Best Wireless Intercom Systems in 2021


Wireless intercom systems make home/office communication and security management easier. Adding such a system is an important investment that can help to increase communication efficiency and enhance security in the property. This detailed guide on how to buy the best wireless intercom system will help anyone eyeing the great benefits that these systems offer.

You could be a homeowner who desires more vigilant home surveillance and quick room to room communications. Or you could be a business manager who knows the advantages of keeping employees in close contact. Choosing the right intercom system is the first step toward enjoying these and other far-reaching benefits.

Tips for choosing the best wireless intercom system

  • Determine the effective range you need: This is a straightforward consideration. The size of your home or office will dictate the desired range. Start by determining the farthest distance that the intercoms need to cover. Remember that obstacles such as concrete and metal walls can reduce the effective range of an intercom.
  • Reduce the risk of interference: You don’t want a system with weak transmissions that get affected by noises or signals from other networks. Choose an intercom that can produce very high frequencies and one with the anti-interference capability to ensure that the risk of interference is reduced.
  • Privacy and security: The increased use of wireless communication devices comes with additional security and privacy concerns. It’s critical to evaluate the security features of the intercom system you are considering, especially if it connects to the internet. Reducing the risk of interference is one way of enhancing the privacy of conversations. But if you are keener about privacy, the intercom system should support flawless one-to-one communications.
  • Sound clarity: If one is not careful, they can end up buying an intercom with poor sound transmission. You don’t want to find yourself in frustrating situations due to unclear audio reception and delivery. Reading more customer reviews on a specific intercom system will help to know the sound performance of the system.
  • Monitoring function: If you need to monitor activity in different rooms, consider the monitoring feature of the system. What field of view does the function provide? For how many hours can the system provide you with a continuous stream of the monitored area? Can you zoom or hear the conversations happening in the area? These are crucial considerations, especially when buying a baby monitor or when choosing an intercom system for a home with an elderly or disabled person.
  • Portability: Intercom systems vary widely in terms of use. Some have to be plugged into a power socket all through while others are handheld and operate with a rechargeable battery. Your choice will depend on your needs. You can find a lightweight and battery-powered or power bank-powered intercom that you can use from anywhere even outdoors.

Best Wireless Intercom Systems in 2021

With these tips, you can now evaluate the suitability of the following wireless intercom systems to your needs.

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1. Echo Show

1. Echo Show

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An extensive set of innovative features give this next-gen intercom system a tremendous advantage over the competition. We are convinced that no other system on the market beats the pitch-perfect audio/video communication and home monitoring & control capabilities of this Echo Show smart wireless intercom system.

Award-winning features of Echo Show

  • Real-time front door camera stream, notifications, and 2-way audio
  • Built-in smart home control with Alexa
  • Multiple layers of built-in privacy controls and protections
  • Dolby-processing premium speakers for crisp stereo sound
  • Vibrant 10.1” HD screen for crystal-clear movies and videos
  • Voice-controlled features for setting alarms and timers, creating shopping lists, adding a favorite playlist, monitoring the weather, etc.
  • Hands-free calling and messaging

Reasons to buy Echo Show

Echo Show is more than the average communication system. It’s amazing to think about how many things you can do with it – from home monitoring to streaming online entertainment content to smart home management. If you have ever wanted to take advantage of Alexa’s long list of capabilities, Echo Show is a sure bet to satisfaction.

2. Ring Video Doorbell 2

2. Ring Video Doorbell 2

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How would you like the convenience of seeing, hearing, and speaking with people who approach your door without getting up from your couch? The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is designed with HD video monitoring, motion-activated alerts, two-way talk, and compatibility with Alexa. See more of its distinguished features below:

Features and benefits of Ring Doorbell 2

  • 1080p HD video doorbell
  • Advanced privacy features, including audio privacy and customizable privacy zones to allow focus on what’s relevant
  • Live view of your home via the Ring app
  • Adjustable motion detection
  • Can be powered through a quick-release rechargeable battery pack or the existing doorbell wiring
  • Can store up to 60 days video/photo recordings
  • Connects to Alexa

Why choose this Ring intercom system?

The system’s 1080p HD video monitoring and advanced motion detection set it apart. In addition, Alexa connectivity opens up a wide range of convenience features that make your life easier and more comfortable. Further, its cutting-edge security and privacy functionalities mean that your home is safer.

