Best Wireless Security Cameras in 2020


A surveillance system, when it is functioning right, offers tremendous value to the user. Depending on what kind of system you have, you can monitor the environment inside and outside your property. For example, home surveillance systems allow you to see how everything is going on around the house. You can check on your children and their nanny while at work or on travel. A surveillance system can also help you to catch intruders as soon as they set foot on your property. Enjoying this value starts with having a good security camera.

Of the many types of surveillance cameras available, wireless security cameras have become increasingly popular. Eying the rise in demand for these cameras, manufacturers are continuously producing new models of the cameras. There are hundreds of wireless security camera models on the market currently, where each camera has a unique set of features.

You don’t want to buy just any security camera without assessing how it suits your requirements. In this review, we look at 10 of the best wireless security cameras. We hope that this review will help you in selecting a security camera that fits your needs.

You will make some comparisons between different cameras. Through in-depth research, we discovered that several factors have a significant influence on the user’s choice of a security camera.

Factors to consider when purchasing a wireless security camera

  • Power: Wireless security cameras use batteries. Some come with one battery, which needs replacement on the depletion of charge. Others come with a rechargeable battery pack, so you won’t have to buy new batteries later. Make sure you check the battery life of the camera option you choose.
  • Video resolution: A superb camera should record in a resolution that keeps as many details of the happenings as possible. Most of the top-performing security cameras have a 1080p resolution. We think this resolution is fabulous for anyone keen on the details of the recorded surveillance videos.
  • Range/Field of view: How big an area can the camera see? A camera with around 120 to 130 degrees or more of a field of view is pretty much good. Remember, one camera can have a wide range of views but a low resolution. You need to decide the appropriate balance of these two factors based on your needs.
  • Audio: Do you also want to be able to converse with personnel located in the area under surveillance? Then you need a wireless security camera with audio integrated into the camera system. Audio functionality also facilitates the use of audio triggers for the camera to start recording activity.
  • Mobile app control: Most modern security cameras allow you to operate your security system on your tablet or smartphone. A high-tech security system with a well-designed and functional mobile app will allow you to enjoy the convenience of monitoring different locations of your property using your phone.
  • Cloud/remote access and data storage: To access your security system and its data remotely, you’ll need a wireless security camera with cloud or remote access.
  • Outdoor/indoor use: As you’ll see shortly in the reviews below, some wireless security cameras are for indoor use only and others for outdoors. Security cameras for outdoors have additional features such as a special casing that can withstand a wide range of outside environments and conditions.

The following are brief reviews of each of the 10 wireless security cameras we selected from among the best on the market.

Best Wireless Security Cameras in 2020

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1. Arlo Pro 3

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With its excellent features and an incredibly competitive price, the Arlo Pro 3 wire-free camera claims the top position in our list. One of the things that make users love this camera is its exceptional video quality. It captures almost every detail in its field of view thanks to its 2k video capability. Further, you can install the camera easily, practically anywhere.

Features of Arlo Pro 3

  • 160-degree field of view
  • Built-in spotlight and infrared night vision
  • Magnetic wall mount
  • Arlo app that comes with a helpful user tutorial
  • 2k video resolution

Why you want to buy Arlo Pro 3

  • Excellent quality recordings
  • Easy and quick setup
  • Clean, 100% wire-free design
  • It can work indoors as well as outdoors
  • Arlo app allows for smart home integration

2. Canary Pro

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This small but incredibly smart security camera packs several useful features that only high-tech cameras can match. First off, note that using this Wi-Fi camera can save you lots of money. The camera can inform you if the tub is left running or if the fireplace is not entirely out. Thus, it helps you to avoid losses that may result from incidents such as fire and indoor flooding. Also, these features have made the camera earn consideration for insurance discounts.

