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What is the Best Eyeliner for You? Reviews & 2020 Buyer’s Guide

Your eyes already have a story to tell when you don’t have makeup.


Add on a stroke using eyeliner, and you become the main character in the story. How? Eyelining is transformative.

Need a bit of drama; the smokey eye is your sure bet. How about a cat-eye for the spotlight or the mighty winged tip? The eyeliner application technique takes time to master, but with the right product, you kick off the time it takes to draw a great stroke or achieve the Egyptian eye.

Did you know Egyptians wore eyeliner to cover their skin from the sun besides beauty? Now you do.

From a subtle Monday look to a glamorous Friday dinner or a smokey eye for the dance floor, eyeliner makeup, when applied well, takes the attention away from blotchy skin with no foundation.

What you settle for can turn into a crooked smudgy affair or smooth, luxurious strokes for your soul mirrors.

Considerations to Make When Buying The Best Eyeliner

How gracefully do the strokes glide when drawing? How long does it take to dry? And what about its longevity? These are essential considerations when picking an eyeliner. Otherwise, you run the risk of raccoon eyes and weird stares late afternoon on Monday.

As a makeup enthusiast, you have options from pencils (kohl) to liquid and powder eyeliners. Each option can significantly influence your desired results.

Pencil Eyeliners 

For example, a pencil is easy to work with despite your skill level. Additionally, you can quickly achieve a natural ‘no make-up’ look if you carefully smudge it. It’s pocket-friendly, and you can use it when on the move.

However, if you mind the trips for reapplication, you might want to consider option two below.

Liquid Eyeliners

This eyeliner formula defies time and stays put. Your evening makeup, no matter how much you dance, will not smudge or fade. Liquid eyeliners make for a perfect distinct stroke with fine edges for a glamorous look. However, shaky fingers might give up your novice makeup skills. But with practice, your lines become crisp on your blues.

Powder Eyeliners

Your eyeshadow powder can replace the two options above.

Really? Yes.


Pick your angle brush, deep it into some water, then dub the dampen the bristles on the eyeshadow powder.

Carefully use the brush to draw the line either under your top eyelid or the normal waterline on the lower eyelid. That’s how.

Now, take a look into the best eyeliner 2020 guide. Please read on.

1. NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Mechanical Eyeliner Pencil

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Your eye makeup can be a challenge in hot weather, leave alone the activities of your day. However, the NYX Professional Makeup Mechanical Eye Liner Pencil is smudge-proof.

Crafted with intense pigmentation that lasts all day, this hydrating formula glides effortlessly through application for a creamy textured finish on your eyelids.

And yes, it has moisturizing effects as well in case you are wondering.

Unique Features

Why You Should Consider NYX

Your eyeliner is the icing on the cake for a signature makeup look. A day out running errands with a gym session squeezed in there won’t leave your face with Halloween makeup. Get yourself the eyeliner that stands up to hot weather and serves you all day.

2. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

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Are you working late and worried about raccoon eyes? Well, meet Stila, the eyeliner that sticks with you all day. No matter the mood, including wet eyes, Stila stays put. Apply with ease as the bristles glide smoothly on your eyelid, with precision so accurate they think you used a ruler.

Outstanding Features

Why Stila Makes the Cut

Makeup should serve and make you look stunning all day. While the rest of the face might lose the glow, your eyes remain popping. Enjoy evening parties and late-night dancing without worrying about runny eyes with collection in your eye corners.

Let Stila bring your makeup A-game on with accurate and bold strokes.

3. COVERGIRL Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner

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Applying eyeliner requires control and fluidity when using the product. COVERGIRL is perfect for precise lines while offering you versatility. Built with a smudger tip, achieving the natural no-makeup look could never be more comfortable.

Self-sufficiency gives this eyeliner a spot among the best because it comes with a self-sharpener for the perfect point.

COVERGIRL Perfect Point Plus Highlights

Get To the Cover Page

Want to change your makeup game? Well, perfect point eyeliner glides effortlessly, leaving an excellent and bold stroke on your lash line. Regardless of the occasion, you get a wide range of shades to suit the mood. Crowned as number one seller eyeliner by Nielsen US in America, this beauty enhancer will let your eyes shine and pop with glamor.

4. iMethod 2 Pens Winged Eyeliner Stamp

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A significant challenge with most eyeliners is capturing the eye shape gracefully, especially for hooded eyes. However, your search is over with iMethod 2 Pens. Why? It comes with a cat flick stamp on one end and a more delicate line on the other.

With this feature, the struggle for the perfect eyeliner look can kiss you goodbye. Additionally, the stamp has enough ink for intense pigmentation, which means easy and precise filling.