3. Wuloo 10-Channel Wireless Intercom System

3. Wuloo 10-Channel Wireless Intercom System

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Wuloo designed this 10-channel, 3-code intercom for home and business room to room communication. It’s effective over an impressive range of 5280 feet, and users have commended its user-friendly functions as outlined below.

Features of Wuloo 10-channel intercom

  • Enhanced signal for crisp audio quality over a long-range
  • 10 channels and 3 digital codes
  • Lag-free individual and group communication
  • Efficient volume control
  • VOX (Voice Operated Exchange), room audio monitoring, and calling functions
  • Compatible with Power Bank (5V 1A) to allow for outdoor use

Reasons to buy this Wuloo intercom system

First, this intercom system can support several users, which makes communication easier and faster. Secondly, rest assured of a strong signal over 5280 feet. This exceptional signal relaying capability means that the system can be used in big homes and offices. Trust this Wuloo interference-free wireless system for fast and secure room to room communications.

4. Hosmart 1/2 Mile Wireless Intercom System

4. Hosmart 1 2 Mile Wireless Intercom System

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Here’s another high-ranking long-range multiple-channel wireless intercom for home or office use. It’s made by Hosmart, a reputable manufacturer of smart home security and communications systems. By integrating the latest technology with decades-long experience in the industry, Hosmart has made sure that this ½-mile range intercom will provide perfect digital communication around the home or office.

Highlights of Hosmart ½ mile wireless intercom

  • 10 channels
  • Anti-interference signal technology
  • Secure digital communication with crystal clear sound
  • Long-range wireless connection
  • Can work with power bank (5V 1A)
  • Can connect with other devices on the same digital channel code
  • Has a monitor application that helps to take care of children, the elderly, and the disabled
  • Highly portable design

Why choose Hosmart ½ mile wireless intercom system?

This Hosmart wireless intercom is a reliable enabler of prompter and more efficient communication, so that things can be done faster at home or in the office. With it, you don’t have to yell or run up and down the stairs to keep tabs just to see or talk to your loved ones or colleagues.

5. eMACROS 1000-feet Range Portable Wireless Intercom System

5. eMACROS 1000-feet Range Portable Wireless Intercom System

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Like many other top-performing intercom systems, this eMACROS wireless intercom comes with very interesting features and capabilities, such as two-way communication and enhanced signal relay over a long-range. It is ideal for secure real-time digital communication over a 1000 feet range. More about it below:

Highlights of eMACROS wireless intercom

  • Free back and forth talking over an extended period without repetitive button pushing
  • Encrypted communication
  • Easy setup (pairing of master and sub intercoms takes about 30 seconds)
  • DECT.6.0 technology for fast and seamless communication
  • Monitor, Talk, and Group Call functions
  • Anti-interference signal technology
  • The system is fully expandable; master intercom can pair to up to five expandable slavers

Why purchase this eMACROS intercom?

Most users love this intercom system for its incredible portability and amazing sound quality. It works with easily accessible batteries, and all communication is encrypted. The system is super easy to use and adds a sense of security in your home or office. If 1000-feet real-time 2-way communication without crosstalk sounds great to you, don’t hesitate to check this eMACROS system.

6. Infant Optics DXR-8 – Best Baby Monitor

6. Infant Optics DXR-8 – Best Baby Monitor

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When looking for a baby monitor, you want to find a model that enables you to see the slightest movement in your baby’s environment. Also, you want to be sure that the information transmitted via the monitor is safe, whether it’s video, audio, or photos. Few intercom systems can beat the Infant Optics DXR-8 baby monitor in fulfilling the above needs.

Features of Infant Optics DXR-8

  • Two-way talk function
  • Light-weight and portable design for easy mobility
  • Interchangeable lens (normal, zoom, and wide-angle) to suit different camera placement needs
  • Feed transmission is through a secure internal 2.4GHz channel that uses FHSS technology for enhanced privacy
  • Invisible IR night vision
  • Remote thermometer
  • The battery lasts for 10 hours when the system is on power-saving mode and 6 hours when the screen is on
  • Sound activated LED indicator when the baby cries

Top reasons to buy Infant Optics DXR-8

This highly praised baby monitor gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your baby is okay even when you are away from them. It offers stunning audio and video quality. All transmissions are secure so you have nothing to worry about someone sneaking into the audio and video feed. Important to note, the DXR-8 can function perfectly as an intercom system for monitoring the home even when there are no babies.