Features of Canary Pro wireless camera

  • Emergency services connection
  • It uses learning technology to adjust to the user’s habits
  • Siren and environmental monitoring
  • Google and Alexa integration
  • Night vision capability
  • Home health monitoring technology

Why you want to buy it

  • The camera’s small design makes it highly versatile
  • It can monitor a 20-foot field of view at night.
  • The camera makes your smart home even smarter and safer.
  • Canary Pro has a terrific mobile app that makes monitoring seamless.

3. Ring Stick Up Cam Battery

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We consider this camera the best outdoor/indoor pick on a budget. It uses a removable battery, so you don’t have to deal with strands of wire running all over. Use the camera wherever you like – on a flat surface or wall-mounted – and it will not disappoint you.

Ring offers this model in different packs – single pack, 2-pack, 3-pack, and 4-pack.


  • HD video and two-way talk
  • Indoor/outdoor versatility
  • Removable battery pack
  • Motion-activated
  • Night vision

Why you want to buy it

  • It’s a highly versatile security camera that you can install easily almost anywhere.
  • The camera has customizable motion settings.
  • You get motion notifications through the Ring app.
  • You can speak in real-time to individuals while away.
  • From a single dashboard, you see everything that’s happening in your property.

4. Reolink Argus 2

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Standing tall at number 4 is another excellent indoor/outdoor pick, Reolink’s Argus 2. This wireless security camera has several distinguishing features. First, you have nothing to worry about concerning how to power the camera since it is battery-powered and solar-powered. Secondly, you can get a live view of the area of interest at any time of the day or night. See more features below:

Features of Reolink Argus 2 security camera

  • 2.4 GHz WiFi
  • 130° Wide Viewing Angle
  • Starlight CMOS sensor
  • Connection to Reolink Solar Panel
  • 1080p Full HD images and videos
  • Real-time intelligent alerts
  • IP65 weatherproof certification
  • Optional motion detection record

Why you want to buy this security camera

  • The camera has an innovative, lovely design
  • You can insert an SD card to store data locally
  • The Reolink app is very stable and easy to use
  • If you want interaction with the other person, the camera has a two-way audio functionality.
  • Awesome Starlight night vision up to 33 feet away
  • Come rain or shine; the camera is ready for it

5. Amcrest 4MP UltraHD

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Your indoor security has never been in safer hands than Amcrest 4MP UltraHD Wi-Fi security camera. The camera’s 120-degree field of view keeps you in the know of what’s happening at home. You can also stay in touch with loved ones at home or associates at work through the two-way talk feature. Once you see this cam, you’ll know for sure that it is quite a bargain.

Key features of Amcrest 4MP UltraHD security camera

  • Fluid 360-degree pan/tilt visibility
  • Remote and local access
  • 16X digital zoom
  • Compatibility with 3rd-party surveillance software/NAS
  • Advanced motion detection allows you to record what you need

Why you want to buy this camera

  • Magnificent UltraHD 4MP Video
  • Full control and management of your recordings
  • The camera utilizes a top-notch noise-canceling algorithm to ensure that you get seamless audio recordings
  • The camera’s intuitive, the searchable timeline makes timeline playback easy

6. YI Dome X Camera

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The YI Dome X security camera is a digital security camera that works in an auto-rotating mode and offers a 340-degree field of view. The camera scores the highest marks in the video quality criteria. It records motion in 6-second videos, but what’s more interesting is that it can distinguish pets from people.

Unique features of YI Dome X camera

  • 340-degree motion tracking and cruising
  • Eight infrared LEDs for night vision
  • 2MP CMOS sensor
  • Hands-free two-way audio
  • 50dB-90dB sound detection sensitivity
  • Real-time time-lapse recording

Why you want to buy this camera

  • This camera has the best motion tracking capability among the top 10 cameras reviewed.
  • You get free access to the 6-second recordings of video and sound – no subscription needed.
  • Longer recordings get saved to the cloud (you’ll need a subscription to access these).
  • The YI mobile app is simple, highly responsive, and self-explanatory.