Among its noticeable features include;

Why Buy iMethod 2 Pens Winged Eyeliner Stamp

For perfectionists, meet your alchemist. Don’t struggle with precision or waste your precious time guessing. Get a kit that covers both eyes for the perfect balanced look. It would be best if you had an eyeliner that holds and gives you a break from numerous bathroom trips to confirm you have no streaks.

5. Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner

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For a day in the beach, easy Sunday barbeque, sexy girls’ night full of drama, laughter, and tears, Maybelline unstoppable won’t stop you. On the contrary, the eyeliner will stick closer all day and night long to maintain your look and capture some fantastic photos for Instagram.

Sounds incredible, right? With no smudges, define your eyes curves with Maybelline eyeliner, the waterproof formula for bold locks.

Some Awesome Features

Stand Out with Maybelline Eyeliner

A signature look deserves a signature product. You can never go wrong with the Maybelline eyeliner. Draw eyes and turn heads with well-defined bold lines all under your control. They say this mechanical eye pencil is for the busy modern woman. We see why.

6. LA PURE Waterproof Eyeliner Stamp

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LA PURE Waterproof Eyeliner Stamp is your quick fix when in a hurry. Why? Because you get a balanced wing for each eye with the winged eyeliner stamp within no time. Break a sweat in the gym, or dance in the rain after a romantic dinner without a worry. This formula is waterproof-guaranteed.

What Features Stand Out

Why you should add it to your collection

You get a two-in-one eye makeup that is both liquid formulae for glamour drama show-stopping looks, or sweet natural no-makeup look from the eyeliner place aback. Besides, you acquire pro skills in getting the perfect wing on each eye for one price. And, no more guessing and wasting your precious time.

7. L’Oreal Paris Mechanical Pencil Eyeliner

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Imagine having eyeliner makeup for 16 hours. Well, no more imagining because L’Oreal Paris has it. With a rich, creamy texture, you are sure to achieve a long-lasting, eye-catching look.

The silky glide while making your bold strokes might have you waking up early to glam up your eyes.

Among its many incredible features are:

Why L’Oreal Paris Mechanical Pencil Eyeliner

Because you are worth the look, your eyes speak before you utter a word. With a bold face and a perfect wing, you definitely will turn heads and have ladies asking what product you are using. Go ahead, make the jump, and get yourself one.

8. Maybelline Hyper Easy Liquid Pen No-Skip Eyeliner

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Achieving the perfect eyeliner trick is frustrating even for the experts. However, Maybelline thought of it and behold, the no slips, gaps, and skips eyeliner is here. It glides over your eye smoothly; you would do your makeup asleep. You enjoy a popping smudge-free eye makeup for a whole day. Yes, a full 24 hours of stunning looks.

Outstanding Features

Worth Every Penny

Late nights don’t need a second round of eye makeup for you. Switch life gears with your make on for 24 hours. You save on daily makeup.

Don’t you deserve an eyeliner that walks the talk?

Well, this one sticks up all the way because of the intense pigmentation for the favorite cat-eye. Seal the gaps in your makeup budget with this smart beauty item

9. Cleof Eyeliner Stamp

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When you apply eyeliner, how quickly it dries works to your advantage because you won’t have makeup everywhere in a matter of seconds. Cleof Eyeliner Stamp dries in seconds. Snap your fingers, and a sexy cat-eye appears. Showing off your stroking skills is comfortable with the symmetry eyeliner wings and the stamp.

Features to Look out for

Yes, You Need it In Your Collection.

Dull makeup makes you look old and tired. But Cleof understands this need. Therefore, get yourself an eyeliner that defies the weather and your mood for the perfect wing with a protractor’s precision.

10. Mia Adora Best Cruelty-Free Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil with Sharpener

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From a small faint stroke to a dramatic statement one, your waterline quickly transforms little, tired, dull eyes into popping balls full of life and eagerness for the next adventure. Add the right amount of Mia Adora eyeliner with precision to accentuate your eyes; you are good to go.

The smooth gliding application tip ensures you achieve stunning strokes, whether fine, thin, or thick.

Unique Features Of the Mia Adora Cruelty Waterproof Pencil with Sharpener

It’s rather obvious from the name, but because it’s a nifty product, we shall break it down

Why Mia Adora

You need Mia Adora because rubbing your eyes is natural, and the itch needs some gentle scratching. Unlike other eyeliners, you are at liberty to touch your eyes, watch cute look tearing videos, or beat humidity eyes open with the perfect stroke. Your eye’s shape doesn’t intimidate this creation. No. It works perfectly to take on all eye shapes, even hooded eyes. Get yourself one for more comfort with make-up in the mornings.


Your eyeliner from the above review needs to last long, is smudge-free, and for the free soul, waterproof. Remember, your eyes need to grab attention and maintain it.

A small wing or a smokey eye might be what you need to step out into the real you. Let your eyes shine and tell their story with bold strokes.

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