproof buttons

Reasons for choosing this wire stripper

Due to the rigorous construction of the machine, it can last for many years in challenging environments. The super motor that runs the blades provides a competitive stripping speed of 50 feet per minute. What’s more, this wire stripping machine is highly portable.

It weighs about 33lbs only. Notably, this wire stripper can be used in a wide variety of industries, including the wire recycling industry.

5. Happybuy Automatic Industrial Wire Stripping Machine

5. Happybuy Automatic Industrial Wire Stripping Machine

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A relatively lightweight and compact wire stripper, this Happybuy powerhouse is an incredibly efficient machine that will offer you unmatched value for many years. All the energy that the powerful single-phase motor provides is dedicated to high-strength sharp blades, which strip about 60 feet of wire in a minute.

Features of Happybuy wire stripping machine

  • High-strength blades
  • Single-phase 1/4HP, 110V, 180W motor
  • Solid aluminum alloy construction
  • Strips wire sizes ranging from 0.05″ to 0.98”
  • 60ft/minute stripping speed

Why you should choose this wire stripping machine

There’s almost no wire stripping task that can challenge you when you have this HappyBuy wire stripper. It’s perfect for removing rubber and plastic insulation from scrap wires as well as recycling copper wire.

The machine is very easy to use, especially due to the efficient bearings that pull your wire smoothly through the feed channel. Additionally, the start/stop buttons have a plastic cover, which makes the machine energy-efficient and safe to use.

6. CopperMine Manual Cable Wire Stripping Machine

6. CopperMine Manual Cable Wire Stripping Machine

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Tired of manual cable wire stripping machines that take forever to finish the work?

This CopperMine wire stripper represents evidence that not all manual wire strippers sleep on the job. It comes with quick-swap blades and a close-cut wire guide, both of which make the cable stripping process faster. See more features of this wire stripper below:

Key features of CopperMine manual wire stripper

  • Hand-crank and drill operated
  • Quick-install, high-strength steel Hex Drill connector
  • Mounting plate & adjustable wire guide with patented wire clamps which ensure that soft and thin wires don’t escape the blade
  • Quick change bare blade shaft for increased productivity
  • EZ start blade for efficient removal of tight insulation on thin cable wires

Reasons for choosing this wire stripper

This CopperMine wire stripper wins a prime position on our top 10 list of best wire stripping machines because of its unique features. You can trust this machine for all solid and stranded wire stripping jobs. It can even straighten curled or bent wires before the stripping starts.

If you deal with small wires regularly, this machine is probably the best option.

7. SST Industrial Wire Stripping Machine

7. SST Industrial Wire Stripping Machine

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Why struggle with removing insulation from scrap wire while this industrial-grade SST wire stripping machine is available at an affordable price?

Made from premium-grade aluminum billet, this machine is reliable for handling ROMEX and fully sheathed wires. Besides, it can strip stranded and solid wires up to 300MCM diameter size.

Features of SST industrial wire stripper

  • Full metal construction
  • Ever sharp tungsten steel blade
  • Adjustable wire guide with ROMEX slot
  • Stripping capacity: 18 gauge up to 300MCM of solid and stranded wire

Why buy this SST wire stripping machine?

SST built this top-ranking wire stripping machine to deliver a perfect cut every time. The machine’s precision blades and adjustable wire guide deliver quick wire stripping.

Noteworthy, the sturdy and durable build of the machine ensures that it can take a beating in the most unforgiving industrial environments and application situations.

8. Steel Dragon Tools WRA20 Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

8. Steel Dragon Tools WRA20 Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

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Here’s one of the wire stripping models that have won clients’ hearts with seamless automatic operation. It can work with standard-sized wires as well as ROMEX cables. You don’t need a drill to use this machine. A particularly interesting feature of this Steel Dragon wire stripper is the adjustable tension. In case old/stretching sheaths bog down your machine, you can get it back on track quickly by adjusting the tension.

Steel Dragon Tools WRA20 highlights

  • Automatic bench top operation
  • Single-phase, 110V, 50/60Hz motor
  • Four cutting channels plus ROMEX cutting slot
  • Emergency stop button
  • Adjustable tension
  • All steel construction

Reasons to buy this wire stripper

You are going to be happy with this wire stripping machine in the long run. The machine is far easier to use than many of its close competitors due to its benchtop automatic operation. Many users love the versatility of this wire stripper.

It is suitable for 4 cable sizes plus ROMEX. The adjustable tension functionality is also a big reason for this model’s popularity among seasoned users.

9. LFaize Hand Crank Copper Wire Stripper

9. LFaize Hand Crank Copper Wire Stripper

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Recycling scrap copper wire has come a long way thanks to technology. LFaize has designed a hand crank copper wire stripping machine that reduces the effort of pulling the wire through the wire guiding wheels. Now, stripping the wire is simpler as you only need to turn the crank arm.

Features of LFaize hand crank copper wire stripper

  • Sturdy and durable CNC-machined aluminum frame
  • Stripping range: 9AWG-4AWG
  • Small and lightweight build
  • Hand crank mechanism

Reasons to buy

The pulling style mechanism is easier than the pulling style that earlier LFaize wire strippers used. You can strip common thin and flat wires between 4AWG and 9AWG size as long as the wires are not too soft or too hard.

The tough aluminum frame gives the machine a lengthy lifespan. Finally, the machine can be mounted easily anywhere.

10. Yescom Metal Manual Wire Stripping Machine

10. Yescom Metal Manual Wire Stripping Machine

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Complete scrap wire stripping jobs faster using this Yescom manual wire stripping machine. It comes with premium features that enhance stripping efficiency so that you can get your copper wire out as quickly as possible without damaging it. This machine is suitable for wire sizes between 1mm and 20mm diameter.

Features of Yescom manual wire stripping machine

  • Durable and sturdy all-metal construction
  • Easily adjustable blade and three rollers
  • 3 adjustable knobs for determining the fitting size of wire
  • Easy assemble and disassemble

Why choose this wire stripper?

This manual stripper isolates copper from the insulation quickly, which is crucial if you are aiming at increasing the efficiency of your scrap wire stripping processes. It fits a wide range of wire sizes thanks to the blade and three rollers that you can adjust easily.

Besides, you can mount this sturdy but lightweight machine effortlessly on the corner of a bench, work station, or table. This Yescom wire stripping machine is a great time and energy saver.

Final word

Selecting the best wire stripper is easy provided that you know the type and size of wires you expect to deal with. Considering the above wire strippers can give you a head start and will help you make an informed decision.

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