7. Hosmart 1/2 Mile Range 7-Channel Wireless Intercom System

7. Hosmart 1 2 Mile Range 7-Channel Wireless Intercom System

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This Hosmart intercom system has a similar design with the 10-channel model we reviewed above. It is a 7-channel system with a competitive price and many users recommend it. Let’s see in detail what the wireless intercom system offers.

Highlights of Hosmart 7-channel intercom system

  • Anti-interference signal transmitted over a ½-mile range
  • Secret digital channel
  • 10-hour continuous monitor function
  • Non-lagging conference calls through the group function
  • VOX (Voice Operated Exchange)
  • Can connect to wireless intercom doorbell systems and walkie talkies
  • Compatible with Power Bank (5V 1A)

Why purchase the Hosmart 7-channel wireless intercom

With 7 reliable channels, you can easily make one-to-one and one-to-all communications with your family members or office colleagues. Thus, this Hosmart intercom is ideal for delivering announcements and making emergency calls. Its long-lasting battery and power bank (5V 1A) compatibility allows you to place the intercom anywhere with no WIFI requirement.

8. GLCON 1-Mile, 10-Channel, 3-Code Wireless Intercom System

8. GLCON 1-Mile, 10-Channel, 3-Code Wireless Intercom System

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GLCON has over 50 years’ experience with intercom systems. You can be sure of superior product quality and excellent customer service when dealing with this industry leader. If you are looking for a long-range wireless intercom for big home/office communications and monitoring, you’ve found one. See its features below:

Features of GLCON Long-range Intercom

  • 10 channels with advanced anti-interference technology
  • 3 secret digital codes
  • Four main functions: monitor, talk, group and call
  • Premium-quality crisp chip for superior sound
  • Easy power bank powering via a USB cable
  • 24-hour continuous monitoring function

Reasons to choose this GLCON intercom

The manufacturer says that this intercom can work over an effective range of up to 1.5 miles, making it perfect for building to building communication. The intercom’s excellent signal transmission is one of the greatest reasons many users like it for single and group talking. Also, its easy powering options allow for outdoor use.

9. Qniglo 10-Channel ½-Mile Long Range Wireless Intercom System

9. Qniglo 10-Channel ½-Mile Long Range Wireless Intercom System

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Qniglo has done a great job in making this highly versatile long-range wireless intercom system. It is a plug-and-use intercom model that you can use wherever provided there is a 100-240V AC plug. Further, it comes with competitive communication and monitoring features as described below:

Features of Qniglo 10-channel ½-mile intercom

  • Automatic answer mode
  • Latest digital coding and decoding technology; communicate freely without having to keep holding down the talk button
  • Easy set up; place the intercom on the table or mount on the wall
  • Efficient monitor function helps you to look out for individuals that need your care
  • Clear ringtone for emergency situations
  • Highly-sensitive built-in microphone

Why buy Qniglo 10-channel intercom?

Adding this low-budget wireless intercom is an assurance of seamless communication at home or in the office. It’s reliable for one-to-one calls as well as group meetings. You’ll definitely be amazed by its responsiveness over up to 1800 feet in the open areas and across offices up to 600 meters apart. Besides, you can trust the monitor function to assist you to look after your loved ones as you go ahead with your chores.



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SAMCOM has offered the market a variety of communication accessories, including wireless intercoms and two-way hand-held radios. The reputable company is committed to constant improvements in its products. SAMCOM FTAN20A is evidence of this commitment. The intercom system’s advanced features make it a perfect home/office security and communication system.

SAMCOM FTAN20A features and benefits

  • 20 channels for an enhanced broadcasting function
  • Safe and effective digital communication over a 1000-feet range
  • 3 ABC privacy filter settings
  • Built-in anti-interference for strong microphone input and better audio quality
  • Continuous real-time room monitoring
  • Convenient display screen
  • Powering options: 100-240V AC plug in or by a power bank

Reasons to choose SAMCOM FTAN20A

The FTAN20A is one of the most extendable wireless intercoms on the market. It’s easy to install but also highly portable so you can use from any location. Besides, the system can connect with other SAMCOM intercoms as well as SAMCOM’s two-way radios. Further, the intercom can function as a doorbell.

Final word

The above reviews have focused on exploring the main features of the best wireless intercom systems. Hopefully, you are now in a better position to select the best option for your needs. As always, we recommend taking your time to visit the links provided under each product to learn more about their features and capabilities.

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