7. Logitech Circle 2 Wire-Free Combo Pack Outdoor Camera

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Logitech would not miss a place among the top-performing wireless security cameras. This Logitech Combo Pack offers you two full HD video cameras and an extra 6400mAh rechargeable battery. Once you have your combo pack, use the Logitech mobile app to plug and play this first-class surveillance camera.

Features of Logitech Circle 2 Combo Pack

  • Advanced motion filtering
  • Free 30-second timelapse day brief
  • Instant, smart, customized motion alerts
  • Subscription-based zone detection alerts – with Circle safe Premium, you can receive notifications when activity happens in a motion zone that you’ve created.

Why you want to buy this security camera

  • You can keep an eye on relevant activity on your property without having to look through long video footage.
  • The security camera system allows you to recap crucial moments over the last 24 hours for free.
  • It works with Alexa and Apple Home Kit.
  • You get spectacular HD videos and night-vision footage.

8. TP-Link Kasa 2 Wireless Outdoor Camera

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Anyone looking for an outdoor camera that has excellent video images and reliable night vision should consider TP-Link Kasa 2. It is an incredible two-pack camera with a 130-degree range of view and 1080p resolution. What’s more, the camera boasts a fast magnetic setup and up to 25-feet sound detection.

Unique features of TP-Link Kasa Camera

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Built-in anti-theft siren
  • 2-way audio
  • Weatherproof exterior that protects the camera lens from dust and rain
  • Free Kasa Smart app

Why you should buy TP-Link Kasa Camera

  • It allows you to live stream surveillance video using any device that is Google Assistant-enabled
  • The camera stores crystal clear daytime videos and fantastic night-vision footage.
  • The anti-theft siren is a brilliant safety feature for the outdoor camera.
  • It connects easily with a wide variety of Alexa-enabled devices.

9. Uokier Wireless Security Camera

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Uokier is offering a very affordable camera for users who wish to have a home surveillance system on a limited budget. With this cam, you can clearly see what’s happening, whether during the day or at night. 1080p videos, a 130-degree view field, infrared night vision, and 2-way audio are just some of the perks of using this budget wireless security camera for the outdoors.

More features of Uokier Wireless Security Camera

  • PIR motion sensor
  • UOKIER Cloud storage with a 7-day trial
  • CloudEdge controller app
  • Multiple user access
  • Battery-powered

Why buy Uokier Wireless Security Camera

  • More than one person can access past recordings simultaneously.
  • This camera comes with two in-built 6400mAh rechargeable batteries that power the camera for 2 to 6 months when fully charged. The controller app (CloudEdge) has a battery monitor, and you’ll get a notification when the battery charge hits 20%.
  • You can listen and talk to your visitors on the camera side.
  • The camera system allows you to remove false alerts by limiting motion notification to human-shaped subjects only.

10. HeimVision HMD2 Wireless Security Camera

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At number 10 is a decent outdoor wireless camera from HeimVision. This weather-proof wire-free outdoor surveillance cam covers a 130-degree view range, captures activity in 1080p videos, and sends you alerts via the HeimLife app. More so, the camera affords you the luxury of conversing with individuals near the camera.

Features of HeimVision HMD2

  • PIR sensor allows for the detection of relevant activity only
  • Battery and solar-powered
  • 2-way audio
  • Weather-proof build

Why buy HeimVision HMD2

  • You have the freedom to choose where to save recorded surveillance videos – in the microSD or the cloud.
  • It’s easy to solar power the unit, and the battery can last up to 4 months.
  • The camera is way more affordable than its competitors.

Final remarks

You want to have peace of mind while you are away from your property. Or, maybe you yearn for small sweet talks with your little ones while you are at work. Installing a wireless security camera will enhance the security of your property and give you access to the activities in and around the property.

Which security camera among the ones we’ve reviewed above seems like what you need? It’s your call now; you have the right information to make an informed decision on which wireless security camera to buy.

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