Best Wooden Bed Frames in 2021


Furniture made with wood adds class and style to any space, whether the living room, kitchen, or bedroom. When it comes to the bedroom, a wooden bed is an excellent addition to the room’s décor. More importantly, the natural appearance of a wooden bed frame enhances the warm and relaxing atmosphere of your room. Thus, choosing a great wooden bed is an excellent way of making the moments you spend in the bedroom special.

Seeing that a wooden bed is a meaningful investment, it’s crucial for a buyer to take their time when selecting the best bed frame for their needs.

What should you consider when selecting a wooden bed frame?

  • Size: Your choice of bed frame will depend on the available area in your space. Having accurate measurements of the space where you want to place your bed helps to determine what bed sizes can fit. Doing so helps you to do your selection appropriately and quickly.
  • Design: Wooden frames come in many designs. Some are for platform beds while others come with headboards. Your choice will follow your needs and preferences. If you spend time reading, working, or surfing the internet on the bed, for example, a wooden bed with a supportive headboard might be a satisfying option.
  • Strength: A strong frame with sturdy legs and slats ensures that the bed supports the weight of the user(s) at all times. Go for the strongest bed frame that you can get with your budget. The wood type used to make a bed has a significant influence on the bed’s strength. Therefore, pay keen attention to the type of wood used to make the bed frame you will be considering.
  • Portability: Transportation is a very important factor to consider when selecting a wooden bed frame. First, the weight of the frame will determine how easy or hard it will be to move the bed from place to place. Secondly, if you live in a house that has narrow doorways, moving beds with big footboards and headboards can be a frustrating experience.

After thorough research of a wide variety of popular wooden bed frames, we’ve selected the best performers and compiled a top 10 list.

Best Wooden Bed Frames in 2021

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10. ExceptionalSheets Wood Bed Frame


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Made in the USA using strong pinewood, this bed frame is a force to reckon with. If there’s something at which ExceptionalSheets has excelled, it is superior workmanship.  You get a solid and sturdy platform that offers incredible support for the mattress. Its 3-inch spaced slats are the strongest you can find. Besides, the unfading, non-toxic, walnut stain finish makes the frame beautiful. This bed frame is perfect for master bedrooms and it’s available in varying sizes from twin to king size.

Features of ExceptionalSheets Wooden Bed Frame

  • Strong 100% North American pine wood material
  • 7-layer pressed pinewood mattress support slats with 3-inch gaps between them
  • Lovely furniture-grade wood stain with a protective, transparent coat
  • Can support up to 900lbs
  • Ground clearance of 6.5 inches

Why buy this bed frame

  • You’ll love the heavy-duty, premium-quality design and beautiful wood stain finish of this frame.
  • This bed frame makes the bedroom cozy and inviting with just about any fitting quality mattress.
  • The slats are well-placed so you don’t need to use a box spring.
  • The frame is easy to assemble thanks to the assembly hardware and instructions included in the package.

9. Rustic Farmhouse Platform Bed with Headboard


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Midwest Farmhouse is known for making classic designs of furniture pieces built to last a lifetime. This bed frame is part of the Rustic Farmhouse collection, which combines top quality and innovative design. This rustic bed frame is hand-crafted from 100% solid wood into a design that offers the ultimate comfort and support. Its long headboard provides excellent back support for the user when seated.

Unique features of Rustic Farmhouse bed frame

  • Solid, highly durable wood construction
  • The frame is handcrafted in the USA
  • Strong slat roll with center support
  • Eco-friendly wood stain and finish
  • Long, supportive, and relaxing headboard

Why you will love this bed frame

  • The elegant rustic appearance of this bed is incredibly eye-catching.
  • Its thick, strong legs and a sturdily built slat roll offer reliable support.
  • Although the bed is solid, it is not too heavy to carry. Many users have liked the portability of the frame.
  • The superior craftsmanship of Midwest Farmhouse is trustworthy and worthy of the investment.

8. Cardinal & Crest Wooden Platform Bed Frame


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If you have a full-size mattress at home, here is a modern wooden platform bed frame that will match it. Cardinal & Crest has made this bed frame from durable pine wood and to a very convenient, easy-assembly screw-on design. Further, the bed has a captivating stained exterior that enhances its timeless classic look. What’s more, the wooden frame does not chip or fade, so you can be sure to use the bed for years.

Distinguishing features of Cardinal & Crest wooden bed frame

  • Design: full-size platform bed frame
  • Evenly-spaced, heavy-duty, wooden slats
  • Extra strong hardwood construction that supports up to 900lbs
  • 10-minute hassle-free assembly
  • Three stain variations – Walnut, Grey, and Almond

Reasons to buy this bed frame

  • The reputation of Cardinal & Crest is stainless. The company is owned by US-based veterans who instill integrity in every aspect of the craftsmanship.
  • The frame has an exquisite classic design that complements the modern interior décor.
  • You can set up the bed in 4 minutes tops.
  • The full-size mattress fits snug on the bed.
  • The bed comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

7. eLuxurySupply Wood Bed Frame


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After a long day’s work, you want to retire to a relaxing bed that can soothe away all the pressures and stresses of the day. The eLuxurySupply wooden platform bed is made for exactly that purpose. Featuring 6.5” tall solid wood legs and well-knit pressed pine slats, this King size bed frame will welcome all your weight to a good night’s sleep. See more exciting features of the bed frame below.

eLuxurySupply wood bed frame attributes

  • Sleek, modern look
  • 6.5” ground clearance leaves some storage space under the bed
  • Construction with pine + other hardwoods
  • Non-sag, pressed, 7-layer pine slats
  • A lovely stained finish with a protective clear coat

Why buy this wooden bed frame?

  • A large number of slats provide great support for the mattress such that it does not sag at any point.
  • You’ll not hear a single creak when sleeping or moving on the bed.
  • If you are looking for a bed made with 100% solid hardwood and into a modern design, this platform bed frame is an excellent option.
  • The entire bed is lightweight and you do not need any tools to assemble.

6. Zinus 12 Inch Deluxe Wood Platform Bed


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Here’s another stylish wooden bed frame for fans of rustic wood furniture. This 12-inch deluxe bed is designed for use with or without a box spring foundation. The frame, legs, and slats are all made using robust wood to offer the best level of support and comfort. There are a number of ways in which this Zinus deluxe wooden bed differs from competing bed frames.

Unique features of Zinus 12-inch wood platform bed frame

  • Sturdy 5.75-inch wide frame wood
  • Center support for slat roll
  • Non-slip tape added on the slats for additional mattress support
  • 360-degree bed spin

Why you should consider buying this Zinus bed frame

  • It supports a wide variety of mattresses including foam, latex, and spring mattresses.
  • You do not need a box spring to get a nice, relaxing sleep.
  • It seems like a great option for someone shopping with a limited budget thanks to its competitive price.
  • The bed has 5 additional support legs.
  • This solid wood bed frame matches many home décor styles and adds a great deal of elegance to your room.

5. Giantex 14-Inch Solid Wood Platform Bed Frame


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This 14-inch solid wood bed frame is evidence of Giantex’s committed efforts toward giving you a comfortable sleep experience. The whole structure is made with durable wood, and it does not shake or produce any noise. Should you be targeting to save some space in your room, this space-efficient bed frame leaves plenty of room underneath. You can keep your suitcases and luggage there and use the rest of the room’s space in a better way.

Features of Giantex wooden bed frame

  • 6 strong legs
  • The bed is built with premium precision and antirust accessories
  • Thickened bar boards for safety and stability
  • 10.5″ ground clearance
  • 100 percent solid rubberwood
  • poplar support slats
  • 600lbs weight capacity

Why buy this bed frame?

  • This bed frame is a versatile model that can be used in the bedroom, small apartment, and even in hotels.
  • Its size and build are perfect for use by children as well as adults.
  • This frame leaves more space underneath than most of the wooden bed frames available. You can clean as well as store your items under the bed with ease.
  • Giantex designed this bed frame to fit with any modern style of room decoration.
  • You can assemble this lightweight bed on your own.

4. JULYFOX Bed Frame Twin 500 LB Heavy Duty


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Talk of under-the-bed storage space and this JULYFOX wooden bed frame shouts prowess from the rooftop. No matter the style or class of your bedroom, this ultra-clean and sophisticated day bed will spice up your décor. The greatest advantage of having this top-of-the-class bed frame is the underneath drawers, which offer convenient space for organizing and storing clothes, beddings, and seasonal items.

Features of JULYFOX Bed Frame

  • 3 roomy underneath drawers with charming doorknobs
  • Pinewood construction
  • Up to 500lbs carrying weight capacity
  • Low profile; perfect for kids

Reasons for selecting this bed frame

  • If there’s a wooden bed frame that offers cutting edge style and quality, it’s this JULYFOX heavy-duty frame.
  • It has an economical design.
  • You don’t need to buy a box spring as the frame supports your mattress comfortably. The storage drawers provide you with decent space for organizing your items, thus saving you the money you’d have spent on organization accessories.
  • If you are keen on the organization, you cannot go wrong with this neat and sturdy bed frame.
  • Finally, its minimalist design can fit into small rooms.

3. Rockjame Premium Platform Twin Bed Frame


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Rockjame is a champion of elegance and unbeatable quality. It holds a reputation of providing customers with the best cost-effective solutions to their home furnishing needs. You’d have to look far and wide to find a bed that can match the style and elegance of this Rockjame twin bed frame.

Features of Rockjame premium bed frame

  • High-quality wood construction
  • Strong wooden slat support
  • Elegant walnut finish
  • Headboard and footboard included
  • Unique design with a decorative touch

Why consider this bed frame

  • If you are working with limited space, this compact wood frame is a suitable pick.
  • You are going to love the bed’s user-friendly assembly.
  • The anti-slip and stable wooden slats provide sufficient support for the mattress.
  • It offers a reliable mattress foundation so that you feel safe and relaxed when you lie on the bed.
  • The frame generously leaves you space underneath for storage and cleaning purposes.
  • At the current price, this bed frame is a steal.
  • Its style makes for an excellent enhancement to the décor of any modern bedroom.

2. Merax. WF186776 Platform Twin Bed Wood Frame


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Those in pursuit of the organization find to derive a high level of satisfaction in buying this platform bed frame. Upon setting your eyes on this frame, you notice that it has a delightful classic appearance thanks to its uniquely-designed headboard and footboard. Let’s explore more about this bed in the features.

Features of Merax WF186776 bed frame

  • 100% pine wood construction
  • Strong built-in wood slat offering unwavering support for your mattress
  • Expertly-crafted, fine finish headboard
  • Underside storage drawer below the footboard

Reasons why this wooden bed frame is your best pick

  • It could be the refined look of the bed, the stylish headboard, or the tasteful built-in storage drawer, that attracts most customers. What’s certain is that this bed has a unique selling point.
  • The bed frame is a great addition to a small room, and its style can fit many traditional as well as contemporary bedrooms.
  • We cannot imagine anything else other than sweet dreams sleeping on this awesome bed frame.

1. MUSEHOMEINC 12-Inch Solid Wood Bed Frame


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Closing our list of top 10 wooden bed frames is this classic MUSEHOMEINC platform bed frame.

It features a full rustic pine construction with short and super-sturdy legs. A high-class wooden slat roll greatly enhances the bed’s load-bearing capacity.

Unique features of MUSEHOMEINC wood platform bed

  • Solid pinewood build
  • Crude design with rustic pine finish and rich grain texture
  • Natural wooden gourd type legs that provide a contemporary look
  • Available in Twin, Full, Queen, and King sizes

Why consider buying this bed frame

  • This heavy-duty bed frame sits stably on the floor and does not shake, squeak, or wobble when you lie on it.
  • It is a beautifully simple platform bed frame that matches any style of home décor.
  • The rich grain texture on its finishing exhibits class and style.
  • Since the bed frame is made of 100% pine wood, it serves you for many years without showing any signs of weakness.

Final say

A good night’s sleep is almost guaranteed when you have a strong, stable, non-noisy bed frame supporting your mattress. The above wooden bed frames are all great performers in critical aspects such as material quality, stability, durability, and design. Choose whichever bed impresses you and be sure to start experiencing a new level of satisfaction from your sleep experience every night.

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